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Aug. 9, 1938.`
R., o. MGCOY
Filed July e, 1936
Patented Aug. 9, 193g
q; T
Rush 0. McCoy, Berwyn, Ill., assignor to Inter
national Patents Development Company, Wil
mington, Del., a corporation of Delaware
Application July' 6, 1936, serial N6. 89,167
3 Claims. (Cl. 127-68)
This invention relates to the evaporation of pipe 6 to the vacuum pan 2. The vapors de
steep water in the manufacture of starch from veloped in the vacuum pan I, including water
corn; and ,the primary object of the invention is vapor and probably about 80% or more of the
to reduce stream pollution by discharging from volatilizable organic substances of the steep
5 the- evaporating apparatus volatile organic sub’ water, pass through pipe 'I to the steam chest 8
stances which have heretofore been run to the 0f the second effect 2. The condensate in steam
sewer with the condensate from the steep water chest 4 is discharged through pipe 9. The evap
pan or pans.
orated steep water is discharged vfrom the second
In the-manufacture‘of starch yfrom corn the effect 2 through pipe Ill. 'I‘he vapors developed
w first step is to steep the corn to soften it and to in the second unit 2, consisting almost entirely
extract soluble substances. As these solubles are of water vapor, pass through pipe I I to the usual
of value, it is customary to evaporate the steep condenser I2 into which condensing water isin
water. This operation may be performed in either troduced through pipe i3 and which is connected
single or multiple effect evaporating apparatuses. by pipe I4 with the Vacuum pump, not shown.
l5 l‘The evaporation of the steep water vaporizes cer
The down leg I5 from condenser I2 extends into
tain organic substances inthe steep Water and the usual seal tank i6 from which the conden
it has been customary to discharge such volatile sate is discharged to the sewer through pipe I1.
-organic substances with the condensate from the
Any suitable means may be used for discharg
vacuum pan or pans. That is, these volatiles ing the organic volatiles from the steam chest
2o which are condensible pass with the condensate ß of the second eiiect. In the drawing is shown
into the sewer through the down leg of the evap
a steam ejector i8 connected at I9 with the steam
orating apparatus. 'I‘his is objectionable asthey chest and having a pipe 2li which discharges the
bring about pollution of the Water bodies into volatiles to the atmosphere. The condensate is
which the factory sewer discharges.
discharged from the steam chest through pipe
-It has been discovered that where a multiple 2l
effect evaporating apparatus is used, a large pro
It is the intention to cover all equivalents of
portion, probably about 80%, of the organic vola
tiles, are developed in the ñrst unit of the appa
ratus. According to the present invention, which
the invention above described together'with all
modifications and variations thereof that are
within the scope of the appended claims.
I claim:
1. In the process of evaporating steep water
30 contemplates the use of an evaporating apparaf
tus, comprising at least two units, with the va
pors from the first unit conducted to the steam _ derived from the steeping of corn, in which proc
chest of the second, as is customary in multiple ess organic substances in the feed water are in
effect evaporating apparatus, the steep water part volatilized and from which condensed steam
35 volatiles going with the water vapor from the first is discharged: the improvement which comprises
unit to the steam chest of the second unit are discharging from the apparatus, through a chan 35
ejected from the steam chest of the second unit nel separate from the channel or channels
through a vapor outlet separate from the outlet through which the condensed steam is discharged,
for the condensate. In this manner a large per
the organic substances volatilized by the evap
m centage of the polluting substances which former
orating operation before condensation of such
ly were sent to the sewer with the condensate substances takes place so as to prevent stream
are keptout of- such condensate with the result pollution through discharge of the condensate.
that the condensate is relatively pure and innoc~
- 2. Improved process of treating steep Water
Auous and may be discharged into streams and vderived from the steeping of corn which com
`45 lakes without apperciable polluting effect.
The invention is illustrated in the accompany
ing diagram of a multiple effect steep Water evap
oratlng apparatus comprising two units.
Referring to the drawing the first unit or vac
50 uuin pan is designated land the second unit 2.
Light steep Water as it comes from the steeping
system is introduced into 'the vacuum pan l
through pipe 3.` Steam lenters the steam chest
4' of the vacuum pan I through pipe 5. The par
55 tially concentrated steep water passes through
prises: evaporating the steep water in multiple 45
effect evaporating apparatus; introducing the va
por from one unit of the apparatus into the
steam chest of the next unit; discharging con
densed steam from said apparatus and discharg
ing to the atmosphere from the steam chest -of a 50
succeeding unit organic substances volatilized by
the evaporating operation before condensation of
such substances takes place so as to prevent
stream pollution through discharge of the con
3. Improved process o! treating steep water
derived from the steeping of corn which com
prises: evaporating the steep water in multiple
eñect evaporating apparatus in which the steam
chest of the ñrst unit is supplied with steam and
that of the next unit with vapor from the ñrst
unit; and. ejecting from the steam chest of said
second unit, through a separate channel, organic
substancesvoiatilized in the ñrst unit before con
densation of such substances takes place, Where
by stream pollution through discharge of the con
densate from the second unit is prevented.
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