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Àug. 16, 1938.
Filed Nov. 24, 1936
Patented Aug. 16, 1938
. 2,127,157
Christian Christîansen, OSlo, and Gustav Otto
Karl Riisoh, Mandal, Norway
Application November 24, 1936, 'Serial No. 112,566
In Norway November' 27', 1935
5 Claims.- (Cl. 19-128)
The present invention relates to machines for
breaking hemp, such machines usually compris?
ing a series of horizontal needle beltsarranged
in tandem, and arrangements by means of which
the hemp at the delivery end of a needle belt is
pushed upwards out of engagement With the
needles, so that theneedles, during the move
ment of the needle holders or bars around the
needle belt Wheels, may be retained in radial
li) position and the holders consequently may be
?xed rigidly to the chains, whereby the control
ling mechanism for the needle holders, Which
otherwise is necessary during their movement
around the chain Wheels, becomes super?uous
and the speed of the needle belts may be in
creased considerably.
Subject matter of the present invention is an
arrangement of the said kind which can be built
into the breaking machine itself. The arrange
ment is in the main characterized by the use
of hemp removing plates or slides rotating syn
chronously With the chain Wheels of the needle
belt at or near the delivery end of the belt, and
which during the rotation are controlled in such
25 a way that they, preferably when passing the
Vertical plane through the aXis of the chain
Wheels, are moved outwardly between two needle
holders, thereby pushing the hemp out of en
gagement With the needles.
The said removal plates or slides preferably
are guided in radial grooves or slots in discs or
the like rotating co-aXially with the chain Wheels
of the needle belt and are during the rotation
controlled by means of guides arranged eXcen
trically to the aXis of the chain Wheels, with
which guide projections or the like on the plates
or slides engage.
The said guides suitably may
also be Circular, but may be shaped otherwise,
for instance in an irregular curve, giving the
40 plates or slides a desired irregular motion in the
radial direction during the rotation. The guides
vidual needlebeltv and thereby the stress on the
needles may be reduced and the individual belts
be made shorter than in the machines previously
used. As a result of this distribution of the work
the spreading becomes more even and the prod- ñ
uct more uniform. Owing to the fact that the
needles retain a radial position during the move
ment around the chain Wheels and that the
needle holders therefore can be rigidly connected
to the chains, the speed of all belts and thereby 10
the capacity of the machine can be further in
The distance between the needles in the needle
holders and the distance between the holders in
the needle belts preferably decrease for successive 15
belts in the series.
In the drawing Fig. 1 shows a device according
to the invention, looking in the aXial direction
from the Centre of the machine, and Fig. 2 a ver
tícal section through the axis of one of the chain 20
Wheels of a needle belt and the device according
to the invention.' Fig. 3 shows diagrammatically
a series of needle belts each provided with the
hemp removal device according to the invention.
l is the frame of the machine With bearings 25
2, 2 for the shaft 3 of the chain Wheels 4, 4, over
which the needle belt 5 runs. Secured to the shaft
3 are the discs 6, 6 With radial slots or grooves 1,
'l in Which the hemp removal plates 8, 8 slide dur
ing their rotation, being controlled by means of 30
the projections 9, 9 which engage the Circular
guide grooves IO, lu arranged excentrícally to
the shaft 3 in the stationary discs Il, ll. The
removal plates 8 thereby will, when passing the 4
Vertical plane through the aXiS of the chain 35
Wheel, be moved outwards between the two needle
holders to such height that their outer edge come
up to or approximately to the height of the ends
of the needles whereby the hemp is pushed out
of engagement With the same.
The guides may, as mentioned above, be shaped
otherwise so that the removal plates come in their
are secured to the frame of the machine in any
suitable manner and are preferably adjustable outmost position under another angle. Instead
by rotation about the aXis of the chain Wheels ,. of slots as shown in the drawing, other control
ling elements may be used, for instance a System 45
45 of the needle belt.
The device can be used for all of the needle of levers.
In the embodiment shown in the drawing a
belts of the machine, whereby the hemp which by
means of the plates or slides is removed from hemp removal plate is moved outwardly in the
space between each two needle holders, but, espe
the needles easily can be delivered to a succeed
ing needle belt. Any desired number of needles cially for needle belts With a small distance be- 50
tween the holders, a removal plate or slide may
belts for instance 3 or more therefore may be
arranged in series, whereby the breaking or be moved outwardly in every second or third space
Spreading of the hemp may be divided upon more between needle holders.
In Fig. 3 A is a pair of rollers through which
places and be carried out continuously in one
the hemp\ is delivered to the machine which has 55
operation, whereby the spreading in each indi
3 needle belts B, C and D. All belts have at their
delivery end a hemp removal device according to
the invention and the needle holders are rigidly
?xed to the chains.
Each belt travels at a higher
velocity than the preceding belt as indicated With
the arrows. The completely spreaded hemp is
delivered to the rollers E.
Having now particularly described and ascer
tained the nature of Our Said invention and in
lO What manner the same is to be performed, We
declare that What We claim is:
1. In a hemp breaking machine, a needle belt
having spaced needle holders, Wheels for' support
ing and driving said' needle belt, and a device for
removing the hemp from said needle belt at the
delivery end of the same, said device comprising
a plurality of hemp removal members, mounted
in supports connected to and rotatable With the
said belt driving Wheel at the delivery end of said
needle belt, and means for causing radial move
ments of each Said member during predetermined
portions of its rotation, Said members being
adapted to operate in the spaces between adjacent
needle holders.
2. Apparatus as de?ned in claim 1, said hemp
removal member supporting means comprising a
pair of radially Slotted members connected to and
rotatable With said belt driving Wheel.
3. Apparatus as de?ned in claim 1, said means
for causing radial movements of Said hemp re
moval members comprising guide means in the
form of a. closed curve eccentric to Said belt driv
ing Wheel, and guide engaging means carried by
said hemp removal members.
4. In a hemp breaking machine, a plurality of
needle belts arranged in series, each Said belt
having spaced needle holders, Wheels for sup
porting and driving said needle belts, and a de
vice associated With each said needle belt forre
moving the hemp therefrom at the delivery end
of the same, said device comprísing a plurality
of hemp removal members, mounted in supports
connected to and rotatable With the said belt
driving Wheel at the delivery end of said needle
belt, and means for' causing radial movements
of each said member during predetermined por”
tions of its rotation, said members being adapted
to operate in the spaces between adjacent needle
5. Apparatus as de?ned in claim 4, the needle
holders of each successive needle belt being more
closely spaced longitudinally of said belt than the
.needle holders of the preceding belt.
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