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J. F. soesm
Aug. 2, 1938.
Filed Feb‘. 20, 1936
1' FIE-1.
4/. E ‘Goes/N
Patented Aug. 2, 1938
PATENT lorries ~
LUMINOUS nrrnc-rs
Jeremiah F. Goggln, Davenport, Iowa
Application February 20, 1936, Serial No. 64,991
2 Claims. (01. 405134)
The present invention relates to the producing
of ‘what may be described as luminous or shadow
effects, and may be applied in. gnan'y ways. I
have chosen to illustrate its application in only
one of these various ways, and this illustration
must‘ therefore be regarded merely as typical.
be made of glass. ‘This may be cleancolored,
translucent, or opaque. Also, it ‘is to be under
stood that after a surface of the glass has been .
coated with the luminescent material, another
sheet of glass may be placed over the coated side
and cemented to the base 2 around the edges of 5
the glass, thus forming a unitary structure, per
the provision of means for the production of manent
in nature, barring breakage of the glass. ’
novel light effects; the provision of means ‘for
In front of the luminescent surface, I have
producing interesting and entertaining luminous shown
an object I, variously referred to herein >10
effects; the‘provision of a novel method of en
symbol, character, stencil, or shield,
tertaining; and such further objects, advantages, the word “object”
being intended as‘ a generic
and capabilities as will‘ hereafter appear and as,
Among the various objects of thisinvention-are
are inherent in the structure and method herein
15 disclosed. , My invention further resides in the
term! to .cover-all of these. In this speci?cation
and the appended claims, the term “vibrational
energy" is used to indicate any form of vibra- 15
capable of activating the lumi
parts illustrated in'the accompanying drawing mescent‘ energy
material to produce the results speci?ed.
and‘ their equivalents and, while I have disclosed
term “luminescent material” is intended to
herein an apparatus forproducing the desired The
cover any substance of the type speci?ed above
20' effect, I desire the same to be understood as il
is capable of producing the results indi- 2
lustrative only and not to be interpreted in a ‘which
combination, construction, and arrangement of
limiting sense. "
In the drawing annexed hereto and forming a
part hereof,
Fig.1 represents a face view of an apparatus
for carrying out the method described herein;
Fig. 2 represents‘ a cross section substantially
along the plane indicated by the broken line
2-4, Fig. 1.
Reference will now be made in greater detail’
, to the annexed drawing for a more complete dis
closure of this invention5 In the annexed draw
ing, there is represented aframe I having mount-v
ed therein a plane sheet 2 of ‘opaque or trans
35 parent material, coatedon one or both faces
In use, it is preferable to erase from the lu
minescent material all traces of‘ any prior im
ages. _fI'his is done by exposing the luminescent
" surface
to sunlight or a bright light with no ob- 25
ject between the source of vibrational energy and
the luminescent surface. The luminescent ma
terial is then“ permitted to rest in the presence
of less intense vibrational energy so as to re
cover its power of being‘ activated. When it has, 30
reached this condition, it is' ready for use again
and an bject is then placed in front of the lu
minesc 't surface, as illustrated in the drawing, '
and then exposed to the" action oL-vibratignal
energy, such as light or heat.
The object, itself,‘ 35
tive ingredient a‘ luminous alkaline earth sul-'. casts a shadow upon the luminescent surface‘ so‘
that part of the luminescent material
phide, selenide, telluride, or zinc sulphide. The that only
is directly exposed to the activating action
active material is preferably ?nely pulverized and' which
of the" vibrational energy becomes sharply ac
40 suspended in a quick drying liquid carrier, such
tivated and brilliant in reaction. It will of 40
as banana oil. _'I'his may be sprayed or spread ' course be understood that the‘ closer the object.
upon the ,supportingfmember, such as, for ex
to the luminescent material ‘the sharper will
ample, paper, cardboard,‘ or glass. 'While the is
above description “may be inferred as implying. be the outline of the shadowcast. '
It will of course be understood that the spe- '
45 that the supporting element 2 is ?at, it should
of structure-and method set 45
be understood that this is not necessarily true, forth description
above may berdeparted from witlfout, de
as this element maybe variously curved or other
parting from the spirit of this invention as set
-' forth in the appended‘claimsr
with luminescent material comprising as its ac
wise formed.
In order-to protect andkeep' clean'the lumi
'50. nescent surface 3 of the supporting body '2,‘ a '
sheet of glass may be placed in the frame, I be
' fore inserting the support 2, and this will pre
vent contamination by dust and dirt in the air, _
on the hands of the users, or elsewhere.‘ It has
been indicated above that the support 2 mayv
Having now described my invention, I claim: _'
1. An article oi’ manufacture comprising a- 50
'supportingmember having a surface bearing lu
minescent material to be activated by vibrational ‘ -
energy“, a framein which said supporting mem‘-..
her is mounted. and'a shield. of tangible"mate—
mi in proximity to the surface bearing the lumi- s5
nescent material and serving to shield the lumi
nescent material from the vibrational energy.
whereby to cause said material to have the ap
pearance, when exposed in the dark.- with the
shield removed from the vicinity of said mate
rial, oi’ having a shadow thereon, the shield be
ing free of any connection with the ‘frame or
energy, in combination with a picture, symbol,
character, object, or the like, in contact with the
luminescent material and serving as a shield to
shield, in part, the luminescent material from
the vibrational energy, whereby to cause said ma
terial to have the appearance, when exposed in
the dark and with the picture, symbol, or the
‘like, removed, of having a shadow thereon, said
picture, symbol, or the like, being free of any
2. An article of manufacture comprising a sup- '
with the supporting member.
porting member having a surface bearing lumi
nescent material to be activated by vibrational
supporting member.
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