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Aug. 16, 1938.
. - 2,126,931
- azrm'ws FOR corqmnon'me AND CIRCULATING AIR 1
Filed Sept. 22, 1937
Fig _ a
R-C .
BY ;
Patented Aug. 16, 1938
Raymond C. Sorsoleil, Seattle, Wash. ‘
Application September 22, 1937, Serial No. 165,125 ‘
3 Claims. (01. 126-110)
This invention relates to an apparatus for con
ditioning and circulating air, for dwellings.
In the practice of conditioning and circulating
air for buildings, particularly in dwellings, it is
important that the apparatus therefor be so ar
ranged and constructed as to occupy a minimiun
of space and that all parts thereof be arranged
compactly together in one cabinet or housing. It
is also important that a single mechanical means
10 be provided for both inducting and educting a
current of air to and from such cabinet, together
with means for cleaning, cooling, or heating such
air. In the heating of such circulating air it has
been a practice to drive the air directly against
15' an opposing face of some furnace or heating unit.
This practice creates a back pressure or static
condition and causes objectionable vibration and
noise, particularly from. any driving fan and
power means therefor.
It is therefore, an object of this invention to
provide an air conditioning equipment in compact
cabinet, but separated from the rear walls by a
space II- and from the side walls by spaces l2
and I3. Any ordinary stoker or oil burners, indi
cated as I5, is suitably mounted on the ?oor 9 in
front of the vfurnace for heating the same. My 5
invention, however, does not depend on any spe
cial method of heating the furnace and during
warm weather my‘ system is used for cooling air
and circulating the same in lieu of heated air.
,A smoke ?ue I6 is made integral with, or rigidly 10
a?ixed to the upper portion of the furnace and
extended outward through a'wall of a cabinet
without any unions or joints inside thereof, thus
is prevented the possibility of gases escaping
through defective joints from the furnace ?ue ,
within the walls of the vcabinet which might be
circulated within a dwelling. Air chutes shown
in rectangular form as H and I8 for entrance
and exit of air to and from the cabinet respec
tively are provided of any suitable length to ex-v
tend to a dwelling above the cabinet and are
preferably connected within rooms of different
parts of the dwelling to insure‘ good circulation
arrangement to occupy a minimum of space; and
to project the current of air around the sides of
a. heating unit, from a position in line approxi
25 mately with the front of such heating unit, but ‘
In order to fully utilize all the space within
opposite each side thereof toward an unobstruct
ed passage way around such furnace. Another the cabinetbetween the furnace and the door,
object is to adapt for such apparatus parts of such space is divided into upper and lower com
partments or chambers l9 and 20 respectively by
manufactured articles which can‘ be obtained at a middle ?oor 2| and a rear partition 22. The
30 small cost.
’ ‘
of such floor and partition are a?ixed to
Another object is to extend the ordinary smoke ends
the side walls and roof respectively in any ordi
flue‘from the ordinary furnace outward through nary
manner, to prevent passage of air around
the walls of such cabinet, without any joints to
such ?ue within such cabinet, to thereby prevent such ends from the upper to the lower chamber.
The door, when closed, ?ts snugly against the
35 .leakage of gases-within such cabinet, so that the
edge of the ?oor 2|. Scroll shaped ducts
air passed up into the dwelling shall be in the
24, are mounted perpendicularly through
same pure condition as when drawn through
floor 2|, near the ends thereof respectively,
proper ?lters in the front part of such cabinet. the
and provided with nozzles 25 and 26 for discharg
With these and other objects to be hereinafter ing
currents of air opposite to and through the
40 shown I have illustratively exempli?ed my in
vention by the accompanying drawing of which: passageways or spaces l2 and I3 respectively
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the cabinet
with parts broken away, to show the interior.
Figure 2 is a sectional view, taken on line 2-2 of
45 Pi . 1.
iike numerals on the different ?gures represent
like parts. Numeral 3 represents the top or roof,
while I and 5 represent the side walls and 6 rep
around each side of the furnace.
Curved de?ec- '
tors 21 also direct the air upward from the nozzles
and around the‘sides of the furnace. The inner
faces of the upper portion of the ducts above the
floor 2| are provided with air intake openings 28.
Suction fans of the usual type indicated as 29,
are mounted on a shaft 3!], for drawing or in
ducting air through such openings and for educt
resents the back wall. 1 represents a door
50 mounted on hinges 8 which serves, when closed, _ ing or discharging such air by pressure from said
nozzles 25 and 26. Said shaft is rotated by any 50
as a front wall. The side and rear walls are
preferably mounted on the ground ?oor 9, of the
basement of any house. Any ordinary heater
shown herein as a circular furnace I0 is posi
55 tioned perpendicularly in the rear portion of the
suitable motor as 3|, mounted on the ?oor 2|.
The connecting wires therefor are not shown.
The ends of the shaft are rotatably mounted in
any suitable bearings indicated as 32 which are
also supported on the floor 2|.
It will be understood that by the operation of
furnace in equal portions, fans rotatably mount
the fans, the air from the dwelling will be drawn ed in the upper portions of said scroll ducts for
down through the chute i'l into the upper cham-} drawing air therein and for forcing such air from
her and thence discharged through the ducts in said- nozzles, a motor for operating said fans
mounted in said upper chamber, and burner
the lower chamber around the furnace for heat
ing the same and thence up through the chute means for heating said furnace mounted in said
ll without obstructions into the dwelling again lower chamber between said nozzles, a door in
front of said chambers to provide access to all
for continuous circulation.
In order to maintain the air in clean healthful such appliances when open and for separating
condition a suitable screen sheet 33 is stretched such chambers when closed, and to prevent the 10
10 across the top of chamber l9, below the chute II.
This screen may be of oil wool, or similar mate
rial, and may also be suitably medicated when
desired. Suitable coils of pipes as 34 are also
mounted in the upper portion of the chamber IQ
15 for the circulation therein of any chilling ?uid
in warm weather for cooling the air when drawn
entry of air at the said lower chamber except
through such ducts and nozzles.
2. A compact apparatus for conditioning and
noiselessly circulating air for a dwelling, compris
ing, a cabinet, a furnace for heating air mounted 15
in the rear portion of said cabinet with passage .
ways around each side of and behind such fur
Such coils may be also utilized for a nace for free movement of air therethrough, a
circulating steam for warming the air about the - middle horizontal ?oor partition and a perpen
same in the winter season, either in conjunction
20 with or without heat from any furnace and par
ticularly in the weather of medium temperatura'
Simple means for supplying suitable humidity
for the circulating air is provided by a pan 35
filled with water and supported on bracket rods
‘38 whichmay be hooked over the pipe coils 34
and thus provide for all contingencies.
Having described my invention I claim as
1. A compact apparatus forconditioning and
dicular partition from the rear edge of said
floor, for separating the front portion of said
cabinet into an upper enclosed chamber above
a‘ lower chamber, ducts extending from each end
of the upper chamber into the said lower cham
ber, nozzles on the lower ends of said ducts di
rected backward in line with and in front of said
passageways respectively along the sides of said
furnace for discharging currents of air around
said furnace, means for heating said furnace
mounted in said lower chamber, a fan and motor
for circulating such air mounted in such upper
chamber and a chute for inducting air into said
circulating air. for dwellings, comprising a cabi
net, 'a heating furnace mounted in the rear por
tion of said cabinet in spacedrelation from the upper chamber.
back and side walls thereof to provide passage ‘ 3. A compact apparatus for noiselessly circu
lating air for a dwelling, comprising, a cabinet, a
ways for air from the front portion of said cab
inet, a chute for the passage of air from the rear furnace for heating air mounted in the rear por
tion of said cabinet with passageways around
portion of the cabinet, a smoke ?ue tightly af
fixed to said furnace - and projected outward each side of and behind such furnace for free
through a wall of said cabinet, an elevated ?oor movement of air therethrough, a middle elevated
across the cabinet in front of said furnace to ?oor and a perpendicular wall partition for di
viding the front portion of said cabinet into an
provide an upper and a lower chamber, a parti
tion from the rear edge‘ of said ?oor up to the upper enclosed chamber above a lower chamber,
ducts extending from each end of said upper
top, of said cabinet to enclose said upper cham
ber, an air chute projected from the top of said chamber into said lower chamber, nozzles on the 45
upper chamber, a pair of perpendicular scroll lower ends of said ducts directed backward in
45 ducts projected through said floor, the upper ends
of said ducts having intake mouths opening into
said upper chamber, nozzles on the lower ends
of said ducts directed backward in line with and
in front of said passage ways and on each side of
50 said furnace for discharging currents of air
without obstruction around each side of said
line with and in front of said passageways re—
spectively along the sides of said furnace for dis
charging currents of air around said furnace,
means for heating said furnace mounted in said
lower chamber, and means for circulating such
air, mounted in said upper chamber.
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