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Patented Aug. 9, ‘1938-
Claude H. Daniels. Wellesley Hills, Mass.
Application May 23, 1936, Serial No. 81,421
This invention relates to improvements in shoes - a single sole or composite sole composed of an
or sandals in which the upper is formed by straps outsole lleand an insole ld, as illustrated. Aheel `
or lacings spacedapart to provide for ventilation. it oi’ any suitable style and height may be at
In my application, Serial No. 81,420, filed May tached if desired.
The upper oi the shoe or a portion thereof, as ß
23, 1936, I have disclosed improvements in a
shoe or sandal in which straps or laclngs are desired, is composed of a strap or lace it which
may be of any desired materlaiand may be of
passed back and forth between the opposite mar
ginal edges ol the sole. The straps or lacings are any desired width and thiclmess. The strap is ,
disposed in a plurality of continuous loops which
adjustable to fit the shoe to s. loot.
pass overthe iorepart oi the loot which wears lo
It is an object of my present invention to pro
vide a shoe or sandal in which the iorepart ol the shoe and through the sole. or, as herein
shown, between the insole and outsole wch
the upper isv lormed by continuous loops of a lac
ing or strap which pass transversely through the make up the sole.
li a single strap is used, as disclosed in is. i
sole ci the shoe.
lt is further an object olvmy invention to conn and 2, the iront .end it is hired in position or may is «
struct the shoe in such a manner that a strap be detachably secured to the toe portion of the
or lacing which forms the upper or iorepart oi ,sole and the rear or i'ree end il may be adjust
ably secured as by a buclsle it to a short piece ci
the shoe is passed between the insole and out
sole oi the shoe tolorm a plurality oi loops over strap it orpther iorm oi anchoring member. lis
here shown; the strap it is lined at one end di 20
the forepart oí the loot, and the insole and out
sole are secured together between the straps or or may he detachably'lastened to the sole of the
shoe. The strap it may
around the ankle
It is still further an object ci my invention to oi' the foot and through a loop it at the upper
construct a shoe by cutting out arr insole and end ol a heel strap il which is secured at il
between the rts ol the soie.
outsole, forming a plurality oi transverse chan
dn essential feature ol my invention resides
nels or slots in one of the soles, and secur
soles together' to yprovide a 4plurality of
. #ges in the adjustable character oi the upper, partic
extending from side to side between the soles and ularly the iorepart thereof, as herein shown, al-_passing a. strap or straps through the openings ' though it will be understood that similar princi
or passages and over the forepart ol the shoe to ples of construction might be utilized in other do
provide an upper, the ends of the strap or straps portions ol the upper. The loops of the strap il
being adjustably secured to hold the slice on the are each adjustable in size by loosening or tight
ening the strap as the strap is not dried or fas
'Various other objects and advantages of my tened except at its ends.V lis shown in Fig. l, the
portion at of the strap it, which passes between 35
invention will be more> readily apparent from
the following description taken in connection the outer and inner rts ci the sole, is free to
move relative to the sole and is merely confined
with the attached drawing, in which:
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a shoe or sandal against lateral displacement-so as to preserve the
embodying my invention and shown upon a last v spacing between the loops.
_ lt will
ediately he apparent that various a0
for clearness in illustration;
constructions may be resorted to in the construc
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the saine shoe loolr
ing at the opposite side and partially shown in ' tion oi the scie with the provision ol openings,
passages or spaces to receive the portions it
vertical section at the heel portion;
Fig. 3 is a bottom view of the innersole ol the oi the strap it. lli the strap it is relatively
thick channels .it may be cut or formed in one a5
shoe in Figs. i and 2;
Fig. i is a detail section on the plane indicated oi’ the parts of the scie such as the insole it, as
,shown in liï‘ig. 3. The outsole. i2 may then be
lil-d in Fig. 2; and,
Fig. 5 is a plan view of the iorepart of a shoe cemented or otherwise secured to the insole, and
it will be understood that the sole members are
showing a modiñed construction.
The shoe or sandal of Figs. i and 2 is'shown secured or attached intermediate the portions it 50
upon a. last lli as it would appear upon a foot,
'but it will be understood that the last forms no
part _of my_invention and is not required’in the
manufacture of the shoe.
i lThe shoe includes a sole which may be either
of Vthe .strap which lie between thel soie members.
Similarly, channels I0, il and 44 may be cut or
formed for receiving and iixing in position the
front end 2li of the strap I8, the lower end 28 of
the shor't strap 26 and the lower end 34 of the 65
2, 126,094
heel strap l2. If the strap used is relatively thin
it would be unnecessary to cut channels, and the
sole members could be secured by parallel lines of
transverse stitching or by cementing in such a
manner as to leave blank spaces through which
the strap could be freely passed between the parts
of the sole.
It will be understood that the strap or lacing
may be applied in various ways, and I have shown
10 in Fig. 5 a modified construction, The sole 5I
has a plurality of parallelly disposed channels or
passages extending from side to side and either
a single strap orlacing or a pair of straps or
lacings can be applied. One lace or part of a
15 lace 52 is formed into loops which pass through
alternate openings in the sole, and theI otherA
lace or part of a lace Il is formed into loops
and passed through the remaining alternate
openings through the solle.
Each lace would
20 cross the other lace twice. as shown, in passing
over the forepart` of the shoe between the oppo
site marginal edges of the sole.~ The free ends
of the laces 52 and M may be adjustably secured
in any desired manner to hold the shoe on a foot.
A shoe. so constructedçwill be adjustable to iit
the foot of the wearer in the same manner as the
>shoe in Figs. 1 and 2.
Shoes such as disclosed can be inexpensively
manufactured, but will present an attractive ap-,
’pearance and may be made up in various styles.
'I‘he marginal edges of the insole and outsole may
be evenly trimmed and finished oil’ in a con
venient manner. It will be'understood that va
rious changes and modifications may be resorted
to without departing from the spirit of my in
vention, as expressed in the appended claim.
I claim:
A sandal-type of shoe comprising a sole pro
vided with a plurality of transverse strap re
ceiving passages extending through the solefrom
side to side thereof, a strap ñxed at one end
to the toe of the sole forward of the first of the
passages and on the outer side edge of me sole,
said strap being formed into loops successively
extending through said passages rearwardly of
the sole, a strap ñxed to the heel portion of the
sole and extending upwardly from said soie at
the rear thereof, said ñrst mentioned strap be 20
ing extended and arranged to pass around the
ankle` of the foot and through an opening in the
heel-strap and another strap fixed at one cnd
to the inside edge of the sole adjacent the heel
portion and adapted to be adjustably secured at 25
its other end to the free end of the first mentioned
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