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Aug. 9, 1938.
Filed Nov. 15, 1936
. BY
5% {Jam
Patented Aug. 9, 1938
James Tawyer, Lisarow, Australia
Application November 13, 1936, Serial No. 110,742
' In Australia November 22, 1935
4 Claims.
This‘invention relates to devices for testing
spark plugs and ignition circuits.
Heretofore in the devices commonly used for
testing spark plugs and ignition circuits, it has
5 been necessary to hold the device in position
against a spark plug while testing, and this has
been awkward, particularly when the driver is
alone and it is desired to turn the engine over
while each plug is separately tested.
Now the present invention has been specially
devised to obviate the above mentioned disabili
ties, and to provide a handy device of compact
and sturdy form which is attachable to a spark
plug or other suitable point and remains ?rmly
in. place whiletests are carried out.
This improved device for testing spark plugs
‘and ignition circuits consists of a pair of jaw
. members shaped at one end to engage with a
spark plug terminal or the like, and fulcrumed
20 or pivoted together at a suitable point and hav
ing spring means embodied normally to close the
shaped jaw ends to cause them to grip a surface.
Suitable handles of insulating material are
moulded upon, or otherwise af?xed to the jaw
members, and an electrode or adjustment rod is
pivotally mounted in relation to the said jaw
members and electrically insulated therefrom
ends 5 are out-turned at the extremities 6 and
reduced in depth as shown in Fig. 2. Handles 8
are aiiixed on the stems of the jaw members 4
and may be of plastic material moulded upon the
said members, and ?nger guards ii are provided
thereupon to prevent the ?ngers'of any operator
slipping onto the metal work.
The jaw members d are rockably connected by
nutted screws ill passing through ori?ces therein
to a circular nut block l i, and spring washers l2 10
are inserted under the nuts on said screws Ii] to
allow of said jaw members 4 hinging and rock
ing about said nut block H. A guide pin I3
passes through aligned slots in the said jaw mem
‘bers 4 and has milled nuts Hi upon its screwed
ends with springs l5 thereunder, the tension of
the springs being regulated by screwing the nuts
M} in or out.
The curved jaw ends 5 are thus
urged together, so as to engage ?rmly upon a
spark plug top or the like, and to be kept closed 20
when not in use.
The adjustment rod 16 is screw threaded and
of suitable length and passes through a threaded
ori?ce in the nut block II. It has a ?nger knob
ll of insulating material at one end, while the 2
other end has a collar I8 of insulating material 1
secured thereupon, said collar l8 having its outer
and is adapted to be adjusted relatively to the end cut away to leave a buttress or shoulder l9
metal body of a spark plug or other suitable part ‘ at one side, inwardly of which a spark gap 20
is formed between the rod end and a body against
30 for testing purposes.
This adjustment rod is preferably pivoted be
tween the jaw members and has a ?nger grip at
its outer end of insulating material and may be
adjusted out from the said jaw members by slid
" ing through a mounting element or by screwing
through a nut or‘ by other means. A spark gap
is preferably embodied at its outer end.
The handles are preferably shaped to prevent
the ?ngers of an operator slipping OE and touch
40 ing the metal parts of the jaw members.
In order more fully to describe this invention
reference will be madeto the‘vdrawing accom
panying and forming part of this complete speci
?cation and wherein:—
Fig. 1 shows a plan of one construction of the
improved device for testing spark plugs and igni
tion circuits, while
Fig. 2 is another view ‘partially in section on
1ine'2--2 in Fig. 1, and
Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional view of the ad
justment rod showing the spark gap end.
The jaw members 4 have outer ends curved at
5 to engage a surface such as the terminal end
of a spark plug 'i (indicated in dotted lines in
55 Fig. 2) or other suitable point, and such curved
which the shoulder 19 is. abutted.
In use the improved device is clamped by its
jaw ends 5, say to the terminal or top of a spark
plug 1 as shown in dotted lines in Fig. 2, and the
adjustment rod [6 which is adapted when not in
use to be between the jaw members 4 (as shown
in Fig. 1) is'angularly adjusted on its pivots and
the spark gap 20 formed by screwing the rod It
by means of its ?nger knob I‘! through its nut
block ll until the collar I8 is suitably positioned
adjacent an earthing point, in this case the metal
body 2| of the spark plug ‘I. The ignition system
relative to the particular spark plug can then be
readily tested by noting if the high tension cur
rent is reaching the said plug through the medi
um of the spark gap 20 and also revealing
whether the said plug is functioning correctly.
It must be understood that the invention is not
limited to the precise details of construction
hereinbeiore set forth but such changes and al
terations as fairly fall within the spirit and scope
of my invention may be made.
I claim:-
1. Improvements in devices for testing spark
plugs and ignition circuits consisting of a pair 55
of jaw members shaped at one end to engage
with a spark plug terminal or the like and hav
ing handles of insulating material at the other
end and being hingedly or pivotally connected to
gether by a pivot member and having spring
means to normally close said jaw members at the
shaped end, and having an adjustment rod piv
said stud to bear upon and close the jaws in
wardly, and nuts on said stud for regulating the
tension of said springs.
3. Improvements in devices for testing spark
plugs and ignition circuits as de?ned in claim 1,
in which the adjustment rod screws through a
nut block disposed between the jaw members
oted to said jaw members through said pivot and to which said members are rockably hinged,
member and arranged to be angularly adjustable a ?nger grip of insulating material mounted upon
10 in relation thereto and movable backwards and
one end of said rod and an insulating collar ar 10
forwards about or through the pivot member, and ranged upon the other end of said rod with said
carrying an outer contact end adapted to be ad
rod end set in a slot or recessed portion of said
justed with respect to an earthing point as the collar to form a spark gap.
metal body of’ a spark plug or the like.
4. Improvements in devices for testing spark
2. Improvements in devices for testing spark plugs and ignition circuits as de?ned in claim 1,
plugs and ignition circuits as de?ned in claim 1, in which the handles of electrical insulating ma
in which the jaw members are rockably hinged terial have ?nger guards or the like formed there
together and have a stud or the'like loosely pass
upon ‘to prevent the hand or hands from con
ing transversely therethrough adjacent the
shaped jaw ends, and tension springs arranged on
tacting the “live” metal parts.
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