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Aug" % Wm”
_ A. c. CHURCH
Filed March 29, 1957
3 Sheets-Sheet l
5754/11 007157
Aug“ % ww
Filed March'ZQ , 195'?’
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
Patented Aug. 9, 1938
NT ' ‘OFF 111C E
.Albert G. ;_(}hurch, - Govington, EKy.
Application March 29,
1937, ‘ Serial ‘No. 133,692
(Cl. 122-318)
:2 ..Claims.
This invention ,relates to ,Steam ‘boilers and
has for the primary‘object the provision ,of a
device: of-rthe ‘uprighttype which will be economi
cal to construct and operate with various kinds of
5 fuel and has an improved arrangement of tubes
each so constructed as to assure maximum ef
grate bars '22 are ‘formed. The grate supporting‘
:membrersw2l are spaced from the cylindrical wall
‘I9 to ‘form 1therebetweenand. with the base seats
for the 'lower ends of water tubes'23. The ‘tubes
23 are grouped in annular formation, as shown
in Figure 4, and annular groups of water tubes
ficiency of steam generation.
24 are connected with the head I3 and depend
With these and other objects in view, this in
vention consists in certain novel features of con
downwardly in the ?rebox and are of a shorter
10 struction, combination and arrangement of parts
to be hereinafter more fully described and
For a complete understanding of my inven
tion, reference is to be had to the following de
15 scription and accompanying drawings, in which
Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view illustrat
ing a steam boiler constructed in accordance
with my invention.
Figure 2 is a side elevation partly in section
20 illustrating the same.
Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on the line
3-—3 of Figure 1.
Figure 4 is a sectional View taken on the line
4-4 of Figure 1.
Figure 5 is a vertical sectional view illustrat
ing one of the boiler tubes.
Figure 6 is an end view illustrating the same.
Referring in detail to the drawings, the numer~
al I indicates a boiler, 2 the ?rebox therefor
30 supported by a base 3 in which is located the
usual ashpit 4, access thereto being through a
doorway normally closed by a hinged door" 5.
The boiler I is adapted to be partially ?lled
with water and has a water gage 6, drip valve 1,
a pressure gage B and a safety valve 9.
water supply pipe is connected with the boiler
and is indicated by the character III and a steam
outlet pipe is indicated by the character I I. The
boiler I includes upper and lower heads I2 and
4:0 I3, the upper head being substantially dome
shaped. The heads are joined together by tie
rods I4 and are provided with aligned openings
length than the water tubes 23 so that the ?re
within the ?rebox will be located under the lower
ends of the water tubes 24. A door frame for
the ?rebox is indicated by the character 25 and
is detachably secured to pairs of the tubes 23, as
shown at 26. The door frame is equipped with
a ?re door 21. The lower ends of the tubes 24 15
terminate above the ?re door. The water tubes
23 and 24 each include a reduced screw threaded
upper end threaded in an opening provided in
the head I3, as shown at 28. Each water tube
24 and 23 consists of the outer sleeve and an
inner tube 29 which extends through the re—
duced end 28 into the water of the boiler and
is of a diameter less than the internal diameter
of the outer sleeve and the reduced end 28
thereof. Pins 30 extend through the tubes 29
and engage the reduced ends 28 of the outer sleeve
for suspending the tubes 29 within the outer
sleeves, they terminating short of the lower end
of the outer sleeve, as shown in Figure 5. The
tubes 29 admit water to the outer sleeves where 30
said water is heated and generates into steam
and passes therefrom back to the boiler to ac
cumulate in the upper portion or steam dome
of said boiler.
A booster 32 is arranged centrally of the fire
box and smoke passage and is connected with
the boiler and consists of a head 33 having a
chamber 34 therein and connected with said head
33 and depending therefrom are water tubes 35
similar in construction to the water tubes 23
provided with Vertically arranged ?anges detach
and 24, except they are shorter in length. A
pipe 36 is connected to the head 33 and with
the boiler by being threaded in an opening pro
vided in the sleeve I5. A tube 3'8 extends from
the chamber 34 to the boiler through the pipe
36 for feeding water from the boiler to the
chamber 34 and thence to the water tubes 35.
The steam from the water tubes 35 returns to
the boiler by way of the pipe 36. Due to the
mounting of the tubes as shown and described
ably secured by bolts or like fasteners 20.
in this boiler it is an easy matter to remove any
in which is mounted a sleeve I5 acting as a smoke
passage. The ends of the sleeve are welded or
otherwise secured to the‘heads I2 and I3. A
cylindrical wall I6 is riveted or otherwise secured
to marginal ?anges formed on the heads I2 and
i3 and is provided with a hand opening I‘! nor
mally closed by a removable cover IS.
The ?rebox 2 includes a cylindrical wall I9
cylindrical wall I9 is secured to the marginal
?ange of the head I3 and to the base 3. Said
55 base has grate supporting members 2I on which
one of the tubes when damaged and to sub
stitute another therefor and [also due to the
particular arrangement of the tubes 2. maximum 55
amount of steam may be generated by this boiler
with a minimum consumption of fuel.
What is claimed is:
1. An upright boiler comprising a ?rebox, a
base for said ?rebox, a combined water and
steam chamber mounted on said ?rebox and
having a smoke passage therethroug‘h, tubes
connected to said combined water and steam
chamber and depending downwardly in the ?re
10 box and arranged in groups of annular forma
tion with certain of said groups supported by
the base and the other groups terminating short
of the base, each of said tubes including an outer
sleeve and an inner tube terminating short of
15 the lower end of the outer sleeve and extending
into the combined water and steam chamber, a
booster arranged in the ?rebox and connected
to the combined water and steam'chamber and
including a head having a chamber'with ‘water '
20 tubes connected thereto and depending from the
2. An upright boiler comprising upper and
lower heads, tie rods connecting said heads, an
annular vwall secured on said vheads and cooper
ating therewith in forming a combined water and
steam ‘chamber, a sleeve extending through said
heads and connected thereto to form a smoke
passage, Ia cylindrical wall connected to the lower
head, a base supporting the second cylindrical
wall and cooperating therewith in forming a
?rebox with an ash pit thereunder, water tubes
connected to the lower head and depending down
wardly in the ?rebox and certain of said tubes
supported by the case, each tube including an
outer sleeve and an inner tube, means for sup
porting the inner tube within the outer sleeve
with the lower end of the inner tube terminat
ing short of the lower end of the outer sleeve,
a pipe connected. to the combined water and
steam chamber and extending into the ?rebox,
a head secured to said pipe and having a cham~
ber, a tube extending through the pipe from the
chamber of the head to the combined water and
steam chamber, and water tubes connected to
and depending from said head.
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