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‘Aug. 9, 1938.
Filed ‘Jlily e, '1937
MW? ‘
Patented-Ange 9, 1938;. I
. 2,125,979
‘ ' amass
my mum earns
Cari Arnold, Nuremberg, Germany
Application July 6, 1937, Serial No. £52,253
in Germany
y 7, 193']
1 Claim. (or iii-i196) ‘
Toy-grenades have become known which are
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section-through the
brought to explosion by striking perpendicularly
vcharged grenade. ‘
upon the ground. be it in consequence of shooting
The grenade consists, in known manner, of a
vor throwing. In such grenades the point of. leasing a, a ?ring pin 17, a handle pin c and a
5 gravity is placed as far as possible towards the spiral spring d. According to the invention the
front end, in order to avoid slipping.
handle pin c is extended and carries a disc 1‘,
’ The invention‘ relates to a miniature hand
the diameter of. which is slightly larger than that
_ grenade which has to be thrown to come to ex
‘of the casing 11.
The handle-pin c has further a
plosion. This grenade must be of very light lateral projection g, which when the‘handle pin
10 weight in order to attain the farthest possible” is pulled back, engages in an indentation or be
throw. When throwing the grenade, it happens hind a projection‘ h of ‘the grenade plate 1' and
almost always that the grenade does not strike vmaintains the ?ring pin b ‘under tension. The
on the ground with“ the head so that the striking primer is ‘introduced into the casing a. throng
bolt mechanism is not released and no explosion an aperture 1 in this casing.
w takes place. In order to avoid this inconvenience
and to securely attain an explosion at every
A toy grenade,_ comprising in combination with
throwing of'a hand grenade, the throwing pin
projecting from the grenade has an extension
on which a, disc is ?xed whichis of slightly larger
diameter than the grenade.
As this _ disc‘ ‘acts
upon the releasing mechanism the grenade will
always explode in whatever position it strikes
the ground.
An embodiment of the invention is illustrated
25 by way of example in the accompanying draw
ing, in which
Fig. 1 shows the inoperative hand-grenade in
longitudinal section.
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of Fig. 1..
a casing, a head plate on said casing, and a spring
controlled ?ring pin in the lower end of said
‘casing, a handle pin fixed in said ?ring pin and
projecting from the head plate of said casing, a
disc on said handle pin outside the cover plate of
said casing said disc being of iarger diameter than
said casing, a projection in ‘said casing and a
lateral projection on said handle pin adapted to
engage behind said projection in the casing‘, when
said handle pin is pulled back for throwing the
hand grenade.
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