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Aug._l6, 1938,
2,127,01 '7
Filed 001:. 17, 1935
Patented Aug. 16, 1938
Wlllard E. Walker, Syracuse, N. Y. ‘
Application October 17, 1935, Serial No.~45,439
z ‘Claims.
(01. 141-9)
Further objects reside in providing a device for
This invention relates to certain new and use
automatically supplying a cleansing agent to the.
ful improvements in dish washing machines and
pertains more particularly to a device tor sup
washing'?uid of a dish washing machine or the
plying cleansing solution to the washing ?uid ci
likevwhich is simple, durable'and economical in
construction and positive and accurate in opera- 5
5 the machine and to the control therefor.
In conventional dish washing machines for -
Other objects and advantages pertaining ‘to
which my novel cleansing solution supply means
is peculiarly adapted to be used there is pro
vided a pair oi! chambers, one a washing chamber
10 and the other a rinsing chamber, arranged in ion-
the structure oi’ the device and‘to the form and
relation of the parts thereof will more fully ap
pear from the following description taken injcon- 10
nection with the accompanying drawing in
_ gitudinal spaced relation over a common vat-tor
the washing ?uid. The articles to‘be cleansed,
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a conventional
such as dishes, drinking glasses, silver-ware or,
the like are stacked in suitable trays and the dish washing machine with my novel cleansing
15 loaded trays are conveyed through the washing agent supply means operatively associated there- 15
machine from one chamber to the other and sub- ‘ with and illustrating a portion 0! the, dish washer
jected to a washing spray in the ?rst chamber broken away to better illustrate the parts con
and to a rinsing'spray in the second chamber
tained therein.
to effect the washing or cleansing thereof. 'Ihe '
Figure 2 is a sectional view on an enlarged
20 rinsing ?uid as water is supplied to the rinsin! scale of the cleansing agentsupply tank and the 20
spray in a pure or clean heated condition.‘ After meter valve associated therewith taken substan- '
the rinsing ?uid is passed over the articles to be tially-in the plane of the line 2-2, Figure 1.
Figure ‘3 is a fragmentary side elevation of the
cleansed it is collected in thewashing ?uid vat
which in turn is provided with an over-?ow pipe metering valve and the adjacent portion or the
25 adapted to maintain a' predetermined quantity supply tank together with the adjacent portion of 25
the gauge for determining the amount 0! cleans
of the ?uid therein.
The washing ?uid is supplied by a pump or ing agent contained in the supply tank.
other suitable means from the washing ?uid vat
to the washing spray and after it passes irom the
' Figure 4 is a detail horizontal sectional view
taken on line 4-4, Figure‘2.
Figure 5 is a sectional view taken substantially 30 '
30 spray over the dishes or other articles. it is again
returned to the ‘vat and in order that this wash
on’line S—5, Figure 1, illustrating my novel oper
ing ?uid may be e?ective a quantity oi’ a suitable
solvent or cleansing agent is added at intervals
ating valve in elevation, portions oi’ said valve
being broken away.
to the washing ?uid. 'Ihe quantity of the cleans-i
I Figure 6 is a vertical sectional view through the 7
35 ing agent and the frequency of the application of . operating valve taken substantially on line H, 35
Figure‘ 5.
. .
the same to the ‘washing ?uid has often, hereto
‘Figure 7 is a perspective view of co-acting cam )
fore, been dependent upon the judgment or opin
ion of the operator. ' When the cleansing ‘agent members for e?ectingthe-opening and closing of
is thus supplied the application thereot to the the operating valve. - v
It will be readily understood that there are nu- 40
40 washing ?uid has been at irregular intervals, the
quantity was greatly in excess of the require *merous di?erent designs of washing machines
ments and, therefore, this method has resulted in wherein the articles to, be washed are ?rst sub
a ‘very inemcient washing ?uid and hasproven jected to the action of the washing ?uid after
which they are treated by a rinsing ?uid. and
45 The main object 01' this invention is to provide ' although my‘ novel device for supplying a cleans- 45
a dish washing machine having washing and ing agent to. the washing ?uid is equally adapted
rinsing ‘chambers with means for automatically to‘ be used in connection with} washing machines
supplying a solvent or cleansing agent to the of dl?erentconstructions, I have chosen a well
lrnown simply constructed type‘otdish washing
_ washing ?uid at predetermined periods of opera
so tion.
Another object of the invention is to provide
a cleansing agent supply means for the washing
?uid of a machine for washing dishes or the like
with, means whereby a predetermined Quantity
5g‘ '0! the cleansing agent will’ be suppiied;_- , ~
~machine tor illustrating the application of my de- 50
vice to a washing machine.
The dish washing machine ‘as illustrated in
Figure 1 comprises a case i open at both ends and
having therein?a" washing chamber 2, and a rins- "
ing chamber 3 which may be divided by a suitable 55
9, 187,017
wall as I composed of either metal or of fabric
or the like and which extends transversely of the
case and is adapted to permit the articles to be
cleansed to pass from one chamber to the other.
To the lower portion of the case I is securedya vat
I. which extends longitudinally of the case be
moving insoluble refuse and food stuil's carried by
the dishes or other articles to be cleansed.
My novel apparatus for supplying a solvent vor
cleansing agent tov the washing ?uid contained in
the vat I in this instance, comprises a supply tank
or reservoir 25 which may be mounted in any con
neath the chambers 2 and I and has the upper venient location as upon the case I as shown in
side thereof open and in communication with ' Figure 1. This tank is preferably composed of
said chambers.
The case I is further provided with a pair of
spray nozzles or manifolds asfI and I arranged
in the upper portion of a respective chamber for
supplying respectively a washing ?uid and a rins
ing ?uid to the articles to be washed. Rinsing
16 ?uid may be supplied to one qgthese spray nozzles
as I by any suitable means and from any suitable
source not shown, in a manner which will be
clearly understood by-t'hose skilled in the art.
The washing ?uid is supplied to the other nozzle I
20 in this instance by means of a pump II having
the inlet opening’ thereof in communication with
the interior of the vat I while the discharge open
ing of said pump is. connected with the nozzle I
sheet copper or other non~corrosive material and
has the upper side thereof provided with an inlet ll
opening 26 which is closed by a cover 21 remov
ably mounted on the tank. The bottom as 28
of the tank preferably slopes from one end there
of toward the other end which is provided with
an outlet opening 28in close proximity to the 11
bottom 2I. The supply tank .25 is divided by a
partition II which extends transversely across the
tank parallel with the end 31 of the tank con
taining the outlet opening 28 to form a relatively
large supply chamber" and a relatiyely small
outlet chamber I3.
v ;
The lower'end oi’ the partition II terminates at
short, distance from the bottom 2I to form a pas
in any suitable manner as by a conduit II. The sage II connecting the supply chamber with the
pump II is driven by an electric motor l2 opera
outlet chamber and; this passage may as shown,
tively connected therewith. The motor I2 and be covered by a suitable screen II for preventing ’
pumpv II are mounted in the usual manner out
side the washing and rinsing chambers upon a
base II' which may be supportably connected in
undissolved portions of-the cleaning agent from
passing from the supbli chamber.
A metering valve I‘Iji's secured in any suitable
‘manner to the end II tithe supply tank in com
any suitable manner to the case I.
In dish washing machines of this type the arti- ' munication with the outlet opening 2I as by a nut
cles as. china-ware, silver-ware ‘and glass-ware
are usually stacked in“ suitable baskets or trays
asv I I and these loaded trays are conveyed through
the case I from the washing chamber to the rins
ingchamber and for this purpose I have shown a
pair of opposed guide tracks II secured to the case
guide tracks are arranged in parallel
spaced relation over the vat I and in this ‘in
I stance the trays II are manually moved along
II. This metering valveas shown in the drawing
comprises a- valve seat” formed in the passage -
II which 1 extends longitudinally through said
valve from the inlet end thereof to the outlet end.‘
A tapered valve II is mounted in the case II of
valve 3‘! to engage the seat 39- and has the stem
as I2 thereof provided with screw threads II'
which engage in a corresponding internally ‘
threaded plug or cap II mounted in theivalve case
II at one side of the passage II. The valve stem said tracks from one chamber to the other.
In operation the pump II is- continuously 'oper- ‘I2 extends outwardly through the plug and
‘ Eated bythe motor I2 for pumping the washing through a stumng box as II provided in the outer
?uid from the vat I to the spray nozzle -I where it - end ‘of the plug and has the outer end thereof
as at I1 to provide a convenient means
is discharged over the articles to be washed and , ?attened
by which the valve may be manipulated ‘by a key 45
' the tray containing them and then the washing _
?uid returns to the vat I to be reLcirculated. As
‘ the loaded tray II is moved from the washing ‘
chamber 2 into the rinsing chamber I. said tray
comes ;into contact with an operating lever II
provided on a control valve "connected in the
supply line for the spray nozzle I. As the tray
indicated at II Figure I, which maybe removably
connected'to the valve stem.
To the outer end of the plug II is secured in
any suitable manner as by the 'stu?lng box nut
II’ -a cup-‘shaped housing II which in this in 60
‘stance has the outer end portion thereof open
and provided with a cap II screw threaded
thus engages the lever ‘I I the valve II is opened ' thereon, said cap being provided with a hollow
55 for automatically: supplying the rinsing ?uid boss I2 adapted to receive the outer end of the
which preferably consists of clean water heated valve stem I2 thereon as shown vin Figure 4 and
to a high degree oi’ temperature to the spray noz
connected with the marginal portion of the cap
zle I. As the rinsing ?uid escapes from the nozzle II by a plurality of, in this instance, three ra
it passes over the contents of the basket and is dially disposed arms I3 which provide a corre
deposited into the vat I for replenishing the wash
sponding number of sight openings I3’ through
ing ?uid contained in said vat. A predetermined which the interior of the housing II may be 60
quantity of washing ?uid is contained in the vat
by means of an over-?ow pipe 2| which is prefer
Within the housing II, asshown in Figure 4, is
ably connected with the vat beneath the washing mounted an index plate or disk II composed of
65 chamber 2, or in other words, in spaced relation
thin‘ sheet metal, paper or-the like. The index
to the source of supply for said washing ?uid.
. ‘It will thus-be seen that as ?uid. 'as water, is
added to the washing ?uid during the rinsing, op
eration, a corresponding quantity of the washing
plate II may be secured in any suitable manner
as by glue to the inner end wall of the housing
and is provided with a plurality of circumferen
tially spaced indicia II by which the position of
will escape through the over-?ow pipe 2I, ' the valve Il may be determined, said valve being
provided with a pointer II secured in any suit
together with any cleansing agent which may be
contained therein and, _therefore. it becomes nec
' essaryto add a certain amount of cleansing agent
to the washing ?uid to maintain the same at ‘a
75 given standard for ei'iicaciously loosening and re-_
able manner to the valve stem I2 adjacent the
nut II’ for co-acting with the indicia on— the
index plate II.
As shownin the drawing the metering valve 31 75"
has connected thereto a contents gauge 58 which
in this instance, comprises a tubular metal case
59 secured to the valve case and which contains
a glass tube 66‘ which has the lower end thereof in
communication with the passage 46 of the valve
between the inlet opening thereof and the valve
seat 39. The tubular case 59 is provided with a
disk valve 66 is in engagement with the seat 66
and hasythe lower end thereofconnected with
the‘case of the valve 65 as shown in Figure 5.
longitudinal slot in one side thereof for expodng
released will‘ function to return said am to its
It will thus be seen that when the arm 84 is
rocked in either direction for lifting the disk
valve 68 from ‘the seat 66 the spring 65 will be
tensioned thereby and as soon as the arm 84 is _
normal position and thereby return the disk
10 said tube is provided with the usual marks or -va1ve 68_t0 the closed position in engagement
with ‘the seat 66. The valve 66 as shown more
indicia 60' arranged in longitudinal'spaced rela
tion to be ‘observed throughJthe slot; It will thus 'clearly'in Figure 1 is secured to one side of the
the adjacent portion of the ‘glass tube-66, and
be understood that the solution contained in the
supply tank may ?ow upwardly into the tube 66
15 and the contents of the tank be readily deter
vat 5 .with the arm 84 thereof extending over the
adjacent guide tracks i6 opposite the arm l6 for
the valve l9, in the path of movement of a tray 15
mined without the necessity of removing the, l5 moving along said track.
cover 21.
- In operation the cleansing agent as an alkali
The outlet __of the passage 46 of the metering
valve 31 is connected with the interior of the vat"
5 by means ofa pipe'or conduit 62 which extends
downwardly through the upper wall of they case I
through the rinsing chamber 3 at one side thereof
and has the lower end extended through the vat
5 in communication with the interior thereof in
25 a plane preferably above the upper end of the
over?ow pipe 20 and, therefore, above the-level
of the washing‘ ?uid contained in the‘vat.
Mounted in the‘ conduit 62 and positioned
within the chamber 3 is an operating valve 65.
30 This valve is provided with a valve seat 66 ar
cleaning material is placed in the supply tank
25 in a ‘liquid state or is mixed with a liquid as
water so as to be in a liquid state and will ob 20
viously pass from the tank to the metering valve
31. This valve is maintained in a partial open
position by the manipulation of the valve stem
42 depending upon the degree of discharge of
the cleansing agent which “is wished to be main
tained. The cleansing, agent passes from the
metering valve 31 through the conduit 62 to the
operating valve 65. This valve 65 is opened by
the engagement of a tray 15 with the arm 84 each
time a tray is moved into the. rinsing chamber 3 'so i
and in’ the arrangement shown in the drawing‘
therethrough. A disk valve 68 is mounted in an - this valve 65 will be opened simultaneously with
the opening of the control valve l9 ‘so that as
upwardly projecting hollow boss 69 formed inte
gral with the valve case for axial movement into , washing ?uid is supplied to‘ the tank 5 from
and" out of engagement with the valve seat 66. .the spray nozzle 9 the cleansing agent will be
The valve 68 is normally urgedvinto engagement supplied to the washing ?uid in the vat 5. As
*with the seat 66 by a spring ‘I6 also mounted in v soon as the tray in the rinsing chamber is moved
the boss 69 between a washer ‘H secured to the ~ outwardly therefrom beyond the valve arms l9
lower end of the valve stem 12 adjacent the valve and 84 the supply of fresh washing fluid and
'40 68 and guide member 13 mounted at the upper cleansing agent to the vat 5 will be discontinued.
It will thus be seen that I have produced a
end of the boss 69. This guide 13 has the lower
ranged in the passage 61 extending lengthwise
. portion thereof provided with a stumng box 13'
and is secured to the boss 69 by a cap 14 which is
screw threaded at its lower end ‘to the boss 69 as
45 shown in Figure 6.
The guide member ‘I! is
simple, economically constructed mechanism
whereby-a cleansing agent may be automatically
‘supplied to ,a washing, ?uid simultaneously with
the replenishment of said washing ?uid with a. 45
maintained against rotation’ by a pin 15 mounted
in the boss 69 and extending upwardly through
fresh supply and that the quantity of the cleans
ing agent may be readily controlled by the ma
a slot provided in the member 13; The can 14
extends some distance above the boss 69 and has
nipulation of metering valve 31 so as to produce
and ‘maintain a washing ?uid having a given
percentage of cleansing agent therein irrespective
of any variation in the amount of washing ?uid
50 the upper end thereof‘ provided with a stu?lng
box 11 through which the valve stem ‘I2 extends.
The upper face of the guide member ‘I3 .is pro
vided with a'pair of upwardly extending diamet
rlcally opposed cam members ‘or teeth 19 as
shown more clearly" in F1gurev'7 and which are
adapted to be engaged by a‘ pair‘of correspond
I have shown the valves l9 and 65 Q
for. controlling the supply vof ‘rising water and
the cleansing agent respectively to the vat 5
vmounted within the rinsing chamber 3 and as
ingly constructed cam, faces or teeth 86 provided being manually manipulated simultaneously in
on a cam collar 8| secured to the valve stem 12 this instance through the medium of the tray l5,
adjacent the teeth 19 so that whenfthe valve 68 ‘ it is ‘to be understood that one or both of these
60 engages the valve seat 66 the teeth 86 will regis
valves may be mounted at any other convenient
position either inside or outside of the rinsing
ter in the spaces between the teeth 19. It will
now be observed that the valve-68 may be raised
chamber or of the case I and that they may be
from the valve seat 66 by rotating the valve stem ' manually operated'simultaneously for adding a‘ '
12 in either direction for bringing the cam teeth
86 into engagement with the teeth 19 and thereby
produce an upward axial movement of the valve
fresh supply of water and “a cleansing agent to » '
thevat by any suitable lever or linkage mecha
nism operatively connecting said valves. There
fore, I do not wish to be limited to the exact
stemand valve disk.
In order that this rotary movement of the
valve stem may be readily accomplished, the
upper end thereof has secured thereto one end
construction shown as various changes. may be
readily made in the form, and-‘relation of the
parts ofvthe device withoutdepariting from the 70
of a radially extending arm 64 which has se
spirit of the invention as
cured to the underside thereof a spring 86. This
spring 85 extends downwardly in a vertical plane
forth in the ap
I claim:
from the arm 94 when the cam teeth 88 are in a
1. In a ,
washing machine having a vat for I
washing ?uid, a casing arranged over said vat 751
position intermediate the cam teeth "I9 and the
forming a washing chamber in communication
therewith, track means for trays for the articles
to be cleansed connected with the casing to ex
tend through'the chamber over said vat and a
washing apparatus connected with the casing for
subjecting the articles in the trays to the action
of the ?uid in said vat to wash said articles, said
washing machine beingcharacterized by a rins
ing apparatus ‘connected with the casing in
spaced ‘relation to the washing apparatus for
sprinkling the articles with fresh- water and
adding said water to the contents of the vat, said
rinsing '~ apparatus including a spray nozzle
mounted in said chamber and a valve mounted
therewith, track means for trays for the articles
to be cleansed connected with the casing to ex
tend through the chamber over said vat and’ a I
washing apparatus connected with the casing for
subjecting the articles in the trays to the action
of the ?uid in said vat to wash said articles, said
washing machine being characterized by a rins- '
ing apparatus connected with the casing in
spaced relation to the washing apparatus for
sprinkling the articles with fresh water and add 10
ing said water to the contents of the vat, said
rinsing apparatus including a spray nozzle
mounted in said chamber and a valve mounted
adjacent the track, a supply tank for a cleansing
15 adjacent the ‘track, a supply tank for a'cleansing ' solution, a conduit connecting the tank with the
solution, a conduit connecting the tank with the
- vat, an operating valve in said conduit positioned
adjacent the track independently of the ?rst
mentioned valve, separate operating means for
'20 each valve, each of said operating means being
- arranged to extend into the path of a tray'in its
,, movement‘ along said track' to be directly en'- '
gagedby said tray for'simultaneously‘ opening
vat, an operating valve in said conduit positioned
adjacent the track independently or the ?rst
mentioned valve, separate operating means for
each valve, each of said operating means being
arranged to extend into the path of a tray in its 20
movement along said track to be directly engaged
by said tray for simultaneously opening said
valves andmaintaining the valves in the open
saidfvalves and maintaining the valves in the position during the passage of the tray beneath
open position during the passage of the tray be
the spray nozzle, and a metering device for the
neath the spray nozzle,v and a metering device cleansing solution mounted in said c'ondult,'in 25
for the cleansing solution mounted in said con
2.4 in a dish washing machine having a vat for
washing fluid, a casingarranged over said vat
forming a washing, chamber in communication
eluding a body member’ having a valve seat, a
valve movable toward and from said seat, and
operating means connected with the valve where- ‘
by said valve may be manually adjusted.
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