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Aug- 2, 1938-
Filed Aug. 1'7, 1936
Patented Aug. 2, 1193s Y'
' -2,125,264
`George J. Aigner, Chicago, Ill., assignor to G. J.
¿Idlàlflgner Company, Chicago, Ill., a corporation of
l 'noìs
Application August 17, v1936, Serial No. 96,323
5 Claims. (Cl. 40-16)
My invention belongs to that general class of
Referring to the drawing, l represents an index
devices known as index strip holders adapted to or ñle guide card which may be constructed of
be mounted on an index guide or separating card @ardor pressed board, metal or the like of the
S0 as t0 display a strip upon the face of which is desired shape, size and rigidity, yand 2 represents
5 typed, printed or written certain identifying in- an index strip, ordinarily of paper or a light
dicia or infomation.
Weight card, provided with identifying indicia or
The invention has among its objects the pro- _ characters for readily identifying _the contents of
duction of a device of the kind -described which is the ñle t0 Which the guide Card iS app1ied-~ It iS
simple, inexpensive, durable, convenient and sat- immaterial what matter is on the strip as this
m isfactory for use wherever found applicable.
depends 0n the desire 0f the USB1'- ThíS Strip iS lo
The iDVentiOn has particularly among its ob-A 0f the desired color, width and length, depending'
jects the production of a device of the kind de- UDCH material t0 be placed thereOIl, and Obviously
scribed which will securely retain an index strip the Strip holder is of a Size t0 Carry the strip em
and display the same in a most convenient and
. My improved device relates to a strip holder
impede or interfere with the removal of papers or
designated generally by the reference character 3,
other material from a. nle identified by the index
The invention has as a further object the pro20 duction of a strip holder of the kind described
which may be readily arranged on and secured to
an index card or guide, which holder is provided
With means for readily meeting the holder on the
index card so that the various cards and holders
25 are all substantially uniform.
A further object is the production of e holder
which when seated on the index card will engage
the top edge thereof and be properly aligned with
the edge of the card and which engagement will
eo also tend to provide a more secure and sensfeetory mounting of the strip.
_ y
The invention has as a further object the production of a strip holderwhieh is reenforced by
rounding the top edge or_forming a. tubular heed
'thereat so as to stiiîen the holder and improve its
durability and the utilization of the rounded over
portion to form o, strong grip or clamp which wm
securely retain the index strlpiln the holden'
Many other objects and advantages of the con.lo struction herein shown and described will be obvious to those skilled in the art from the disclosure
herein given
l5 efficient manner and which will not in any wey
which is Preferably made of Celluloid or any
equivalent transparent material vof suitable or
preferred color. The same consists of a strip of
materiel folded 0f formed t0 Provide a fece Por' 20
tion 5 preferably curved as shown, through which
the Strip 2 iS displayed, With attaching flanges 5
and 'I extending from the top and bottom of the
fece Portion and adapted t0 @Verne the Opposite
faces of the guide card l and be secured thereto. 25
'I'he particular holder shown is folded over as at
8 and 9 at one edge to provide a tubular bead
with the opposite edge extended at lll toward the
flange 'l and thence downwardly as indicated at 6.
011e ñange portion, as shown 'L extends frOm ad- 3o
jacent' the face portion as at I2 and ls thence
formed with' an oifset outwardly as shown at I4
s0 as t0 Provide a Seat 01‘ Shoulder I3 extending
from end to end which may rest upon and engage
the top edge l5 0f the guide card' The Índex 35
Strip holder 3 may be Secured t0 the guide card by
means ‘of tubular _rivets l1 or in any equivalent
satisfactory manner. The tubular bead or turned
o_"er portion s et the top edge 0f the display por'
non 5 at its juncture with the ñenge portion l2 40
not only Stiñens the guide but also P1' evides an
_efficient strip clamping device, since the inter
To this end, my invention consists in the novel mediate bent or folded portion 9 may be brought
construction, arrangement; and combination of substantially close to the face portion so that
45 parts herein shown and described and more pap when a strip 2 is inserted, as shown in Fig. 2, it 45
ticularly pointed` out in the claims.
will be firmly gripped or clamped between‘the
In the drawlnglwhereln like reference charac_ 4 bend 9 and the inner face of the display portion
lters indicate like or corresponding parte;
at I6. The strip is, therefore, frictionally and
Fig, 1 1s a perspective View of an index Strip securely retained in place so that it is not easily
50 holder mounted on the top edge of an index card;
lost out or displaced even though the guide card 50 « -
Flg. 2 is a sectional view taken substantially iS removed from the ñle- While a bead may be
on line 2-2 of Fig. 1 enlarged to more clearly i provided at the lower edge of the face portion, it
-show the construction; and
is not essential, and generally it is preferred to
Fig. 3 is a somewhat similar view'rof a modified bring the same over and extend it laterally to the
55 arrangement, _
other flange and thence downwardly,y the inter- 55
mediate portion I0 extending substantially in an
L 1. Anindex'strip holder consisting of a strip
arc. Papers removed from the ñle cannot readily of/„trans'parent material folded over to provide
engage with the holder and their removal be thus,r an intermediate face portion having its edges ex
impeded. The portion I0 extending _as shown , tended to provide adjacent flanges, the strip at
also forms a very satisfactory brace, maintaining the edges of the face portion being rolled over to
the face portion in its intended position.
provide a stiffening tubular bead at each edge.
In Fig. 3 I have illustrated a somewhat similar '
2. An index strip holder- consisting of a strip
construction, except in this ins/tance I have shown
the index strip gripped at both: the top and bottom
10 edge. Referringl to thisl figure, l' represents the
guide card, 2' the strip, 5' the face portion of the
holder and 6' andy/"the securing flanges. As will
be obvious by referring to the figure, the strip 2’
is firmly gripped and retained by the turned over
In this »case
the offset for engaging the top edge of the card at
I5 is not shown, it being understood that flange 1.’
may be constructed similar to flange l, shown in
Fig. 2, if so desired. While this form is very de
15 portions 8' which constitute clamps.
20 sirable and attractive in appearance, vthere is a
possibility of papers accidentally engaging under
the lower bead if carelessly removed.
From the preceding it is obvious that the strip
holderby virtue of the construction conveniently
v25 displays the strip, the slight curve of the angu
larly disposed face of the strip bringing the
'of transparent material folded over intermediate
the ends to provide an intermediate face por
tion with its edges extended into juxtaposition
to provide adjacent attaching ñanges, the strip
at the top edge of the face portion being rolled
over to provide a tubular stiffening bead and a
strip' clamp.
3. An index strip holder consisting of a strip 15
of transparent material constituting an attaching
flange folded over and outwardly at an angle to
provide a front face portion and thence folded
back to the first flange and thence extending
parallel therewith, the strip being formed with a. 26
tubular edge at the junction of the face portion
with an adjacent flange forming an index strip
clamp at the interior.
4. An index strip holder consisting of a strip
of transparent material constituting an attach
ing ñange folded over and outwardly at an angle
to provide a curved face portion and thence folded
identifying material in easy and direct range of
the eye when viewed under ordinary working ’ and curved back and >away from the fold to the
conditions, or when the guide is in a low drawer; flange and thence extended parallel therewith,
30 that the holder firmly retains the index strip in the strip being formed with a tubular bead at 30
place; that the holder, by being stiiïened by the the juncture of the top of the face portion ad
bead, is not easily bent or destroyed and is con
jacent the flange to provide a strip clamp at th
sequently more durable, and that the holder,
being seated and engaging the top edge of the
guide card, is properly located and aligned on>
the guide card with a minimum of effort by the
operator or strain on the card and securing
means. By providing the shoulder I3 and eye
letting the holder on the card, any manufactur
ing stationer or even user, can place a holder
on a card and secure it in place, with as satis
5. Inv combination, an index card, an index
strip and an index strip holder, said holder con
sisting of a strip of suitable ñexible material
having an edge portion secured to the card and
extending outwardly therefrom with an offset
formed at and seating on the edge of the card, -
the said strip edge portion rolled outwardly and do'
over to form a tubular bead edge and extending _
factory results as in a complete factory job.
downwardly at an angle providing an inclined
Having thus described my invention, it is- ob . face portion with the lower edge offset from the
vious that various immaterial modifications may said ñrst edge portion, the -lower oiïset edge of
45 be made in the same without departing from which is folded toward said first mentioned side 45
the spirit of my invention; hence I do not wish portion and thence extended inwardly adjacent
to be understood as limiting myself to the exact thereto to lie parallel with the ñrst edge portion
form, construction, arrangement and combina
but on the opposite side of the card and secured
tion of parts herein shown and described, or uses
thereto, the index strip being of a width and
50 mentioned.
. thickness to extend across the inner side of the
What I claim as new and desire to secure by face portion- into the bead and clamped therein.`
Letters Patent is: v
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