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Aug. `9,- .1938.
Filed April‘lzo, ‘1957 -
/ ¿VM
ronœ Ó'
BY #J/
' " Patented Alim 9;
» l
3 f >`
‘ ' _ '-«UNITED ys'rnirs PATENT omcßv
Jerome Shiffman and Harry> Gross,` `
New York, N. `Y.
„Application April zo, `1931, serial No. 131,946 ‘y
This invention relates to ` improvements infA v " similarrecess or slot `1 which receives the‘leaf
boxes, jewelry cases or' ther receptacles and ‘ ¿I'Iof the hinge. When the"cove`r is 1in proper po
more particularly to the hinge structurev thereof. . sition as shownin Fig. 1, it will be noted that the
At the present time boxes or receptables of this " slot 1 isnot in Vdirect vertical‘alignment with thei
` 5 character are often made ,of hard, plastic mate- islot 5 inthe body‘portion‘ll", but isïplaced for-ßì 5
rials such as the phenolic substance commonly Wardly of said slot 5 in order that it may' receive
referred to as “bakelite” and other similar mate-
the offset‘leaf ,II oflthe hinge. The rear wallV 4
` rials. Due tothe lack of resiliency of these maf
of the box has its upper endzprovided with a rib
- terials, the conventional methods of attaching
10 the hinge to connect the cover to the-body `of the
or bead 8 extending between and connecting a.
pair of rounded opstanding `lugs 303i `\
" " `box are 'often impracticable becauseof the possi-
The hinge is shown in detail in Figs. 4-and 5 i
fbility of‘cracking or breaking the box when rivets , and it will be seen there that the same "is'com
` or other like fastening means are employed; Ad- posed o'f the two leaves IIJ and I I rolled or curled
' ` ` ditlonally, in‘using a hinge for‘a box of this kind,
fas indicate'd’at I2 in the conventional manner to
‘ l5` it is important thatthehinge be more ¿or less
receive the hinge pin I3. The-leaf II_,` which is 15’
` ‘ ‘ ' 1concealed so that the exterior‘of the box will pre- . that entering into the `slot 1 in the cover 6, _is off
‘ sent a smooth and attractive appearance which is
often detracted from by the .exposed heads of
rivets or other known hinge-attaching means.
20‘ The primary object therefore of this inven` tion is to provide 'a hinge structure which can
set as clearly shown; said leaf is also split'trans
verselyas indicated at the two points' -3I and 32,
and is ,distortedî or corrugated >to provide the re
silient porti-ons 33 and 34 adjacent the slits 32, 20
said portions constituting resilient tbnguesfwhich
i `easily be attached‘to the box vbody and cover` I when the leaf is inserted in the slot 1, are slight- '
without the possibility of damaging or breaking
1y Compressed and their resiliency will `tend to
the box- or cover and dispensing with the use of l hold theleaf II tightly in lslot 1 without the use `
25 rivets or other means which penetrate the box
and are often exposed on- the exterior thereof. `
of the roundedpressed-out `elements 3,3, 34 the
A further `object of the invention is to provide
leaf near its/ free end is/undulated or corrugated.
` a hinge of the character-mentioned which will be
l¿it the slits 3| and 32( shoulders 31 are formed
` ` substantially invisible in the completed structure.>
‘ 30` In the accompanying drawingwhereinan em“bodiment o! the invention is shown, Figa 1 is a
vertical sectional view through a box provided i
ing takenimproved
the line I-I
the `of
35 looking in the direction of the arrows; Fig. 2 is a
vertical sectional view through the hinge structure of the box on the line 2--2 of Fig. 6, looking
of Aadditional fastening means. By‘the formation 25
which act to bite ‘into the‘walls of the slot and
resist 'a withdrawal movement of the leaf from 30
the` slot.` 1
3 `
The leaf` I0 is similar in construction to that ' i
providedat `II,
the slots
that `it3I is`and
32 and„Itthe»
is f
rounded resilientL ‘corrugation's 33 and 34 which 35 '
when tongue II] is inserted in slot 5, resiliently ` '
«and frictionally engage the walls o_f said slot to
in the direction of the arrows;_ Fig. 3 is a sec- `>thereby hold the tongue securely in position
tional view similar to Fig. 1 showing the cover of therein. A curved spring 25, formed with’ hooked
4o the box in open¿position;'Fig. 4 is afront view of » ends 23, has said ends engaging over the edgesl 40
the hinge separated from the boxfand its cover;
of apertures‘35 and 36 formed in thewleaves -IIi
Fig. 5 is an edge view of the hinge of‘Fig. 4; and
Fig. 6 Vis a sectional view through the box, said
and II of the hinge. This spring serves to hold `
the cover of the box in either the closed position,
section being taken at right angles to that of Fig.
of the same shown in Fig. 1, or `the open position
shown in Fig. 3.
In the drawing,l I indicatesV the body or con~
With the arrangement shown, the hinge is very
taining chamber of the box. The same may be’ easily fitted in place byv inserting the leaf I0
of any particular ornamental form or shape and in slot 5 and forcing the saine down-into said
is provided with a bottom 2 from 4which extends * slot. The springiness inV the curved or rounded
V50 the upstanding circumferential wall 3. The por-
projections or corrugations 33 and 34 enables 50
tion of this wall `at the rear of the box designated y these portions to flatten slightly when the leaf is
at 4, is provided with a downwardly extending re-
inserted in the slot and their tendency to spring
cess or slot 5 for the reception of the leaf I0 of backto normal rounded or curved form causes
the hinge as will be hereinafter pointed out. them to grip the walls or` surfaces of the slot
55 The cover member 5 of the box is provided with ` ñrmlylto thereby securely hold the leaf III with- 55
’ 5 `in slot I. Additionally the portions‘of said pro- A having pivotally connected leaves, one of each of
jections adjacent to the slits Il and 3! form said leaves extending into cach of the slots, each
shoulders which resist any tendency of the leaves 'leaf vbeing provided with several outwardly dis
to move out of therespective slots. Leaf II is torted portions arched transversely of the direc
tion oi!Y pivotal movement of the-leaves with re
similarly fitted into slot 1 in cover i. The up
VVstanding rib or bead l located between projec
tions.“ serves to closeV the rear portion of the
Joint between the cover member and body por
tion and thereby conceals practically all portions
` ' of the hinge. The oifsetleaf il of the hingeen
ables-the cover to be swung back to a wide open '
spect to one another, the leaves being split ad
jacent to said portions and at -the end of said
portions located nearest to the pivotal connection
of the leaves to form shoulder portions on said
3. A box or similar receptacle having a body
position as said leaf being offset avoids contact
with the rib 8 when the cover is swung wide open.
Through the arrangement disclosed a satis
portion and cover, a hinge connecting the body
portion with the cover, the body portion and
factory hinge structure is provided which may be
ing inwardly from the edge thereof, the hinge
cover each having a slot in its back wall extend
easily attached to the body of the box and its having pivotallyl connected leaves, one of each
cover by forcing the two leaves ofthe spring of said leaves extending into each of the slots,
into'the slots oi' the body and cover respectively. « each leaf being provided with spaced slits and
The naturev of the springmembers I3 and.“ on outwardly distorted rounded arched portions -ter
the leaves of the hinge is such as to cause these minating in shoulders at the slits, the shoulders
portions to firmly grip the walls ofthe slotsv and being in faced relation to the hinge axis for fric
they are thereby firmly held in the slots and the tionally engaging the walls of the slots to there
hinge attached in position without vpiercing the by anchor the leaveswithin the slots.
4. A bo'x or similar receptacle having a .body
body of the‘box or cover.Y Accordingly, the ex
portion and a cover, a hinge connecting the body
terior appearance of the box is smooth and un
broken by rivet heads and the like.A Also', the portion and the cover, the body portion and
cover each having Ya slot in its back wall, the slot
manner in which thevcoveris fitted and co-op
in the body portion extending downwardly from
Y , >crates with theoif-set portion' of y the hinge pro
-duces a coverfitment wherein Athehingels ren
dered substantiallyinvisible from the exterior
of the box. Since such boxes are lined or inter
nally padded, which lining-‘extends over and con
cealsV the hinge on the interior of the box, the
entire hinge iscompletely concealed in the fin
ished box and the appearance- of the box is
ïgreatly enhanced.
What we claim is: '
the top edge of said back wall and the slot in
the cover extending upwardly from the bottom
>edge of the cover, the slot in said cover beingl
disposed out of verticalalignment withthe slot
in the"body~ portion, vthe, hinge having pivotally
connected leaves'` each of which lits into one of
the slots, one of said leaves being off-set with
respect to the other to thereby fit the disaligned '
slots. each leaf being undulated and having edge
l. A box‘ or similarreceptacle having a body portions of the undulations forming shoulders
portion and a cover, a hinge connecting the body - for frictionaily engaging the interior wall sur
portion .with the cover. the body portionV and cover faces of the slots.
_each having a slot in its back wallv extending in
5. ‘A box Vor similar receptacle having a body
wardly from the edge thereof, the hinge having portion and a cover. a hinge connecting the body
_ pivotally connected leaves,1one of each of said portion with the cover, the body portion and
leaves extending into each lof _the slots, each lcover each having a slot in its back wall extend
leaf; being split and formed with undulations ing inwardly from the edge thereof, the hinge
terminating at the split portions _of the leaves. having Vpivotally connected leaves, Yone of each'
said undulated portions <of ,the leaves having of said leaves fitting into each of the slots, each
shoulders located atrthe splits in the leaves, said leaf being undulated and having at least some
shoulders being in faced relation tothe hinge Vof Vthe undulations provided at their ends nearest
axis and frictionaily engaging-’the walls of the
slots to thereby >hold the leaves within said slots.
2. A box or similar receptacle 'having a body
portion anda cover, a hinge connecting the body
portion with the cover, the body ‘portion and
cover, each having a slot in its back wall extend- -'
-ing inwardly from >the edge thereof, the hinge
to the point of pivotal connection of the leaves
with edge portions forming shoulders said shoul
der edges being in faced relation to the hinge
axis for frictionaily engaging the interior wall
surfaces of the slots.
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