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Aug. 16, 1938.
- _A; LANDlS
Filed Oct. 18, 1937
59 4/ /46
Patented Aug. 16, 1938
Aaron Landis, Elizabeth, N. J.
Application October 18, 1937, Serial No. y169,529
5 Claims.
This invention relates to handbags.
(Cl. 150-36)
tion consists in the novel combinations and ar
One object of the invention is to provide a
rangements `of parts hereinafter described in
handbag having an improved internal secret their preferred embodiments, pointed outin the
pocket concealed by a flap-like lining member.
subjoined claims, and illustrated in the annexed
Another object of the invention is to furnish
a handbag in which a concealing ñap lining
member for a secret pocket is so arranged rela
tive to the bag body, in respect to size or propor
tion or in relation to infolding gussets as not to
10 be noticeable when the handbag is opened.
Another object of the invention is the provi
drawing, wherein like parts are designated by
the same reference characters throughout the
several views.
In the drawing:
Figure l is an isometric sectional view of one
half of a handbag embodying the invention.
sion of a handbag having a ñap closure from
Figs. 2 and 3 are sectional viewsl taken re
spectively on lines 2-2 and 3_3 of Fig. 1.
which depends in utmost uniformity a conceal
ing lining member for a secret pocket in the bag
body so that the lining member appears to be
merely a part of the flap lining.
Another object of the invention is to construct
a handbag having a secret pocket in the body
tion of the handbag.
Fig. 5 is a sectional View on line 5--5 of Fig. 4.
Fig. 6 is a view in end elevation with parts
removed showing the handbag in open position
and with the secret pocket exposed.
thereof, and a lining member connected to the
20 handbag ñap to provide a secret pocket in regis
ter with the ñrst secret pocket with the lining
member depending to conceal both, whereby
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary view of a bottom por- f
Fig. 'l is a perspective view of a modified hand
Fig. 8 is an end view thereof with a part re
elongated articles may be disposed and hidden
from view.
Another object of the invention is the provi
The advantages of the invention as here out
lined are best realized when all of its features
sion of a lining member to conceal a secret
the same structure, but, useful devices may be
pocket wherein the lining member depends into
the bag body and is reliably so retained by a
weighting container or by a resilient strip ele
30 ment that expands into the bag body, or both.
Another object of the invention is to furnish a
secret pocket accessible for small articles from
within the bag body and accessible for large
articles from the outside of the bag body.
Another object of the invention is to provide a
bag body having a secret pocket provided with a
produced embodying less than the whole.
It will be obvious to those skilled in the art
to which the invention appertains, that the same
relatively concealed closable bottom opening,
with the side and end walls being simple and uni
and instrumentalities are combined in one and
may be incorporated-in several different con- "
structions.> Thev accompanying drawing, therefore,
is submitted merely as showing the preferred ex
empliñcation of the invention.
Referring in detail to the drawing, I0 denotes
a handbag embodying the invention.
The same
includes a bag body comprising side walls I I, I2,
opposite end walls or gussets I3, and a bottom
wall I4, interconnected to provide a compart
ment open at the top. This top opening may
form in structure.
Another object of the' invention is to provide
a handbag having slide fastener means for the
be closed by a ñap I5 which is an extension of 40
top and bottom openings of pockets, arranged
in the usual manner.
to operate in diñ’erent directions for the close
packing of articles in the pockets as a result of
Within the bag body is a lining which is folded
at the bottom at I6 to provide upward extending
side wall sections I'I, I8. The section I'I is con
different degrees of gusset expansion at differ
ent parts of the pockets.
» ,
A further object of the invention is to provide
a handbag having few and simple parts, and
which is durable and reliable, inexpensive to
make, convenient, neat, compact and eiTicient in
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will become apparent as the speciñcation pro
With the aforesaid objects in View, the inven
the side wallIZ and is foldable to closed position
nected to the wall II as at the top thereof at I9
and at the ends thereof at 20. The section IB is
connected to the wall I2 at the ends thereof as
at 2l. Further the bottom portion I6 is con
nected to the gussets I3 at the bottom ends there
of as at 22. Otherwise the lining is free or suin
ciently so to furnish with the wall I2, a secret
pocket 23, and with the wall II, a secret pocket
24. Of these the former may open upwardly,
the latter downwardly as shown.
Connected to the flap at the end as at 25 is a
lining member 26 which is also connected to the
sides of the flap as at 21 to thus provide a secret
.pocket 28 in register with the secret pocket 23.
.The connection 21 terminates at the mouth of
-the latter, and the lining member 26 is formed
with an integral lining portion 29 forming an ex
tension which drapes down freely over and con
ceals the secret pocket 23. The lining element
29 extends almost to the bottom I6 so as to be
concealed in the bag, and extends substantially
from one to the other of the end walls I3. ’
The gussets I3 are considerably infolded so as
to overlie and hold and conceal the side edges of
the lining member 29.
The lining member 29 may be weighted to re
tain its position as by pocket forming wall 30,
or by a purse 3l or both.
The wall 30 may be
secured to the lining member 29 as at 32, and the
purse 3| may be suitably secured to the wall 30.
Both the purse and the pocket formed by the wall
30 open upwardly for ready access at the hand
be connected to keep the mouth of the secret
pocket 23 free and open. Reverse movements
return the handbag to the position of Fig. 1, and
the flap I5 may be closed and secured at the
fasteners 36, 31. When thus closed, the hand
bag may be inverted, and the slide fastener 39
opened for access to the secret pockets 23, 24
and 28.
Small articles and papers may be placed in the
f secret pocket 23 by raising the lining member 29 10
as above described. For large or bulky articles,
the slide fastener 29 is used. In this manner,
the secret pockets 23, 28 may form a single very
large secret pocket, in which documents may be
inserted fiatwise and protectively folded by fold 15
-ing the flap I5 to closed position. A still larger
object may be inserted by folding one end por
tion thereof into the pocket 24. If preferred, the
pocket 23 may be closed at its bottom, so that only
the pocket 24 shall be communicable with the 20
slide fastener.
For this purpose, the walls I2
taut, a stiifener or resilient strip element 33 may
and I8 may be connected together.
As already stated, the slide fastener 39-is con
cealed between the botton extensions 49.
In Figs. 7 and 8 is shown a handbag 45 accord
be connected along the lower edge of the lining-
ing to a modified form of the invention.`
member. For example, an extension of the lat
ter may be upwardly folded at 34 and stitched at
35-to form a hem retainer for the element 33 and
to form the -wall 39 and the bottom for the pocket
thereof. The hem 34 may enclose the ends of
the element 33, withzthe latter disposed in end
abutment with the gussets I3 and under the folds
generally like the handbag I9, except that the
To retain the lining member 29 longitudinally
A closure means may include a snap fastener
socket 36 secured- to the wall II, and a snap
fastener head 31vsecured to the flap I5 o_r the lin
ing 26 thereof. If desired, a snap fastener sock
et 38 may be ñxed to the lower edge part of the
40 lining member 29.
'I‘he bottom I6 may be in substantial contact
with the bottom I4 so that the pocket 23 may be
substantially closed at its lower end, if desired.
The bottom wall I4 may have a longitudinal
opening closed by a slide fastener 39. When
the latter is opened, access is had to the secret
pockets 23, 24, and 28. To conceal the means 39,
the side walls II, I2 may have> downward ex
tending portions 4'0 which extendbelow the slide
50 fastener and-tend to conceal the same.~
portions 40 lie belowv the connections at 4I be-.tween the stringers or bottom wall I4 and the
side walls II, I2. When the slide fastener `is
closed, it closes snugly over the free edges of the
gussets to close the bottom of the bag.
The manner of using the handbag will now be
briefly described. In the position shown in Fig.
1, the purse, the pocket at 30, andthe main
pocket can be readily and conveniently used in
the usual manner. The lining member 29 drapes
down uniformly from the flap I5 and as a part
thereof. It extends almost to the bottom and
from end to end. It may be held even by the
stiffener 33, or by the weighting containers 30,
65 3I or both. The infolded gussets I3 'help to con
ceal the side edges of the lining member. Thus
there is nothing to suggest a secret pocket or
anything else unusual about the bag structure.
When access to the secret pocket 23 is desired,
70 the lining member 29 is swung outwardly. The
element 33 may be flexed to-facilitate the move
ment. In folding the lining member 29 on itself,
it assumes the position shown in Fig. 6.` This
folding causes the pocket 30 to be closed against
the loss of articles.- The fasteners 31, .38 may
This is
flap I5 is omitted and a slide fastener 46 is used
in place thereof. In that case, .the lining mem
ber 29a is connectedzto the side wallv IZa at 41 30
in a conventional manner to thus conceal the se
cret pocket 23. The top and bottom slide fas
teners 39» and 4'6 are of the usual type and each
is preferably permanently closed at one end asV at
48. However, in the device 45, these slide fas 35
teners are operative in opposite directions, as will
now be described. Fig. '1 is diagrammatic with
In Fig. '7, the handbag is shown >with both
slidefasteners wholly opened. Itwill now be 40
seen that with the upper slide fastener opening
toward the left, the upper right‘end of the up
ward opening pocket of the handbag can be
fully expanded at the right gusset I3. With the
lower `slide fastener opening toward the right,
the lower left portion of the downwardopening
pocket can be fully expanded by expansionof
the left gusset I3. This arrangement permits
the> pockets, which lie alongside of `each other,
to be fully packed with articles without causing 50i
unduebulgingat any point of the bag. In prac
tice, only one;s1ide fastener is open at one time
but the same results follow. Otherwise, the con~`
struction‘andmode of use of the bag 45 is like
that of the bag I0.
It will be ap-preciated that a secret pocket of
the type herein mentioned may be provided at
either side of the handbag, and that the inven-`
tion may also be applied to framed handbags.
I claim:
1. A-handbag including a bag body compris
ing side and end wallsrand a bottom wall, the
bag body having a top opening, an internal wall
member having a bottom fold providing side Wall
sections one of‘ which is4 connected to one side
wall along the top and the ends of the latter
and forming a downward opening, secret pocket
therewith, the other wall section being connected'
to the endsxof the other side wall andA being
otherwise free ofthe latter to provide an up
ward opening secret pocket therebetween, a ñap
like-lining, member connected to therbagbody‘to
depend over and conceal the'secret pocket, the
lining member being removably extended .into
theY bag body, andthe said bottom‘iwall having
means providing a closable opening communi
cating with both of said secret pockets.
2. A handbag according to claim 1, wherein the
bottom of the internal wall member is in engage
ment with said bottom wall to form an openable
closure separating the upward and downward
opening secret pockets.
3. A handbag comprising a bag body, the lat
ter having side and end walls providing there
10 between a main compartment open at the top
of the bag body, one of said side walls having
an upward opening secret pocket therein and
having an upward extension constituting a clo
sure ñap for said top opening, above the secret
15 pocket, and a lining member connected to said
iiap along the sides and end thereof, said lining
member having an extension lining portion de
pending over the secret pocket into the main
compartment into relative proximity to the bot
tom thereof, said lining member being substan
tially of the length of the distances between said
end walls, and means comprising a pair of ele
ments for releasably connecting the lining mem
ber to the ñap so that the lining member is held
in outwardly swung position by the flap when
the latter is in open position, one of said ele
ments being on the flap, and a third element on
the bag body releasably cooperative with the
element on the ñap to hold the latter in closed
0 position.
4. A handbag including a bag body compris
ing side and end walls and a bottom wall, the
bag body having a top opening, an internal
lining means connected to the bag body substan
tially along said top opening and having a bot
torn fold adjacent to said bottom wall, said lin
ing means providing lining sections forming side
pockets between the sections and the adjacent
respective side walls of the bag body, and said
bottom wall having means including an openable
closure for access to both of said side pockets, 10
one of said lining sections affording a secondary
top opening for one of said side pockets, and
the lining means including a depending lining
element folding downward into the bag body in
the manner of a flap to overlie and conceal said 15
secondary top opening of said side pocket.
5. A handbag including a bag body having side
walls and end walls having gussets extending
substantially the full depth of the bag body, a
lining` means in said bag body affording an up 20
ward opening pocket means, a depending lining
member secured to the bag body extending over
said pocket means to conceal the top opening
thereof so as to provide a secret pocket, said bag
body having a bottom wall having means provid 25
ing a closable opening communicating with the
secret pocket means, and the infolded portions
of the end gusset walls serving to overlie and
hold the said lining member in its concealing
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