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July 26, 1938.
Filed Dec. 3, 1936
Patented July 26, 1938 l
Keith G. Douglas, Needham Heights, Mass., as
signor to William Gorse Co., Inc., Needham
Heights, Mass., a corporation of Massachusetts
Application December 3, 1936, Serial No. 114,068
1 Claim.
(Cl. ‘S6-_190) v
My present invention relates to circular knitted
\ï elastic fabrics and to the method of knitting the
' same whereby al predetermined limit pf stretch is
In ^`the usual method at present employed in
the knitting of elastic fabric on circular knitting
.machines, it is customary to employ a standard
type of knitting machine or apparatus and to
form .the knitted article in a spirally progressive
10 operation, utilizing elastic or elastic-covered
threads and material. Such elastic knitted arti
cles are of special use and importance in the mak
ing of surgical stockings, abdominal supporters,
corset strips, or the like.
In my present invention I have/developed a
novel method of utilizing the circular knitting of
seamless elastic articles with a novel type of
Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary detailed view
illustrating the front, or outside, of the fabric;
Fig. 3 is a corresponding fragmentary view of
the back, or inside;
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary View in cross-section,
Fig. 5 is a corresponding front view illustrating
the fabric stretched to the limit permitted by my
novel construction.
In the usual 4circular type of knitting machines,
wherein a seamless tubular elastic fabric is knit
by spiral knitting, I so position and arrange cer
tain of the knitting needles in staggered relation
so that a finishing front thread, preferably of
rayon or the like to give a proper appearance, 15
may be knitted into and along the front of the
fabric in practically a diamond form of- inter
locked stitch, While simultaneously knitting at the
knitted stitch which limits the stretch or elasticity
of the article, thus producing a predetermined
extent of _stretch in the completed article.
`It is also an object of my present invention to
provide an attractive, strong, and eilicient elastic
-knit article with the limiting stitches preferably
back of the fabric a cotton thread interlocking
with the rayon thread and knitting same around 20
on elastic members.
arranged in a substantially diamond-shaped con
tour as the same are interlocked during the cir
may include a separate line of stitching for such 25
stretch limiting purposes and either at the front
or at the back, or both, as in the preferred form
and as herein illustrated.
cular knitting action. Thus, my present linvention
is entirely distinct from any woven article since
I provide a circular seamless knitted fabric and
With all the peculiar advantages incident to a
seamless structure and continuous production.
v ' In carrying out my present invention I prefer
ably utilize elastic-covered thread of the usual
type, and thereupon knit a rayon thread appear
ing on one side, preferably the front of the fabric
for appearance and finish, with a cotton thread
on‘the opposite side, or back, although this is not,
of course, essential as the same material can be
utilized on both front and back.
In carrying out my invention by my novel proc
40 ess I arrange a specially staggered type of stitch
ing for both the rayon and the cotton threads,
thus producing, in effect, a diamond-shaped stitch
throughout the elastic material which will thus
limit the stretch of the elastic fabric thru the
controlled ,action of the diamond-shaped stitch
ing, a diamond form being capable of stretching
only to a predetermined extent and thereupon
limiting the same and, in effect, locking the fabric
to th_e limit o_f stretch to the capacity of the form
50 of the diamond stitch.
Referring to the drawing illustrating preferred
My invention broadly considered while pref
erably employing the knitting of the stitches
adapted to limit the stretch of the material yet
Referring to the drawing wherein the 'circular
knit tubular fabric l is formed from any suitable 30
sized material, and of such length, contour,
strength, and color as desired, for use in abdom
inal belts, surgical stockings, knee-cap sup
porters, etc., shown diagrammatically in Fig. l,
wherein covered elastic threads 2-2 are knitted
in the circular' machine with the rayon thread
3 and cotton thread 4. By so positioning and
staggering the dial needles and cylinder needles
of the knitting machine, I am enabled to form
my novel knitted stitch which presents substan 40
tially a diamond-shaped contour of interlocking
stitches, as shown in Figs. 2 and 5, which
diamond-shaped stitching will limit the elasticity
of the completed fabric when stretched in a verti
cal direction, as shown in the drawing, to the 45
limit accorded by the flattening of the diamond
shaped stitching as shown in Fig. 5. Thus the
stretch is predetermined by the interlocking
stitching formed by the knitting machines and
thus prevents undue stretching as well as giving 50
a control of the elasticity or stretch in the com
pleted fabric.
embodiments of my present invention,
` 'I‘he result is that I'produce an elastic fabric
Fig. 1 is a diagrammatic fragmentary view of comprising a facing thread and a backing thread
the tubular knitted seamless fabric embodying v1n vwhich the backing thread is knit into au the 55
55 my invention;
rib wales only in .every course, and the facing
thread is knit into all the plain wales in every
course, and into alternate rib wales >only in alter
nate courses, and into intervening rib wales in
in _which‘the backing thread is knit into all the
rib wales only in every course, andf the facing
thread is knit into all the plain wales in every
course, and into alternate rib wales only in alter
nate courses, and into interveniné rib wales only
in intervening courses, there beingan unknitted
elasticstrand incorporated between the rib and
'intervening courses, and providing also an un
knitted elastic strand incorporated between the
rib and the plain wales.
I claim:
plain wales. y
As a' new article of manufacture, a rib fabric
10 comprising a lacing thread and a backing thread
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