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.2, "1938.
Filed Jan. I8, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet l
Aug. 2, 1938.
Filed Jan. 18, 1957
hit/W65 ;
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Aug. 2, 1938
Marjorie E. Jaques, Chicago, Ill., assignor to Wm.
Wrigley Jr; Company, Chicago, 111., a corpora
tion of Delaware
Application January 18, 1937, Serial No. 121,066
1 Claim.
This invention relates to an improvement in
display boxes and consists of the matters here
inafter described and more particularly pointed
out in the appended claim.
The display box is of that general type which
has a rearwardly inclined bottom‘ and back walls,
a front wall cut away to display the bulk of the
goods contained in the box and an easel attach
ment to support the box in its inclined position.
The object of the present invention is to pro
vide a construction of box of the kind with an
easel attachment which is foldable against the
back wall for insertion into the familiar slip
cover for ‘shipment, and which is automatically
15 brought to supporting position away from the
box back by the weight of the goods in the box,
when and as the box is set down to rest on its in
clined bottom wall.
The box is made preferably from a single blank
20 of cardboard or heavy paper, which may be
shipped ?at to the packer, by whom it is easily
set up in box form.
The advantages of the invention will appear
more fully as I proceed with my speci?cation.
In the drawings:
Figure 1 is a plan view of a blank cut and
scored to form the improved box.
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the box set up
in display position, with its easel expanded to
supporting position. '
Figure 3 is a vertical section through Figure 2
in a plane indicated by the line 3—-3 of Figure 2.
Figures 4, 5 and 6 are perspective views illus
trating successive steps in folding the blank of
35 Figure 1 to set up the box.
Figure '7 is a side elevation of the box showing
it at the left when ?rst placing it on a counter
or other display platform, and at the right as it
appears when by reason of the weight of the con
40 tents the easel is caused to expand to supporting
Referring now to that embodiment of the in
vention illustrated in the drawings:—|0 indi
cates the blank as a whole. It comprises an
45 elongated strip scored transversely to provide a
back wall ll of the box; a supporting member
I2 and a base member |3 for the easel; and a
bottom wall M and a front wall l5 for the box,—
said parts being de?ned, respectively, by the
transverse score lines ME, IF, |3a and Ma. The
back wall I | is longer than the supporting mem
ber |2 of the easel. The base member l3 of the
easel is divided by a transverse score line l3b
55 into a wide section I3c adjacent the supporting
(Cl. 206-44)
member l2 of the easel and a narrower section
I3“1 adjacent the bottom wall I ll.
The front wall I5 is cut away to provide a
short upstanding wall part l5a adjacent the bot
tom M and extending the width of the box, and
narrow upright marginal front wall parts l5b
which project considerably beyond the edge of
the wall part Ilia.
The blank includes side members I1, I‘! which
project laterally from the main length of the
blank and extend beyond the marginal front wall
parts I51’. They are de?ned therefrom‘ by score
lines Ila, Ila, which begin at the ends of the
score line Illa and extend in alignment with the
lateral edges of the main part of the blank. The
side members I1, I‘! extend at their upper ends
to score lines |8, |8, which begin at the ends of
the score line Illa and are inclined at like angles
to the score line He. These angles determine the
inclination that the bottom wall is to have to the 20
vertical when the box is set up and resting on said
bottom wall. Ilb, ll‘U indicate the end walls of
the box.
FIG, I‘!0 indicate glue flaps projecting
laterally from said end walls and de?ned there
from by score lines l'ld, lld.
Beyond the score lines l8, l8 are provided
locking members I9, I 9. The side edges of said
locking members are cut at right angles to the
score line l8. The sides next to the main blank
are notched near their free ends to provide
locking tongues l9a, Illa.
Score lines l9”, l9b,
running parallel to the sides of the locking mem
ber, are provided to permit said tongues IllaL to
fold upon the locking member. The opposite sides
of the locking members are cut to provide later
ally projecting locking tongues |9°, l9c in align
ment with the tongues I9a and which are adapted
to fold upon score lines l9d, l9d.
In the main blank, near its lateral margins,
are formed slits 20, 20 located in the score 40
line I3“, which de?nes the rear edge of the
bottom wall l4. It is also provided with like slits
2|, 2| spaced from the ?rst named slits a dis
tance equal to the distance between the score
lines l9‘), |9d of the tongues l9a, [9° of each look 45
ing member IS. The two pairs of slits are de
signed to receive the said locking tongues of the
locking members |9,--the slits 20 to receive the
tongues I90, I90, and the slits 2|, 2| to receive
the tongues Illa, Illa.
The improved box is set up as follows:
The wing members are ?rst folded as shown in
Figure 4, to break them along the score lines He,
"(1, I8, I91) and W1.
Said wing members are
then each in succession folded upon the score line 55
Ila to bring the score line l8 adjacent to the edge
of the bottom wall I4.
The associated locking
depending, collapsed base member of the easel in
engagement therewith; The weight of the con
.member I9 is then swung upon said score line I8
tents of the box or a manual operation will then
below the bottom member 14, and the tongues
cause the easel member to expand, moving its
supporting member l2 away from the back of the
box and unfolding the sections l3°, 13d of the base
to swing them into ?at position in the plane of
Him and l9° are in succession inserted respectively
through the associated slots 20 and 2i, as shown
in Figure v5. The back wall H is then folded
down upon the score line lla to bring its bottom
edge down to the level of the rear edge of the
10 bottom wall 14 and against the rear faces of the
upstanding tongues I90, I 9°, as shown in Figure 6.
To permit this movement, the easel section I2 is
folded upon the score line I2e. The glue ?aps
' I1“, I‘!0 are then secured to the lateral margins of
the box bottom [4 as shown at the right in Figure
While in describing my invention I have re 10
ferred to a number of details of construction and
arrangement of parts, it will be understood that
the invention is not limited thereto except as is
pointed out in the appended claim.
15 the back wall I I. This will bring the box to the’
' I claim as my invention:
form shown in Figures 2 and 3 and completes ' ' A vdisplaybox having a front wall, end walls, an
the set-up of the box, which is ready for packing. upwardly and rearwardly inclined bottom wall, a
After the box has been packed and ready for rearwardly inclined back wall, and an easel mem
-shipment, the base member l3 of the 7' easel, is
ber,said~easel member comprising a supporting
member connected to and foldable about the up 20
folded upon itself along the score line I3b to col
lapse the easel against the back of the box, as per edge of said back wall, and a base vmember
shown at the left in Figure-7. This leaves the
connected to and foldable about‘the bottom edge
of said supporting-member and‘ the ‘rear edgeeof
two sections l3°, I3d of the base member l3 of the
ease] folded ?at upon themselves and projecting said bottom Wall, and said base member being
foldable downwardly with reference to said bot 254%
1 below the rear edge of the bottom'wall of the
box, as shown at the left in Figure '7.
tom "wall . upon a transverse line between the bot
When the box is. to be placed on display, it is
tom'of said supporting member and the rearledge
of said bottom wall to collapse said supporting
removed from the slip cover or other packaging
means in which it is enclosed; and is set down member against said back wall.
301 upon the table, counter or other support with the
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