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‘ Aug. 9, ‘19-38.
Filed July 22', 1935
/48E 0. ‘ii/10:15
EY ,4
Planes Aug. 9, was -
Abe 0. Samuels, Rochester,
Y., assignor to
vSamson-United Corporation, Rochester, N. Y.
Application July 22, 1935, Serial No. 32,493
4 Claims. (CI. 34-26)
This invention relates \to electric hair driers centrally of the housing and provides- a partial
and has for one of its objects to provide a novel partition therein so that the current of air which
form of casing and mounting for such a drier. ?ows past each side of the unit is heated ?rst and
A further object of this invention is to provide then forced out thru the outlet 9 in the forward
5 the drier with a novel form of fan mechanism end thereof.
for creating the air current \for the drier.
In this way the weight‘of the mechanism of
Another object of this invention is to'so con
the drier is equally distributed on each side of .
struct the entire mechanism of the drier that its the longitudinal axis of the housing so that any
weight is axially balanced in a cylindrical hous
handle, as for example the handle It, used for
10 ing so as to facilitate an easy handling thereof, handling the drier and suitably attached to the
All these and other objects and attendant ad J housing thereof, will have the weight of the drier
vantages will become more readily apparent from uniformly supported on each side thereof. This
the detailed description thereof which follows, makes for ease in handling and operating the
reference being had to the accompanying draw
drier so that the operator thereof will not be
15 ing in which.
fatigued in the use of it.
Figure 1 isa side elevation of the'hair drier.
I claim:
Figure 2 is a front elevation thereof.
1. In a drier the combination of an elongated
d1‘Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view of the tubular casing closed at one'end and having an
outlet at the other end, an electric motor com
Figure 4 is a cross section of the casing taken prising a substantially U shaped magnet ar
on the line tic-4a: of Figure 3 and an end elee ranged in the closed end of said casing; an arma
vation of the drying mechanism within ‘the cas ‘ ture mounted to rotate between the ends of said
In the several ?gures of the drawing like ref
25 erence numerals indicate like parts.
The hair drier construction forming the sub
ject matter of my present invention is construct
ed so as to be axially balanced within a tubular
casing so that in holding the drier by a. handle
30 the weight thereof will be equally distributed on
?eld magnet transversely of the casing, an arma- .
ture shaft extending from each end of said arma
ture, a fan mounted on each end of said arma
ture shaft so as to be located on each side of
said ?eld magnet, said tubular casing having an
inlet in the side thereof substantially in line
with the axis of rotation of each of said fans,
and a heating unit in front of said motor and
both sides of the handle at the end thereof with . mounted axially in said casing.
the center of gravity of the apparatus in a plane
with the handle and the axis of the casing.
2. In a drier unit, a substantially tubular cas
ing provided with an outlet aperture in one end
This is accomplished by a mechanism which ' thereof, an electric motor within said casing and
35 uses a pair of fans I, l for creating the current comprising a substantially U-shaped ?eld mag
of air for the drier. These fans are mounted on net and an armature mounted between the legs
the armature shaft 2 with the armature located of said ?eld magnet, said armature being pro
between them.-- The armature rotates between vided with a shaft and extending transversely
the poles 3 and 4 located at one end of the rec
of said casing, a pair of fans carried on the ends
/ 40 tangular horizontally arranged ?eld structure of of said shaft respectively and on opposite sides
the motor with its ?eld winding 5 located at the of said armature, said casingbeing provided with
other end thereof. The ?eld of the motor is intake apertures in register with said fans, said
centrally and axially mounted within the tubu-‘
U-shaped magnet extending into the end of said
lar casing it near the closed end thereof so as to
casing opposite said outlet end thereof, and elec
tric heating means positioned in said casing be 45
tween said fans and said outlet.
3. In a drier unit, a substantially tubular two
piece casing comprising a pair of mutually en
gageable pieces and means for retaining said
pieces in locking engagement to form a joint
transverse of said casing, one of said pieces hav
ing an end provided with an outlet aperture and
the other of said pieces having a closed end, an
electric'motor mounted within said casing and
45 have its armature rotate at right angles to the
axis of the casing at a point intermediate the
ends thereof.
As illustrated, the, fans are of a type which
operate todraw the air toward the center of the
:50 fan and then force the air laterally thereof. The
inlet openings 1 in the casing are located so as
to be in line with the center of the fans so as to
ei?ciently draw the air into the casing and then
force it forwardly past the heating unit 8 to be
55 heated thereby. The heating unit is mounted
extending longitudinally of said casing within 55
both pieces thereof and comprising a substan
tially U-shaped i'leld magnet and an armature
mounted between the legs of said ileld magnet,
said armature being provided with a shalt and
extending transversely oi.’ said casing, a pair of
fans carried on the ends 01' said shaft respective
ly and on opposite sides of said armature, said
casing being provided ‘with intake apertures in
register with said i'ans, said U-shaped magnet
10 extending longitudinally into the closed end oi’
the closed one of said pieces or said casing, and
electric heating means positioned in said casing
between "said fans and said outlet. -
4. The subject matter of claim 3, said drier
unit further comprising a handle carried by said
casing at the point of engagement of said .pieces
thereof, said motor and fans and heating means
being so positioned within said casing that the
weight of said unit is substantially symmetrically
balanced on said handle.
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