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Aug- 16, 1938.
Filed-Jan. ‘e, v195v
E]. 1."
Patented Aug. 16, 1938
Carl D. Eggebrecht, Bayside, N. Y.
Application January 6, 1937, Serial No. 119,185
2 Claims. (Cl. 232-41)
One object of this invention is the provision
of a receptacle adapted to be mounted adjacent or, as illustrated, quadrants. A ratchet |9a is ro
tatably mounted on the post I‘! near the ?oor 2|
a door in the wall of a house or apartment, hav
ing an opening on one side of its front wall
through which milk bottles may be inserted into
the receptacle, and another opening through its
inside wall through which the bottles may be re
moved from the receptacle, with means provided
for preventing removal of the bottles from the
outside opening after they have once been in
serted and positioned within the receptacle.
Another object of the invention is the pro
vision of a receptacle, the front wall of which
is adapted to be mounted ?ush with the outside
15 wall of the apartment, having a semi-cylindrical
extension projecting beyond this wall, in which
a turnstile is mounted, the turnstile being ro
tated through a quadrant upon pushing a bottle
from this extension into the receptacle, the turn
stile being rotatable in one direction only so that
the bottle once inserted in the receptacle cannot
be removed through the turnstile.
The above and other objects will become ap
parent in the description below, in which charac
ters of reference refer to like-named parts in the
accompanying drawing.
Referring briefly to the drawing, Figure l is a
front elevational view, illustrating the device
mounted in the wall of a dwelling.
Figure 2 is a cross-sectional view taken
line 2-2 of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a cross-sectional view taken
line 3—3 of Figure 2.
Figure 4 is a cross-sectional view taken
line 4-4 of Figure 3.
Figure 5 is a perspective view of the
on the
on the
on the
tacle per se.
Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral
[0 indicates the outer wall of an apartment or
An opening is provided at the bot
tom of the wall for insertion therein of a recep
tacle I! having its front wall l2 flush with the
outside of the wall Ill and its rear wall l3 lying
adjacent the inside of the wall ID in the interior
of the apartment, and, if desired, ?ush with the
inside wall. A semi-cylindrical projection l4, en
closing a vestibule 20, is provided at one end of
the wall l2 of the receptacle, and a sliding door
l5 having a handle I6 is adapted to open or close
an opening into the vestibule 20.
A turnstile is vertically mounted in the pro
jection M on a pivot post ll. Vertically aligned
horizontal prongs I8, extending rigidly from a
sleeve l9 rotatable on the post I1, divide the turn
55 stile into a plurality of vertical compartments,
of the receptacle II, and a pawl 22 lies in en
gagement therewith to permit rotation of the
turnstile in one direction only, that is, in a coun
ter-clockwise direction, Figures 2 and 4.
A plurality of transverse rollers 23 are mounted
as a spaced-apart distance above the floor 2|. A
platform 24 is mounted at the bottom of the
projection M at the same distance above the ?oor
2|. A platform 24 is supported on its outer end
on an upright 25, extending rigidly from the‘
floor 2|. The opposite end of the platform 24 is
provided with a depending web 26. The web 26
is extended along the front side of the compart
ment 2'! within the receptacle, and is elongated
over the distance from the left-hand (Figure 2)
end of the vestibule 20, to the left-hand end of
the compartment 21, to extend from the ?oor 2|.
Thus, the entire length of the web 26 serves as 20
a support for one end of each of the rollers 23.
The opposite ends of these rollers are supported
in an upright strip 28 extending rigidly from the
floor 2|. In the rear wall l3 of the receptacle,
a hinged door 29 having a handle 30 is pro
vided, by means of which the bottles may be re
moved from the receptacle within the compart
The operation of the device is as follows: The
door I5 is normally closed, as shown in Figure 5.
To insert a bottle into the receptacle, the door
I5 is ?rst slid open, a bottle is inserted into the
vestibule 20 and pushed inward toward the re
ceptacle. The bottle will then lie within the up
per right-hand quadrant of the turnstile, Figure
2. If now a second bottle is inserted, the turn
stile will carry the ?rst bottle, ?rst toward the
rear wall of the receptacle, and thence, from left
to right along the compartment 21, riding on the
rollers 23.
In this manner a large number of
bottles may be inserted into the receptacle. To us 0
prevent an inserted bottle from being carried back
into the vestibule 20 by continued rotation of the
tunstile, a series of rigid check prongs 3| are
mounted on the inside of the wall I2 and project
into the spaces between the orbits of the turnstile
prongs l8. It is impossible for the bottles to be
removed from the outside of the wall I0 through
the projection l4, because of the above-mentioned
locking of the turnstile against rotation in the
opposite direction. It is thus apparent that a
theft-proof receptacle has been provided which
is a guarantee against removal of the bottles
by unauthorized persons.
Obviously, modi?cations in form and struc 55
ture may be made without departing from the
spirit and scope of the invention.
I claim:
tangular housing adapted to be mounted in a
wall of a building, a turnstile mounted in one end
of the front wall of said housing, an opening in
housing a semi-cylindrical projection extending
said housing into said turnstile, rollers mounted
transversely adjacent the ?oor of the receptacle,
means cooperating with said turnstile to permit
rotation thereof in one direction and to- prevent
stile on the same level as said rollers, and prongs
said housing and projecting substantially parallel
1. A receptacle comprising‘ a housing adapted
to be mounted in a wall of a building, the front
wall of said housing having at one end of said
outward therefrom, a turnstile mounted in said rotation in the opposite direction, a platform _
projection, a door in said projection, rollers mounted adjacent the bottom of said housing on
mounted transversely adjacent the floor of the ' the same level as said rollers on one side of said 10
receptacle, means cooperating with said turnstile turnstile, and means mounted between said re
to permit rotation thereof in one direction and ceptacle and said projection for guiding a bot-c
to prevent rotation in the opposite direction, a tle which has been inserted into the receptacle
platform mounted adjacent the bottom of said away from said turnstile, said means compris
inf prongs secured at one end to the front wall of 15
projection under the forward end of said turn
on said front wall and projecting substantially
parallel therewith into the orbit of said turnstile.
2. A receptacle comprising a substantially rec
with said front wall into the orbit of said turn
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