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July‘ 26, 1938;
Filed May 21, 1937
Patented July .26, 1938
William R. Mans?eld, Fairview, N. J ., assignor of
one-half to John Pimpiano, Grantwood, N. J.
Application May 21, 1937, Serial No. 143,916
3 Claims. (Cl. 309-—15)
This invention relates to improvements in pis
der showing my improved piston in side eleva
tons of the removable head type for internal
combustion engines and the like.
Fig. 2 is a vertical section through a piston
One of the objects of the present invention is, head removed from the skirt;
5 in a piston of the removable head type, to pro
Fig. 3 is a plan view of the top of my improved
vide means whereby a sticking or the “freezing” piston;
together of the head and skirt parts and their
Fig. 3a is a plan view of thebottom surface of
connections or fastenings will be avoided so as
to permit ready removability of a head from the
10 skirt for the purpose of replacement of the en
tire head or of‘ the rings, and with this end in
view, I utilize a construction in which the con
necting or fastening members, such as screws,
will be protected and shielded against carbon de
15 posits or the like and corrosive factors which
would prevent rotation in their sockets or longi
tudinal movement thereof.
Another object of my invention is to provide
the piston head and skirt‘with' aligning means
my improved piston head;
Fig. 4 is a view in plan of the top of the skirt
portion of my piston;
Fig. 1 showing the head and skirt in assembled
Fig. 6 is a fragmentary-vertical section on the
line 6-6 of Fig. 4 showing the head and skirt 15
Fig. 7 is a fragmentary-vertical section on the
line 1-1 of Fig. 4, and
Figs. 8 and 9 are plan and side elevations, re
20 and preferably comprising projection onthe head ' spectively, of the special tool employed in the re
and sockets in the skirt which will enable im
mediate alignment of the parts during a replace
ment operation.
Still another object of my invention is to pro
25 vide a‘ special tool for manipulation of the head
during removal and replacement operations. _
Still another object of my invention is to pro
' 10
Fig. 5 is a vertical section on the line 5—5 of
moval and replacement of my piston head.
Referring now to the drawing which illustrates
a preferred embodiment‘ of my invention, l in
dicates a cylinder of an explosive engine which
may be of any conventional type and is provided
with conventional removable head I’. Within
such conventional cylinder, I provide my im
vide a piston construction in which a used or - proved piston comprising a skirt portion 2 and a
worn head may be readily, quickly and easily re
30 moved and._a new head of slightly greater diame
ter may, in many cases, be substituted to com
pensate for wear of the cylinder‘and avoid re
' boring of the cylinder, and both of these removal
and replacement operations may be accomplished
v35 without disturbing the piston bearings or other
Another object of my invention is to provide a
rigid, :strong and durable piston construction in
whichembossment will be so arranged and the
40 contact surfaces- of the separable head and skirt
and of the fastening members therefor will be so
minimized or reduced in‘ extent as to avoid any
possibility of a sticking of the parts'together,
while maintaining strength and rigidity.
_With these and other objects in view, the in
vention comprises the combination of members
and arrangement of-parts so combined as to co
removable or separable head portion 2', and in
accordance with my invention the head portion 30
will be so connected and fastened to the skirt por
tion as to provide, during operation, a construc
tion which will be substantially as rigid and
strong as a one-piece structure, but in which the
head will be readily removable from the skirt by
connecting means which vwill avoid any sticking
or freezing together of the parts and their fas
tening members owing to corrosion, the deposits
- of carbon, head and other conditions encountered _
during'use, and in the preferred form of my in 40
vention, such'connecting or fastening members
which, of necessity must comprise either screws
or bolts, are protected against contact with car
bon deposits and other material which would be
likely to cause a freezing or sticking of the bolts
or screws within their sockets or such a freezing
of the parts of the screws to the exposed surfaces
act and co—operate with each other in the per
as would prevent the turning of such screws, and
formance of the functions and the accomplish
these ends in view, I provide the skirt por
'50 ment of the results herein contemplated, and’ with
tion at opposite sides of the pin-bearings 3, 3'
comprises in one of its adaptations the species or with embossment members 4, 4', 5, 5' in each of
preferred form illustrated in the accompanying ‘which I provide a counter-sunk socket 6 having‘
drawing, in which:
a smaller axial bore 1 tapped to receive a screw 8
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal fragmentary view while-the counter-sunk portion 8 is adapted to
55 .through the upper portion of an engine cylin
receive the lower end of a sleeve 9, the upper end
of which is securely fastened by a driving ?t‘ or the skirt portion. After_thes'e screws are all re
other conventional method within a counter-bore leased, the handle l3 isapplied to any two of the
ID of a screw=bore ll passing through register
diametrically or_ diagonally opposite screws
ing embossments 4“ and 4b on the piston head. -whereupon an upward pull on the handle will
The screws 8, as illustrated, have conventional readily remove the head from the cyiinder. Like
heads 8’ which ?t into counter-sunk sockets 8a wise, when replacing a new head, the screws will
within which are preferably seated washers 8b be in substantially the position shown in Fig. 2,
of frictional-locking type.
whereupon the head may be lowered into'the
In the preferred embodiment of my invention
cylinder and by slight manipulation, the sleeves
will ?nd the counter-sunk sockets in the skirt, 10
10 illustrated, the adjacent surfaces of the portions
:4, 4', 4a and 4b are slightly lowered so as to leave . l portion and the screws may be driven home
a slight space I2 therebetween, and the Web por
tions 3“, 3b, and adjacent sections are slightly
against the friction-locking washers 8a, where
upon a tight, but readily releasable, connection
raised so as to provide contact with adjacent. may be produced between such parts. >
15 surfaces 3° and 3d of the head.
It will be obvious that the drawing herewith 15
'It will be seen from the above that the rein
forcing webs 3a and 3b are not weakened by bores
for screws, but that the top portion of the skirt
merely shows one form of my invention and many
changes or modi?cations may be made within the
spirit of my invention.
is strengthened by the positioning of the emboss
Having described my ‘invention, I claim:1. A piston of the removable head type for in
20 ments 4, 4', 5, 5', and that a construction is pro
duced in which the skirt portion will be strong ' ternal-combustion engines comprising a cylin
and rigid and will be formed in a single piece drical skirt portion having a plurality of radially
and, in the preferred form of my invention illus- extending embossments, each provided with a
trated, a head member,- also in a single piece, may screw-threaded bore surrounded by a counter
25 be so readily, easily and quickly applied thereto sunk portion, a. piston-head portion provided 25
or removed therefrom that any unskilled person ' with sleeves projecting therefrom and adapted to
may remove a head from the skirt portion and' enter said counter-sunk portions, screws passing _
re-apply anew replaceable head. . With this end through the sleeves in said head member and into
in view, the sleeves 9 are permanently attached or
connected in the counter-sunk sockets l0 within
the head and are so positioned as to project out
. wardly, therefrom and by facile manipulation to be
the bores in said skirt. member.
2. A piston of the removable head type for in 30
ternal combustion engines comprising a cylin
drical skirt portion having sectional piston-pin
aligned with the counter-sunk sockets in the skirt _
bearings, a- plurality of radially-extending em
member, after which the screws may be driven
bossments each provided with a screw-threaded
home or removed without di?iculty.
In the preferred form of ‘my invention, the
screws 8 are preferably limited in their upward
movement in any suitable manner so as to pro
ject above the top of the piston, as shown in Fig.
2, while the same,v released from the skirt and
v in, said preferred form of my invention, I prefer
ably utilize a special wrench l3 having a raised
handle portion l3’ and notched portions H‘, H’
at opposite ends with the notches in reversed rela
ticnship so that upon a dropping of the wrench I3
' onto the top of the piston a mere turning will
cause the notches to engage the upper portionsv
of the shanks of the screws 8 and will permit
these upper portions of the shanks of the screws
50 to be utilized as connecting elements for lifting
' the piston head out-of the cylinder when it is de
' sired to remove the same. The simplicity of these
means will be obvious and it will also be obvious
that the tool l3 may be also utilized in applying a
new piston head to the skirt.
In removing and replacing a piston head it'will
, only be necessary to ‘loosen the screws 8, which
are protected from carbon deposits or other ex
traneous matter by the sleeves 9, by raising the
60 same to a given limited movement which will re
lease the screw threads from the tapped bore in.
bore surrounded by a counter-sunk portion, a 35
piston-head portion provided. with projecting
sleeves adapted to enter said counter-sunk por
tions in the skirt, and fastening screws passing
through said head member and projecting sleeves
and into said skirt member; said embossments 40
being composed of two pairs, the members of
which are positioned in the skirt on opposite sides
of said sectional piston-pin bearings.
3; A piston of the removable head type for'in
ternal combustion engines and the like compris
ing a cylindrical skirt portion having a plurality
of inwardly-extending radial embossments, each
provided with a bore having a sectional screw
thread and a counter-sunk depression surround
ing said bore, a piston-head portion provided with 50
embossments aligned with the embossments of
said skirt and having projections adapted to enter
said counter-sunk depressions in the skirt em
bossments and also provided with a bore having a
_ complemental screw-thread and passing through 55
said projection and disposed in axial alignment~
with the bore
the skirt portion, and screws for
said aligned bores, each having a screw-thread
adapted to engage both of the sectional internal
' screw-threads of said aligned bores.
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