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Aug“. 9, 193$.
Filed March 2, 1936
Patented Aug:- 9, 1938
George E. Slangenhop, Vernon, Tex.
Application March 2, 1936, Serial No. 66,726
5 Claims. (Cl. 15-210
The present invention is directed to means for the tubing l2 of the well and is anchored at the
cleaning pump rods when drawing them from oil pivotal end by suitable connections 13 attached to
wells. These rods vary in size and the couplings the members by fastenings Ill. The members are
are not always uniform, hence, it is an object of disposed upon opposite sides of the rod 8 and
5 the invention to provide a device which is prac
when closed, as indicated in Figure 2, the wipers I
tically universal in adapting itself to various sizes embrace the rod and remove sludge and ‘foreign
of rods and styles of couplings.
matter therefrom as it is drawn from the well,
The invention further contemplates a device as will be readily comprehended. Each member
embodying ?exible wiping elements which com
constitutes a handle bar which is conveniently
10 pletely encircle the rod and admit of the cleaner manipulated by the grip at the free end thereof.
being readily applied to and removed from the Irregularity in the rod or‘coupling is readily com
rod, and which conforms to irregularities and in
pensated for by the flexible wipers and their loop
sures a thorough removal of foreign matter from form insures complete embracing of the rod and
the red as it is withdrawn from the well.
removal of foreign matter therefrom.
With the foregoing objects in view, together
' with others which will manifest themselves as the
description proceeds, reference is to be had to
the drawing hereto attached inwhich like ref
erence characters designate like parts in the fol
20 lowing description and in the several views of the
It is to be understood that while the drawing
illustrates a preferred embodiment of the inven
tion and that while the invention is designed to
be used primarily with sucker rods, it may be
adapted for other uses as necessity demands and
changes in the minor details of construction may
be resorted to within the scope of the invention as
Having thus described the invention, what I 15
claim is:
l. A rod cleaner comprising members pivoted
together and having U-portions facing one- to
ward another and laterally offset from each other
in position for overlapping, and ?exible wiper ele- 20
ments arranged in bridging relation across the
open ends of the U-portions.
2. A rod‘ cleaner comprising a pair of members
each of which includes a U-portion facing toward
the U-portion- of the other member and laterally
offset therefrom, and each member including
arms projecting in opposite directions from the
legs of the 'U-portions, the arms on one side being
claimed without departing from the spirit thereof. pivotally connected together and the arms on the
In the drawing:
opposite side forming handles, and ?exible cable
Figure l is a plan view of a rod cleaner em
wiper elements at the open ends of the U-por 30
bodying the invention, the members being sep
arated and the rod in section.
3. A rod cleaner comprising members pivotally
Figure 2 is a similar view, the members being I connected together at one end and having U
closed and the ?exible wipers embracing the rod. pcrtions intermediate their ends facing one to
Figure 3 is a front view showing the cleaner ward another and offset in opposite directions 35
to overlap, and loop-shaped ?exible wipers at
The cleaner embodies similar or like members
the open ends of the U-portions and connected
which are pivotally connected at one end and to the legs thereof.
40 separable at the opposite end for ready applica
4. A rod cleaner comprising members pivotally 40
tion to or removal from a sucker rod 8. Each of connected together at' one end and having par
the members comprises a U-frar'ne 5 and opposite '
alined arms 4-4’.
The arms 4 terminate in
grips for convenience of manipulating the device.
45 The arms 4' are offset and pivotally connected at
9. The arms 4 and 4' are in the same plane, as
shown most clearly in Figure 3, whereas the
frames 5 are offset to overlap, as indicated in
Figure 3. A ?exible wiper element 1 of metal,
50 fabric, or similar material, is provided for each
of the members and extends between the open
ends of the U-frames 5 and is attached to the
legs thereof. These wipers ‘I are of a length to
form loops and embrace the-rod 8 as shown in
55 Figure 2. Bolts 6 connect the wiper elements ‘I to
allel yoke portions arranged in different planes
and facing one toward another, and a ?exible
wiper arranged in bridging relation across the
open side of each yoke portion.
5. A rod cleaner comprising members pivotally
connected together at one end and having han
dles formed at the opposite end thereof, said
members having the, major portions thereof in
the same plane and having intermediate portions 50
laterally offset in opposite directions to overlap,
each of said offset portions being approximately
U-shaped in a plane approximately parallel with
the other offset U-shaped portion in positions
for lateral overlapping of said U-shaped por 55
tions, said Uyshaped portions facing one toward
another, and an elongated ?exible wiper arranged
the free ends of the frames 5. Bars ll embrace
the arms 4' and are attached to one of them and
serve to brace the device and maintain the mem 1 across the open side of each U-shaped portion
bers in a given plane.
in bridging relation.
In practice, the cleaneris positioned to clear
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