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Aug. 9, 1938.
Filed .fxug. 20, 19:57
Patented Aug. 9, 1938
Ernst K. Bliesath, Kerry, Oreg.
Application August 20, 1937, Serial No. 160,093
4 Claims.
This invention relates to a new and useful im
provement in hose supporter and has for one of its
objects the provision of a hose supporter or garter,
that includes a single length of elastic fabric upon
5 which is mounted a pair of relatively ?at slotted
plates, frictionally retained in position, one of
which serves to cooperate with the fabric to se
curely grip the top of a hose and the other of
which serves as a means for frictionally engag
H) ing an intermediate portion of the length of
fabric to form a resilient loop around a wearer’s
” leg, the slotted plates being preferably formed
alike so that they may be interchangeable as to
A further object is slotted plates that fric
tionally engage the fabric by virtue of their form
and require no sewing, perforation or other form
of additional attachment.
A still further object is the provision of garter
plates that can be attached readily, manually,
without tools, to a selected length of elastic fabric,
(01. 2449)
structure placed on a form F, representing a por
tion of a wearer’s leg to illustrate the preferred
manner of use.
In the drawing, it will be noted that the slotted
buckles are shown to be identical in form. This
is in the interest of interchangeability since it will
add nothing to the cost of manufacture; in fact
should lessen it since a single mould will serve in
stead of two. They are preferably of generally
oval outline as shown, and are provided with a
pair of rather closely spaced cross slots 2 with
a bar 3 between them near one end of the slotted
buckle, through which the elastic fabric 4 is
threaded as shown at the right hand end of Fig.
II, a free end of the fabric 4 serving as a contact 15
member tokeep the slotted buckle out of con
tact with the wearer’s' body, as shown in Fig. III.
These slotted buckles are preferably made from
a hard yet flexible synthetic material such as is
commonly designated“Bakelite”, “Condensite” etc.
of which many suitable varieties are articles of
from time to time as required, so that supplying
new garters merely requires the provision of the
Starting at the end furthest from the cross
slots 2, are a pair of open end angularly diverging
slots 5 that de?ne triple tongues, the elements of
which are indicated by numerals B, It and 66,
preferably a little less than half the length of the
new fabric material.
A still further object is an arrangement of
elastic fabric and fastening means that is much
?atter and smoother than anything now known
to this inventor, to the end that the garter may
not indicate its presence by bulges on clothing
worn over the same.
Another object is a structure for elastically en
gaging the round of the limb on which a garter is
worn, that possesses the inherent adjustability of
the running noose or ring, sometimes proposed,
but with sufficient frictional engagement to pre
vent its falling clear altogether in case the garter
becomes unfastened from the hose.
The foregoing and other objects constitute the
purpose of my novel garter structure; the inven
g. C tion residing solely in the flat slotted plates, which
for the sake of brevity I have called slotted
I accomplish the above enumerated objects and
others that will be apparent and speci?cally point
ed out in the claims by the structures and com
binations illustrated in the accompanying draw
slotted buckle as a whole.
The free end of the
tongue 6 and also the adjacent portions of the
slotted buckle structure It and 65, are preferably 30
rounded as shown. The curved end opposite the
one where the diverging slots 5 originate is bent
sharply inward, with respect to the form F, as
shown at “C” in Fig. II where it serves to hold
the top of the hose H as shown in Figs. II and 35
III. The curve C is also present in the other
slotted buckle, the upper one in Fig. III, but is
not there used, the free end 4a of the elastic
fabric 4 keeping it out of contact with the wearer’s
The divergent angular slots 5 are not used in
the lower (Fig. III) slotted buckle but are present
for interchangeability. The purpose of the di
vergent angular slots 5, is clearly illustrated in
ing, in which,-
Fig. III where they are shown‘holding an inter 45
mediate part of the elastic fabric 4 that has been
passed around the form F and stretched under
Fig. I illustrates a pair of slotted buckles
mounted on fabric; and it will be noted that they
a desirable tension. This connection is in no
sense a running connection or slip noose, since
are identical and both mounted the same way on
the formation of the angular slots 5 and the fact
the fabric;
Fig. II is a projection of Fig. I, partly in section,
that the fabric 4 is distorted somewhat when it is ‘
with a portion of hose added in dotted outline
to show the proper relative arrangement; and
Fig. III is a view showing the entire garter
engaged as shown in Fig. III, prevents any
tendency toward shifting, provided the lower
part of the garter remains under tension.
In use, the garter is placed around the Wearer’s 55
leg under some tension and engaged with the
angular slots 5 as shown. While still holding
this tension the lower end, bearing the other
slotted buckle, is passed under the top end of the
hose, which latter is then rolled under the curved
lip Cwhere it is securely held due to the tension
impressed in the elastic fabric 4 in applying the
garter, which holds the rolled end of the hose
?rmly in contact with the lip C.
It will 'be noted that no adjustment is shown,
strip of fabric, to hold an elastic loop of fabric
around a wearer's leg, with a free end for hose
attaching means.
2. A slotted buckle for a garter comprising a
plate like ?exible, slotted buckle member, a pair
of cross slots adjacent one end of the plate with
a cross-bar between them, of the character de~
scribed, characterized by the end of the plate
nearest the cross slots being formed into an in
wardly turned lip of the character described, to 10
constitute means cooperative with an elastic
fabric in the cross slots to hold the top of a hose.
the slots 2 and none is needed.
-3. A slotted buckle for a garter formed as a
As the elastic fabric becomes old it will stretch ,
and require to be moved or replaced, though a plate like ?exible member provided with adja
very much greater loss of elasticity seems to -be cent‘cross slots near one end and a plurality of 15
other than pullingthe elastic fabric 4 through
required before adjustment is required than is
longitudinal tongues at the other end, the said
the case with other types of garter that I am
acquainted with, and a new garter means merely
a new piece of elastic fabric, obtainable at a con
tongues being formed by placement of spaced
siderable economy over a new garter of other
What I claim asnew and desire to secure by
Letters Patent, is,
1. A slotted buckle for a garter, comprising a
thin, ?exible plate" like member provided with a
pair'of cross slots near one end of the plate with
a‘ bar between them for frictionally engaging a
strip of elastic fabric and a pair of generally
open end slots
slots ~-in the end‘of the plate like member; the
said- slotted buckle being characterized by an in
turned li'p formed by an abrupt bend of the end 20
of the plate member nearest the cross slot.
4. A slotted buckle for-an elastic fabric de?ned
as an elongated plate like member formed from
?exible material provided with a pair of cross
slots spaced from each other and spaced near one
end of the plate, a plurality of tapered ?ngers
with slots between them that constitute the other
end of the plate and an inwardly bent lip at the
end nearest the pair of cross slots.
30 tongues at the other end of the plate for fric
tionally engaging an intermediate part of the
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