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July 26, 1938.
Filed Feb. 1, 1937
s sheets-sheet 1
July 26, 1938.
G. P. HAYNl-:s
Filed Feb. 1, 1957
s sheets-sheet :a
July 26, 1938.
G, P. HAYNl-:s
Filed Feb. l, 1937
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
Patented July 26, 1938
, 2,125,022
George P. Haynes, East Rockaway, N. Y., assignor
to Todd Combustion Equipment, Inc., ‘ New
>York, N. Y., a corporation of New York
Application February 1, 1937, Serial No. 123,339
4 Claims. (Cl. 15s-1.5)
This invention relates to oil burning equipment _ abut against the flange 8 of venturi 2, and a
-admission to an air register through forward and
reduced terminal of said bolts is extended through
ring 6 and secured by nuts 9.
Secured to each of the doors 3 is an air direct
side inlets thereof.
ing vane I0 having a curved inner surface adapt- ' I
andmy present improvements are directed to
means for the simultaneous control of air in its
Particularly my invention is intended for em
ployment where the fire room of a marine oil
burning vessel is divided by a bulkhead into a
boiler compartment and an operators’ compart
-10 ment, as instanced in my co-pending application
Serial No. 88,736, filed July 3, 1936.
.` Y
The surrounding wall of the air register in
' eluded in` this new oil burning equipment has
certain novel structural features which enable it
"i5 to possess side air admission control means that
are co-operative with other control means, also
of novel character, for rearwardly directed air
streams that _enter through the front of the
bolt .5, its purpose being to prevent air currents
from retardation by striking exposed bolts.
It is my purpose to provide means for opening,
closing and regulating the said series of dóors in
unison, as will appear hereinafter in the descrip
tion of the control means.
The sleeves 4 are extended forwardly beyond 15
the ring 'I and are there mounted on stub shafts
I2 and I2a which are secured to said ring, said
` boiler compartment, through the bulkhead, into
sleeves, near their forward end, having each a
centering arm I3 upon which is mounted a roller
I4 that engages a slot I5 in a disk I6, said disk
being rotatably mounted on a hollow casting I1.
the operators’ compartment, 'are employed to
Said casting I1 surrounds the usual burner tube
ed to impart spiral motion to air currents flowing
thereover. Also each door 3 has secured to its
outer surface a curved plate II that covers the
Single operating means, which extend from the
actuate mechanism which Acontrols the air ad
mission means of the register wall, and inter
25 connecting means, intermediate said mechanism
and the air control means through the register
front, serves to actuate the latter air control
casing I8, that itself contains the burner tube ‘
I9, which latter is axially adjustable.
‘ A flame cone 20 is shown as attached to the 25
casing I8. A telescopic shroud, indicated at 2l,
may or may not be employed with said flame cone.
A frame member 22 extended from casting I1
Other features and advantages of my inven- l and secured to the stub shafts I2, serves as a base
for the bellows 23 (disclosed in my said applica'- 30
30 tion will hereinafter appear.
In the drawings:--Figure 1 is a central longitudinal sectional
view on the line I-I of Figure 2, partly in eleva
tion, showing the apparatus positioned in a fire
35 room that is divided by a. bulkhead into boiler and
operators’ compartments.
tion Serial No. 88,736) which extends between
said member and bulkhead 24.
Also the casting I1 forms a bearing for an op
erating shaft 25 which extends through the bulk
head, being provided With a stuffing box 2‘6, to 35
prevent leakage. Shaft 25 carries forwardly of
Fig. 2 is a section on theline 2-2 of Fig. l.
the bulkhead. a crank 21 having an operating
Fig. 3 is a section ori-the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.
handle 21’. Said crank 21 is provided with an
apertured boss 28 in which is fitted abolt 29
Whose headed end engages an arcuate slot 30 40
Fig. 4 is a section on the line 4-4 of Fig. 1,
40 and
Fig. 5 is a detail side view, partly in section, to` formed> in a bracket 3| that is mounted on shaft
25 and held in fixed relation with the bulkhead
>moreparticularly illustrate the actuating mech
anism for the means controlling the passage of air
through the front inlet of the register.
by means of a bolt 32. The arcuate slot 30 en
ables the crank to rotate shaft 25 to a desired
In said views let I indicate aboiler plate having set postion and the Wing nut 33 on bolt 29 is 45
a furnace opening with a Venturi ring 2 therein ‘ then tightened to clamp the crank in such set po
and an air register extending forwardly there
The rearward end of shaft 25 is provided with
from. Saidregister is composed of the segmental
doors 3, eight being here shown in Fig. 4, each an eccentric 34 that engages a U-shaped abut
ment 35 carried by the disk I6, by which means 50
50 secured to and carried by a sleeve I that is ro
v tatable about van exteriorly disposed, fixed bolt 5, a partial rotation of shaft 25 will impart a cor
these bolts being equi-spaced apart and secured responding movement to disk I6, and this-move
ment in turn will be transmitted, through' arms
at their opposite ends respectively in the rear
ward ring 6 and theforwardring 1. It will be I3 and sleeves 4 to the doors 3 and vanes I0.
It is in this manner that >air may be admitted.' 55
55 noted that for convenient assembly the bolts 5
in desired volume. into the register through its
surrounding wall.
The register iront is composed of a series of
vanes or shutter-like members I8, each being car
ried by a rod 31 havingone end 3B pivoted in the
1. An air register for use with furnaces having
a front wall with an opening therethrough, said
register having a front inlet „that admits rear
wardly directed air toward said opening, a sexies
ring 1, its other end being pivoted in a bearing
of vanes in said front inlet to regulate air ad
formed in the wall 39 of a disk-like member 4I
mission, rotatable rods carrying said vanes and
that ‘1s secured about the casting i1. Within the
having angled ends, a central hollow member, a
circumference of wall 39 the rods 31 are angled,
disk rotatably mounted on said member, operat
10 as shown at 4I, and are entered within openings
provided therefor in pistons 42, said pistons re
spectively being operable in cylindrical pockets
formed for their reception in a circular plate 43
that is rotatable in bearings about the casting i1.
A link 44 connects plate 43 with disk I6 and
serves to communicate motion from disk It to
said plate 43. Said link 44 carries a stud 4I
' that is engaged by guide members 4t on plate 43,
the outer end or said link having a slot 41 that
engages a pin 4I carried by the disk IS, a sta
tionary pin 49, which serves as a fulcrum for link
44, engaging in a slot 50 formedin disk i4, to
permit free movement of said disk.
Ii'rom- theîoregoing description it will appear
that the rotating motion of disk I6 is transmitted
through link 44 to member 43, to operate the
pistons 42 and thus the vanes I6, said operation
‘ imparting to said vanes a degree oi' opening com
mensurate with the degree of opening imparted
- to side doors 3, so that the ñow of air through
the register front occurs simultaneously with, and
in proportion to the inflow of vaix' through the
register wall.
In the slight reciprocating motion of pistons 42
a cushion of air wouldl occur in the cylindrical
pockets of plate 43, and to obviatesuch occur
rencev a vent 5| may be formed in the base of
said pockets.
I claimz-
Variations within the spirit and scope of my
invention are equally comprehended by the tore
going disclosure.
mg means to rotate said disk, a plate rotatably
mounted on said member and having radial pock
ets therein, pistons operable in said pockets, the
angled ends of said rods engaging said pistons,
and means operatively connecting said disk and
said rotatable plate to transmit movement from 16
said disk to said plate for the operation of said
pistons and vanes.'
2. The subject matter oi’ claim 1 in which the
movement transmitting means comprises a link
pivotally connected to said disk and to said ro
tatable plate, a stud carried by said link, and,
ñxed guide members on said rotatable plate with
which said stud is engaged.
3. An air register for use with furnaces having
a front wall with an opening therethrough, said
register including a series of equi-spaced bolts
extending out from the periphery of said opening,
sleeves rotatable on said bolts, segmental doors
carried by said sleeves and curved air stream
directing vanes carried by Said doors, arms ex
tending !rom said sleeves, a disk freely engaged
by the ends of said arms, a support 'on which said
disk is rotatively supported, and operating means
for rotating said disk.
4. The subject matter of claim 3, wherein said
sleeves and air stream directing vanes are con
nected to opposite faces of said doors and said
bolts are covered by plates for directing the air
past the bolts.
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