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Aug. 2, 1938.
G.1E..FRANCK - _
v I
Filed Aug._ 17, 193e ’
. é
reception of a pipe or tubing i which may be
soldered in place to forma tight‘joint. A central
passage 'I extends through the element from the
recess 5 and opens into a recess 8 of diameter
5 Alarger than the passage.
The corner at the
junction ‘of the passage withI the recess' con
left hand threads, to accommodate the valve
member 4 previously referred to.v This valve
member comprising one of the novel features of ‘
the device is composed essentiallyof a cap er
-valve element 32 and a connecting element 33 5
for a tube, joined together by a stern- 34. - The
stitutes a valve seat 9.
_element/33 is shaped similar to the-connecting
outside at che mid portion the connecting l» element I at the opposite terminal of the de- ß
element is constructed- in the form of e. nut _IE vice for solder conne-:tion withfa pipe or tubing
10 to supply a- wrench -hold during assembly or re
adjustment and a threaded extension il forming
the outer wall of the recess 8 is adapted to con
4 as described previously. That lpart of the stem 10
_34 immediately adjacent 'the- element 3l is
threaded as at 35 with left handv threads to
cooperate with the threadedv hole of the parti
nect with the intermediate element 2. 'Element
I therefore performs the oillce of a separable tion wall 8| in order that a right hand rotation
15 connecting medium yto the fluid line with which` `of the handle will translate the valve to the15
the valve device is to be used and in vadl'ätion- car
left to a shut-off position. rì‘he diameter -of the
ries the seat for the valve on which operation of passage I3 in the intermediate element 2 is large
the device depends.
Intermediate element 2 formingthe other part
threaded pocket- `like depression I2 from whichA
enough to permit the threaded portion 35 to lslide
along within it free from interference, the only
point of contact of thelstem with 'the body being 20
`the area where it rubs along the packing. The
a central passage I3 extends forming. an `aper»
main part of the stem 34 at the left is reduced in
20 of the body portion cf the valve device has a
ture through~ element.
The bottoni Il 0f the i cross section and extends as noted. in snug slid
depression I2 has an annular shape and acts as -ing relation through the packing Iâ and termi- ~
25 a support for a retaining ring I5 where the char
nates in the cap -orlvalve 32. A central passage 25
acter of the packing requires it. ‘ A packing ma--
35 extends' entirely through the valve member,
terial 16 of t‘ne conventionall sort occupies the opening in_to the fiuid line at the right hand
bottom of the depression~ and is surmounted by
another ring I'I. It is> preferable that the ringd
Near the left hand end of the stem-agroove
30 I1 be made of somezîigid material of a. more or
. less -ductiler consistency, because in addition to
holding the nacking material in place, its func
. "
i ?,
31 is» cut and the end is beveled as! at 3l to ñt 30
inside the cap l2. A rim '38 is constructed on f `
f the cap so that it can bepressed-/to a
tion is to form a tight seal against the hat edge =ñoating ilt into the groove 21. Passages 4i \
of the threaded extension II'on the connecting .piercing the sloping walls of the cap form a path
35 element I to assist in preventing leakage of ilnid _ of minimum resistance for a duid- ‘passing 35
from within the valve. At the junction of the throughl the valve device. ,’ \ _
face I8 of y_the ring, with the central hole I8
Valve 32 fits against the seat lof the -connect
'_ thereof, a right angle valve> seat 251s formed, _ing element I and. due to the
se floating en- n
y the purpose of which will be later described. 0n
gagement-of‘ the valve with ë; stem, is per- ‘ „
40 the outside vthe element 2 is constructed in the
mitted to ñnd its own perfect
_ _ form of a nut 2I similar to the element I -to
a fluid tight closure upon exertion> of a very y '
supply a wrench hold.
A skirt portion 22 -is provided on the ele
ment 2 and midway .in the skirt an annular
45 groove 23 is cut to form part of a swivel con
nection. A sleeve 24 on the left side of the
’ handle 3 surrounds the sl?rt 22 with a slight
clearance so that 'they mayi rotate freely with
respect to each other and a groove 25, comple
50 mentary to the groove 23, is cut in the inside wall
of the sleeve. When the two grooves thus formed
are placed together they form an annular hole
vin which a wire 2‘I-maybe inserted.v To supply
access to the annular hole,'-thus formed .by the
55 junction of the grooves 28 and 25, a lead hole 25
is drilled through the sleeve 24 from the outside,
slight pressure.
at and establish 4e
Immediately to the right of the groove'S'I a
shouder 42 is rigidlyattached to the stem. The
shoulder has a sloping face 4I facing the ring 45
I‘a so that when the valve _is completely opened
tc itsnormal vonerative position the face 4I
bears against the seat 20 on ring I1, forming a
seal which is an added assurance against leak
age past the packing. This back seating .feature 5a'- ~
is simultaneously a .guard against accidental
dissembling of the device .when the valve is
turned completely on. .
In operationthe valve device is inserted in the
duid line 5 as illustrated in Fig. 1 unsupported 55
by any wall-or other stationary object. The line
tangent to the compositeannular hole. In form
itself serves to support the -valve and in turning y
ing the swivel joint the 'wire-21, originally in a the valve of! or on by means of the handle mem
straight piece of measured length, is driven -ber 3 the resistance supplied by the line prevents
60 through the hole 26. The__wire being ductile, rotation of the other parts of lthe device.v If di)
' lfinds its own wayl around the annular hole and occasion requires, however. the body may be se
fastens the two >members together though per-1 cured bya hand hold or wrench hold on the
mitting ‘them to rotate one around the ether. . element 2. It will be observed that when open,
There is a slight clearance between the wire and A 'the fluid follows the sie-pe of thecap or valve
65 thesides ofthe groovesso that‘there will be
no restriction to the free motion of the swivel
32 through the passages êil without-abrupt change 65
in direction and continues then unrestricted
through the vaìve device. When the valve is
At the right of the handlemember- _3 a rim
completely open the-> packing scalis reinforced by l
2_3 extends outward to- give balance to the de- _ the metal to metal back seat. Very little pressure
_ 70 vice and provide a wall for a depression 2l. A is necessary to securely close vthe valve and no 70
tlie handle furnishes a `ccmmodious hand grip
strain is placed upon the'valve assembly.
What I claim therefore andgseek-to secure by
f-or turning the valve oi’f and von. e.
Letters Patent.'is:
_`~lenur`ledneircnniference at the outer rim 30 of
_ i
lWithin the handle member is a partition wall
75 2| which has a hole threaded, preferably with
1. A _valve device for val _fluid line 'comprising
a'ìbody member including one element- connectible 'l5
' at one of its ends with the fluid line and having at
the other end an extension, a recess in said ex
tension, and a valve seat at the bottom of said
recess; another element having a pocket to en
gage the extension on the _ñrst element, a packing y
gland at the bottom of said pocket having pack
ing material therein and a ring of rigid material
'surmounting the packing material, said gland
being impressed between said body elements, and
10 a valve member including a ñoating valve cap and
a valve stem, said valve member. extending
through _the pocket and the recess in the 'body
. member and encompassed by saidî packing gland;
ber having an aperture for the accommodation of
the stem, packing means to render the space
around the stem gas tight, and Vmeans for open
ing and closing said valve.v
5. A valve device for a iiuid line comprising a
membenconnectible in said line, a valve seat
therein, a valve member cooperable with said seat
comprising a. valve stem and a valve element loose
ly attached thereto, there being a passage past
said valve seat and through said valve element 10
and stem comprising a continuously direct pas
sage for iiuid, means on the valve member for
joining said member to the ñuid line, and means
means for loosely attaching the valve cap to one - connected with the valve member for opening
15 end of the stem to permit said valve cap to find , andclosing said valve device.
'its own seat when the valve device is closed,
means forming a passage for fluid extending
through the valve and the stern, a means at the
other end' of said stem for connecting the device
20 with the fluid line, an annular oiïset on seid valve
6. A valve device forming a streamline pas
sage for fluid .through a fluid line comprising a
body member having a valve seat therein, a valve
element including a direct seating valve and a
valve stem cooperable with said seat, a handle
member cooperable with the ring ci rigid mate
member engageable with said body member and
rial to form a seal to minimize leakage from said
valve device when in open position, and a handle
said valve element operable to move said valve
member engaging the body _member and the valve
25. member for opening and closing the valve device.
`2. A valve device for a Huid line comprising at
-bne terminal a connecting element engageable
with said line having a passage therethrough and
having at one end a threaded extension and a
Sii recess of diameter larger than said passage co
to and away from saidr seat, said valve being
constructed in the form of a hollow iioating cap
loosely» engaging said stem and operable on clos 215
ing to adjust itself to its own seat, said cap
having perforations formed therethrough com
prising a portion of said streamline passage.
7. A valve device for a i’iuid line comprising
at one terminal a body member including an 30
operable with the passage to form a valve seat,` elements connectible at one end with the iluid
a valve member including a -valve and a stem for line and having at the other end thereof an ex
said valve, the valve member having 'a central tension and a recess in said extension, a valve
passage with an entrance at the valve end and seat at the bottom oi the recess, a second ele
'dit an exit at the opposite end, means' forming a ment engaging the extension on said first ele
_second terminal for attaching the other end of'
the valve device to the iiuid line, an. intermediate
element having a central passage for the stem
and threaded for engagement with said connect
40 ing element, a packing joint between'the inter
mediate element and the connecting element, a
handle member having a swivel connection with
said intermediate element and threadably engage
able with said stem and operable 'to cause transla
45 tioh of said valve to and away from the seat, and y
>rneansfor limiting the translation oi the valve
away from the seat; said last means being oper
ment having a pocket therein,` a packing gland
at the junction of said elements and a ring of
rigid material surmounting said gland, said gland
being pressed into position between said ele
ments, a valve member comprising a valve and
valve stem extending through the pocket and
the recess and encompassed by said packing
gland, a handle member on said body member
ier opening‘and closing the valve device, and
an annular offset on the valve member facing
the ring and operable to seat thereon at iuli
open position.
able as a’reverse seal for said valve device to
il. A valve device for a fluid line comprising
prevent leaks when in open position.
a body member comprising two sections con
3. A valve device for a iiuid line comprising at . . nectible in said line, a valve seat therein, a valve
one terminal a connecting element for said line member comprising a stem and a valve and
having a passage _and having at one end a recess means forming a central passage through said
cooperable with the passage to form a valve seat, valve member, one end of said central passage
a stem and a valve attached thereto cooperable . being in communication with the fluid line and
55 with said seat, meansforming a passage through the other end being in communication with the 55
said stem, means for attaching said stem to the valve, said body member having a passage for
fluid line 'at the other lterminal oi the device, an
'intermediate element having a central passage`
ior'the stem, said intermediate element being
engage'able with the connecting element and
forming a joint for packing therebetween, and
accommodation of the stem, packing adjustably
compressibie between the sections of the body
member surrounding the stem by movement oi’
one section with relation to the other and means (iii
for opening and closing the valve device.
i means rotatable with respect to said elements and
ii. A valve device for a fluid line comprising a
threadably engageable with said stem being oper
body portion connectible in said line, a valve
scat in the „body portion, a valve -portion includ
ing a stem and a direct seating valve comprising 65
able rotatably to move said valve to and away
65 from said seat.
di, A valve device for a ñuid line comprising
. a fixed member connectible in said line, a valve
seat. a valve member comprising a stem and a
hollow member forming a direct seating valve
70 loosely connected at one end and self-adjusting
on _said seat and having passages therethrough,
means forming a passage through the device and
communicating through. the valve with the 'duid
line, means for joining the free end oi said valve
75 member directly to the fluid line, .the fixed merri-r
a perforate cap loosely attached to the stem,
means including said cap forming a iiuid passage
through said device,_means for connecting the
passage with the duid line, a rotating handle
member having an open central aperture en 70
compassing said valve portion, said handle mem
ber interconnecting said valve and body por
tions, and having a swivel engagement with one
and a threaded engagement with the other, and
operable to eiîect a‘relative axial movement be
tween said portions in response to rotation o! continuously direct passage for fluid through the
said handle member.
10. A valve devicev for' a iluid line comprising
a body portion connectible in said line, a valve.
seat, a valve cooperable with said seatfor opening and'closing vthe valve device, a valve stem
apertured element and the stem, said body por
tion having packing secured therein and com- 4
pressibly adjustable into gas-tight relationr with
the stem. and a handle element connected _with
the body and the stem for opening and closingl
having a ’ passage therethrough, said passage ' the valve device.
opening into the valve at one- end and> in direct
communication with the fluid line at the other
12. a streamline valve'device for a duid une '
comprising aj body portion- of two separable con
centric sections connected together at the ends, 10
and> 'a reverse- acting valve seat located within> one oi' said sections being equipped with means
the body cooperable therewith to seal .the device for making a connection with the ñuid line and I
against leaks when- in open position. the body i provided 'witna valve seat and a passageway
10 end, a reverse acting valve member on the stem
portion -having an` aperture for accommodation
for iiuid, a concentrichandiemember rotatably
connected at an end of the other body- section 15
forming a continuation-oi' said-¿section'and hav- e
stem, and means >connected with -said body por~ "ing _a central aperture therethrough and a re
tion and attached to thestem i’or opening and cess at thefree end thereof, a valve stem pro.->
15 of the stem,'means providing a'gas 4tight sliding
engagement between the body portion andthe
closing said valve.
11. A valve device formi/ng _a passage -for iluld
vided with a passage for iluid equivalent in _ca
pacity to the passage o_f the body. section and a 20
through aline comprising a body portionl ccn
nectible in said line, a metallic valve seat there
means thereon for making a connection with '
the fluid _line retractable into the -recess, said .
-stem lbeing connected with the handle member
-and positioned within ~the central aperture
thereof and extending within said body sections, 25
lic element forming another portion ofthe pas
sage coo'perable with said seat and attached said' stém being provided with a valve element
loosely to the stem so that the valve when-moved at an end'thereof cooperable with saidvalve seat
in, a hollow stem forming a portion of the'> pas
sage and a valve comprising an apertured- metal
by the vstern into position is free to ñnd its own
seat, said stem~ >being connectedwith the iluid
30 line so that when the valvel is open there is a
for- openingvand closing the valve device.
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