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July 26, 1938.
Filed April 22, 1935
Patented July 26, 1938
Joseph L. Meyer, Dubuque, Iowa, assignor, by
mesne assignments, to Saf-T-Pop Corporation,
Dubuque, Iowa, a corporation of Delaware
Application April 22, 1935, Serial No. 17,642
6 Claims.
This invention relates to a wrapping or packag
ing device primarily for edibles of the type where
in the edible is equipped with a handle of loop-like
con?guration which is usually, but not necessa
5 rily, non-rigid. That class of edibles includes
(Cl. 99—180)
portion or the combined thicknesses of the edible
portions of the suckers II. This base portion I1
is connected at each end to side or display por
tions l8 and I9. If desired, the portions l8 and
I9 may be integral with the portion I1, and the 5
candies, frozen ices, ice creams, and other edibles ‘ side portions may be provided by folding the
which are or may be so equipped with handles.
integral strip along fold lines 2| and 22.
An object of the invention is the provision of a
The side portion l8 has a length greater than
novel packaging device or wrapper for such the length of the wrapped candy, and at the end
10 edibles.
opposite the fold line 2! it is provided with a tab‘ 10
Another object of the invention is the provision 22 having a slot 23 extending longitudinally of the
of a simply constructed yet effective device for side portion I8 and a transverse slot 24 connecting
packaging or wrapping a plurality of solidi?ed with and extending across the end of the slot 23.
edibles for sale and display as a unit,‘ and which Likewise, the side portion I9 is of greater length
15 is readily operable for unpacking to facilitate the than the length of the wrapped candy, and at its 15
sale of the edibles one at a time.
end opposite the fold line 22 it is connected with
A further object of the invention is the provi
an aligning member 25 by a hinge portion 26.
sion of such a packaging device or wrapper which
facilitates releasably binding together a plurality
20 of edibles, which will hold them together in ship
ping units'or sub-units suf?ciently securely as to
protect the individual edibles, and which does not
interfere with the characteristics of the edibles
adapting them for display purposes but which in
25 fact improves the’ display characteristics thereof.
Other objects of the invention include the pro
vision of the combinations and arrangements of
elements hereinafter disclosed and claimed, as
illustrated in the accompanying sheet of drawings
30 wherein the reference numerals respectively refer
to the same elements throughout the several views,
and in which:
Figure l is a perspective view of a group of
edibles embraced by a packaging device or wrap
35 per embodying the features of the invention;
Figure 2 is a plan view of the packaging device
or wrapper of the invention in a stage of its
development; and
Figure 3 is a perspective view of the novel
40 packaging device or wrapper alone.
Illustrative of the invention, a plurality of
edibles or suckers ll, each including an edible
portion of, for example, candy that may be en
closed by a wrapper l2, and a handle portion l3
5 are bound together by a novel packinging device
or wrapper I4, as shown in Figure 1. The handle
portion l3 of each sucker preferably is non-rigid
and includes adjacently arranged portions [5
extending into the candy and an intermediate
50 portion l6 connecting the portions [5 and forming
a loop-like con?guration.
The novel wrapper I4 is constructed of card
board, paper, or other suitable packaging mate
rial, and has a base or supporting portion ll of
55 su?icient length to span the thickness of an edible
The member 25 has at its free end an attaching
enlargement or head 2'! providing a shoulder or
abutment 28 and receivable in the vertical slot 23. 20
When the head 21 is inserted in the slot 23 the
shoulder 28 is adapted to engage the tab 2?. above
the ‘slot 24 for releasably holding the packaging
device closed. It is preferred to make the align
ing member and hinge portion from a reduced .25
portion 29 integral with the side portion l9.
To that end the reduced portion 29 is provided
with a generally rectangular aperture 3| which
terminates short of the free end of the portion 29
in substantially a straight edge 3i! and at its other 30
end has an arcuate portion 32. The aperture 3|,
with the arcuate portion 32 thereof, cooperates
with a fold line 33 extending from the free end of
the reduced portion 29 longitudinally thereof to
the straight edge 30, with transverse fold lines 34 35
in the reduced portion 29 at opposite sides of the
aperture 3| near the arcuate portion 32, and with
angularly disposed fold lines 35 diverging from
the arcuate end 32 of the aperture 3! toward the
respective edges of the side portion l9, whereby to 40
permit folding the reduced portion 29 along its
longitudinal center line and to render it swing
able about the hinge provided by the fold lines 34
and 35 to and from a position substantially at
right angles to the face of the side portion l9.
It will be seen that when the reduced portion
29 is so folded, the fold line 33 and the straight.
edge 38 de?ne the latching shoulder or abut
ment 28, and the fold lines 34 and 35 produce
the hinge portion 26, which, by virtue of the
folds and the resiliency of the material from ‘
which the novel packaging device or wrapper
is made, will tend to urge the alignment member
25 up toward the upper end of the vertical slot
23, where the shoulder 28 will engage behind the
tab 22 above the transverse slot 24 for holding opposite said other pdrtion, and a connecting
iportion connected at one end to the end of the
the packaging device or Wrapper closed.
In use, a sucker or suclgers II are placed with other said sidegportion opposite the second said
the ends or the edibles Opposite the handles l3 portion, said connecting portion being folded
against the base portion 11, and the side portions upon itself to provide a stiffened fastening mem
l8 and I? are folded up along the outer faces of g; ber of a Width less than the length of said elon—
gated aperture removably receivable in said aper
the edible or edibles. The suckers and pack—
aging device or Wrapper are held in that relative ture for releasably securing said connecting por
position While the aligning member 25 is inserted
tion in connecting relationship between said side
10 through the loop handle or loop handles 13 and
is drawn; down about the hinge portion 26 to a
3,. A wrapper for edibles having loop handles,
position between the adjacent portions 15. The ‘ comprising a base portion, side portions, releas
head 2'! is then, inserted into the longitudinal able rneans connecting said side portions at the
ends epposite the base portion, and means on
slot 23 until the shoulder 28 is at the outside sur
16 face of the side portion l 8, and thevaligning mem- : one side portion for urging said releasable con
ber 25 is: moved upward about the hinge portion 1' necting meanstoward continued locking engage
ment with saidother side portien, said connecting
face of the tab 22 above the-transverseeslot 24,; means extending .through the loopportions of
526 until the shoulder 28,'engaging the outer sur- 7
secures the packaging device or wrapper about’
20 the edible or edibles. The resilient character of
the hinge portion .26 wili-tenditc hold the align
ing memberiii inithe last described position.
Thus .the packaging device or wrapper not
only provides valuable advertising space on the
25 side portions 18 and I9 but .alsoprOVides auni
ftary package foredibles with loop handles, which
package is self~supportingion the base portion
l9 and which does not interfere with ‘the dis
playcharacteristics of the loop handles.
While ‘I have illustrated and described a ,pre=
said handles to hold ethe edible in interlocking
engagement with thegside and base portions of 20
the ‘wrapper.
4. A wrapper for a handle carryingedible com
prising a pair of spaced side portionsconnected
at corresponding ends to a base portion, anelon
gated aperture in the end of oneside portion 25
opposite the base portion and ooacting fastening
means connected to one side portion .and ex
tending to the elongated aperture in .the other
side portion for releasable locking engagement
therewith, said coacting fastening means ex
ferred embodiment of .my invention, many modi
?cations may be made without departing from
tending through the loop handle of the edible
for interlockably holding the edible in the wrap
the spirit of the invention, and-I do not ‘wish to
be limited to the precise details set forth but
per-en four sides thereof.
5. A packaging device for edibles comprising ’
35 desire to avail myself of .all changes within the
scope of the appended claims.
I claim:
1. A wrapper for edibles with handies, com
prising a wrapper strip of a length sufficient to
extend about four sides of an edible, said strip
14,0 including
coasting fastening means at oppo
site ends thereof for releasably securing it in
‘wrapping position, and means intermediate the
ends of said strip for urging-a vfastening means
securing relationship vwith the other said
:45 toward
fastening means comprising -'a hinge having an
a strip adapteditowbe wrapped around ‘one or
more of the edibles,_one .end of said strip being
provided ‘with alatchreceiving and engaging re
cess and the other end with a .portion folded
along a longitudinai line upon itself to provide
a stiffened latch member for engagement with
said recess.
,2. A wrapper for edibles with ‘handles, com
6, A packaging device vfor edibles comprising a
strip. adapted to be wrapped aroundone or more
of the edibles, onerend of said strip being pro
vided with a-latch receiving and engaging recess
and the other end withia portion foldedalong a
longitudinal line upon itself to. provide’ a stiffened
latch member for engagement with said recess,
and a resiliency imparting fold at the junction
of the rear of the latchmemberand the adjacent
prisinga pair of spaced side portions, another
portion connecting corresponding-ends of said
portion of the strip which urges said stiffened “
latch member in a direction which tends to retain
side portions, a said side portion having ‘an
the same in-latchinepositicn within said recess.
angularly disposed fold with-respect toya trans
verse line across the wrapper andia/transverse
elongated aperture ‘therein at ‘the end "thereof
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