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Aug- 9‚ 1938.
Filed Nov. 21, 1956
2 Shee’cs-Sheex 1
Aüg€ 9, 1938.
’ 2‚126‚433
Filed Nov. 21, 1936
2 Shee’cs-Sheer. 2
" Pa.teuted Aug. 9, 193a
' z‚125‚433 31 I
Frederlck ~w» Vol:tlamler, Adrian, Mich, as
slmqr to Schwarze Eleetrio Company, Adrian,
Mich._, a eorporatlon o! Michlnn
Appllca?u? November 21, 1936, Sex-h! 170.112,170
2 (Hahns. (GI. 177-7)
'I'his inVentlori~ tonr‘ resona.nce‚ espe- 'I'he 1Ine 2 extends to termlnal 20. The termlna.l
vciß.lly In electrieally‚actuated unlts.
'I'hls inventlon. has. utlllty in features ."f canstructlon, assembly, und operatlqn in ‘prodncing
5 chime-llke response.
Refe?lng tothe drawlngs:
20 ls 011 insulator platze 2I. 'I'he Insulator plate 2I
1s adjacent the magnetlc platze I3. Erom the
plate I3 extends wlre 22 to the outer slde o1’ coil
23. 'I'his col1 23 13 wound an the tube or sleeve I3. 5
The inner end 01' thls coi1 23 has a. Iew bare por
Fig. 1 1s e. freut view of an embodiment of the
invention as a. Signal or alarm, sa.y for household.
and 0?'lce uses in connectlon with slgnals or call10 Ing devlces es for a. door or oth'er circult;Fig. 2 ls a. view (mm the right o! I"Ig. l, parts
being broken awey;
Flg. 3 ls a view 1'r0m the reg.r o! I*'«‘Ig. 1, parts
I:Ions. These portlons pr0vide wraps 24. These
wraps 24 are direetly aga.inst the taube I5 o! brass
as the ground to 'the » 'I'his -ground cum
pletes connectlon througl‘a the platze I3 wlth termi- 10
nal 25 connectecl to the llne 3. T‘he ground ac
cordlngly connec‘zts 111 for a. circult an elosing the
swltch I. Such clreult Is e?ectlve Ior energizlng
being broken a‚wa.y;
F'ig. 4 is' a. section on the 1Ine IV—IV‚ Flg. 3:
thls solenoid havlng the windlng 23. There 1s thus
a tendency to pull the solenoid plunger I3 trom 15
Fig. 5 ls a. sectlon on the llne V-V, Flg. 2;
lt;s drop positlon.
'I'hls pull ea.rrles lt back to ‘
F'lg. 6 is a. view on the llne VI—-VI, Flg. 5, look- _solenoid held position. A3 shown In Flg. 5 the
ing in the dlrectlon of the arrow, showln_g the momentum tends to malte thls throw past seid
cover in sectlon;
posltion tor the plunger to strlke chlme bar or
' 20
Flg. 7 is a. view in end elevation of the cover;
Fig. 8 ls a. perspective vlew of the‚ with the
_resonator a‚nd chime bar broken away und show-
Ing the mountlng of the cover on such base;
Flg. 9 ls a. vlew simllar to Flg. 5, but wlth the
25 devlce de-energized so the plunger is wlthin the
swltch I be re-opened, the plunger I8 drops back
120 the posltion shown‘ in F13. 2. ‘AI; thls posltion
In Flg. 2 the plunger ls agalnst the cushlon I'I 25
tube und. parts o1’ the coil are broken a.way andl
about openlng I3. with no dashpot reslstance
enlarged to show the ground eonnection tor the
.wraps of the coil; and
Fig. 10 is e. wlrlng diagram ot the electrie con_ 30 nections.
Push button er switch I may connect supplyline
2 for clrcuit with supply llne 3. These current -
supply Limes may nass throllgh Dort 4 in eyele'et5
'I'he bracket 3 adjacent the eyelet II bes
ports 2'l. Mountlng screws 23 may- be located in
these ports 21. Thls base G, remote from these 30
screws 23, .has key-hole sha‚ped port 23. 'I‘his
port 23 may be bucked over screw 30. 'I'h1s bringe
the devlce ‘lnto mountlng posljslon. 'I'he bracket g
.~ of base 6. The base 3 ls herein shown a‚s ha.vlng
35 side ?anges ‘l in a. mein bracket tra‚me. In thls
has exte‘nsion tormlng curved seat 3I. Scre‘ws 32
Iassemble eyllnder 33 et thls sea.t 3I. 'I'he cylln- 35
‘ base 3 open_lngs are provlded. Through these
openlngs ears 8 extend Ir0m leg 3 of U-shaped
magnetlc Irame. 'I'hls frame has end piece I3
and palr cf parallel lege II. ‘These lege II terml4o nate in lüge I2 extendlng er anchored with pla.te
I3. The plate I3 Is provided wlth lege M. fli‘he
der 33 has closed ende 34. 'I‘he cyllnder 33 thus‘
provides resonant chamber 33. 'I‘hls cha.xi1ber 33
has port 36. Th1s port 33 is open toward the
chlme member 23 opposite from the lmpact re
g10n k‚>y the plunger I3, I3. From this cyllnder 40
termini 8 o! the lege Ilprotrude through the
' base 3.‚ The legs M thereby completing the an_
member 23. At this Impaeting the plunger I3 20
drops back to the pesltlon showh In Flg. 5. Thls .
occuts lf the swltch I be held’ closed. I1’ the .~
charing 01 thls magnetic-clrcult-providing frame
45 III, II, I 3, with the bracket. The parallel portlons III, I3. have allgned openlngs. In these
33 are dependlng erms 31. ‚. These arme 31 have
rubber grommets 38 in the assembly through
openings 39 0f 1ihe chime membel' 25- Tl‚lese rub
her grommets prevent the mounting trom damp
in'g the vibratlons of the chlme bar. By m0untlng 45
the chime bar in freut o! port 33 the chamber 33
allgned openlngs ls ?xedly mounted non-magnetie ‚ acts_ als a resonant ampll?er for the vlbratlons of
or— brass tube III. Thlsäsube I5 extends past the
the chlme bar. 'I’hls devlce may-be operated an
' eyelet 4. ‘I'he ‘tube I5 is there intumed to provide.
~ _ 50 port I 3. Aga.inst thls port I 3 rests pertorate felt
cushl'on I1. 'I'hls cushlon I1 is a. stop for magnetlc
or steel tube plimger I3 In-thIs brass sleeve I3. —
'I'hls sleeve tube -plungex I3 ha.s a. portlon re‚ n-Iote from stop I'I. Thls vportion o1’ the plunger
the usual door hell clrcuits elt‚her wlth a. low voll;
age battery, dry cells, or a. transformer I’.
In this general set-up, the eoil 23 _is found read
1ly adaptable hereunder when lts resistance is 3.4
ohms. The resona.tor or chime sound is- gl_ven at
each elosure of the swltch I and has a. pleasant.
68 can‘le's non-metalllc strlker er rawhide tlp I3.
organ type of note a‚ccording to the pitch desired. 55
an well as dlstlnctlve in 1_ta tone.
'I‘he coll am! maznetic clrcuit o! the aolenoid am
nad?y houaed by a mal! sheet metal cover ll‚
in lts arched-over U-sbaped. lorm havlng cloaed
end aection II and parallel oppoaiüe end aection
u, wlth port 48 therethrmxzh‘clear o1’ t.he path
ottravelfortheplunzer ltlnltatmpactiz'xcthc
chlme member 28.
.The U-ahaped portlon 4l extenda alonz the sidea
‘l. These sldes 1 have namwln: portlon 44 .(l"l:.
3) adjacent the port II. 'I‘he oover slda walls II
exbend parallel to the hause: ‘l. They terminate
in hooked portions II as spring portlons engazin:
down these narrowed portlona M. Remote there
Irom‚theendll hasbosaesß. 'I‘heaebosaes I8
may ride over the edces l'l 01 bl8e 0 between
the side walls ‘l. An so operating they thus man
lnto posltion on opp0dtae sldes o! the cut-out u
in auch baue 6. .Between tbeae boases ß there in
cut-out 40 in the wall II. Accordlnglm a acx-ew
driver or tool ma.y be inserted in thls cut-out
cult oonnactlon or clrmlt bmkin: means there
vrlth. 'I‘he whole matter ot term1nal er clrcult
eomblnatlon In controlled a1: the switch l. 'I‘he
reaonant chamber cyllnder ß 1a ot thin sage
metal. 'I‘he ch1me member 26‘ may be aelected
aa to sage and metal to determlne the tone' thereot
as well aß deslrable attrlbutes for mountlll& per
mltting the deairad 1'nqüences tor tone values
am! pltch.
What 1a clalmed und lt in deslred
‘Un1ted States Letters Patent ls:
1. I"or an artlcle 01 manufacture, a resonatinz
tube ax'xd a baae in T-shaped asaembly therewlth.
a aolenold mounted lonzltudinally o! the base. a
ch1me bar supported by the resonator between the
reaonator and the aolenold, und a plunger to be
actuated by the aolenold Ior strikinz the ch1me
operate as a pry to snap thls oover looae. 'I‘hls
2. An electrlc chlme de*dce comprlxlng a. base.
a co? anti plunzer mounted an sald base‚ sald base 20
beta: narrowed toward one end to provide a nah‘
o! seats, and a_cover for the coll and plunger, sa1d
cover havlng a. palx‘ of ears_a.dapted to anug‚ly ?t at
said seats. sa.1d cover remote Irom the ears havinz
a In: adapted to map enzaae with the b‘ase re
snapping 015 the oover looae permits assembly o1’
the electrical connectlon at the termlnals 20‚ N.
with the baue.
through the port 4l. 'I‘he screw driver may thus
mote trom the ears to mount the cover wembled
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