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»Aug. 9, 1938.
R. slEvERs
Filed Jan. 28, 1957
‘ê is;
` Patented Aug. 9, 1938
_ 2,126,051
sUrPon'r ron. nAmPINs
Robert Sievers, New York, N. Y.
Application January 28, 1937, Serial No.v 122,183
1 Claim. (Cl. 223-109)
This invention relates to devices adapted to
support hairpins and particularly to improve
ments which facilitate the handling of hairpins
by an operator during the setting of waves on
5 the human head.
In the practice of hair waving the operator,
in setting the waves in the hair, employs a mul
tiplicity of pins. These are usually deposited in
a tray, carried in a pocket, and sometimes dis
10 posed in the mouth of the operator. The pins
are likely to become entangled, or dimcult to
pick up rapidly, and the operation is frequently
delayed because the operator does not have a
supply of pins in handy and convenient arrange
Itis the object of the present invention to pro
-vide a simple and efiicient support for hairpins
upon the shoulder, as it will rest readily on the
legs ‘I which are formed at the ends of the form
5. Consequently. the device may be placed upon
a table, chair-arm, or other suitable support.
Resting upon the upper surface 8 of the form 5
5 is a layer 9 of wool, hair, Kapok, or other suit
able iibrous material loosely arranged <but suf
iiciently dense to afford a support for the lower
ends of the pins I0 as the latter -are thrustthrough
the meshes of a wire screen Il which is disposed 10
above the layer El and secured to extensions l2
of the form 5. The lower ends of the pins Ill
may be inserted readily through the meshes of
the wire screen, and the fibrous material below,
holds the pins in substantially vertical posi- l5
tion or in any other position in which they may
be inserted by the operator. Rows of pins may
be disposed thus, so that their upper ends are
ranged so that they can be picked up rapidly byy free and the pins may be picked up readily by
20 an operator to thereby facilitate the use 'of the the operator as they are needed. If the `device 20
is mounted upon the shoulder of the person whose
pins and the waving operation.
Another object of the invention is to provide hair is being waved, the pins are handily dis
a support for hairpins which may be disposed posed for access by the operator so that the wav
in a convenient position on the shoulder of the ing operation is materially facilitated.
'I'he device may be suitably covered. Conven- 25
25 person whose hair is being waved so that the
iently, a layer i3 of fabric is disposed about the
pins will be readily accessible to the operator.
form 5 with edges Il overlapping the edges of
Other objects and advantages of the inven
the screen il. This cover may be, however, of
. tion will be apparent as it is better understood
by reference to the following specification, and any suitable material. To facilitate holding the
device in position upon the shoulder of a person, 30
30 the accompanying drawing, in which:
Fig. 1 is a view in perspective illustrating the it is desirable that a layer of pile fabric be dis
posed at the concave portion of the lower face
device in use.
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section through the of the form 5. Velvet, plush or other suitable
pile material may be used for this purpose, and
device; and
in which a multiplicity of such pins can be ar
Fig. 3 is a transverse section on the line 3-3
of Fig. 2.
Referring to the drawing, 5
able form which may be of any
which is adapted to retain its
40 the same time relatively light
indicates a suit
suitable material
shape and is at
in weight. The
form may be conveniently made of pressed cork,
but wood may be employed, or the form may be
made of cardboard, of molded resinous mate
rial, or in fact of any of the numerous available
45 materials which are adapted to be shaped read
ily. The form 5 is preferably rectangular in
horizontal section, although the shape is not of
material importance and the corners may be
rounded, and in fact the horizontal section might
50 be elliptical or of any other desired shape. 'I'he
lower surface of the form 5 is cut away as in
dicated at 6. to provide a rounded contour of
dimensions and shape adapted to fit upon the
, >shoulder of a person as indicated in Fig. 1 of the
,55 drawing. The device need not, however, be used
conveniently the cover I3 may be of the same 35v
material, thus giving to the device a pleasing
appearance. However, if desired, the pile fabric
may be used only at the point of contact with
the shoulder. The pile of the fabric prevents
slipping when the device is in position on the 40
As will be readily apparent from the foregoing
description, the invention affords a simple and
satisfactory support for hairpins, which has nu
merous advantages.
The construction and ar- 45
rangement of the parts are susceptible to numer»
ous changes, particularly with reference to the
character cf the materials employed, and such
changes may be made without departing from
the invention or sacrificing the advantages 50
I claim:
A device for holding hairpins, or the like', com
prising a shape-retaining form recessed at its
upper and lower surfaces, the recess of the up- 55
2,126,015 1
per surface forming upstanding marginal edges
and a space for penetrable material, the recess
at the lower surface being of such shape as to
conform generally to the upper contour of a per
son’s shoulder, a filling of penetrabie material in
said upper recess, va wire fabric overlying said
ñlling and said upstanding marginal edgesl and
a pile fabric covering for the bottom, sides and
marginal edges of said form, said fabric at the
upper side overlying the edges of said wire fabric,
and the edges of the wire fabric and the edges
of said fabric covering being secured to said mar
ginal edges of the form.
5 .
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