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' Aug. 16,1938.
,R. H, FAY
Filed Jan. 22, 1937
Patented Aug. 16, 1938
Ray H. Fay, Manitowoc, Wis., assignor to Alu
minum Goods Manufacturing 00., Manitowoc,
Application January 22, 1937, Serial No. 121,779
2 Claims.
This invention appertains to handles for cook
ing utensils, and more particularly to novel
means for securing a handle to a coffee percola
tor, or similar utensil.
In co?ee percolators, it is generally the custom
to provide a wooden handle, so that the percola
tor can be easily manipulated without danger
of the user’s hands being burned. The space be
tween the upper and lower brackets is generally
10 limited, due to the wood bushings or sleeves sur
rounding the bolts employed for holding the han
dle of the percolator, which prevents an easy
grip being had on the handle.
It is, therefore, one of the salient objects of
(Cl. 16-414)
Figure 5 is a detail side elevation of a modi
?ed form of the bracket or strap, with parts
thereof broken away and in section.
Figure 6 is a side elevation of a further modi
?ed form of the bracket or strap.
Figure 7 is a side elevation of a still further
modi?ed form of the bracket or strap.
Figure 8 is an enlarged detail sectional View
taken substantially on the line 8—8 of Figure 2,
looking in the direction of the arrows, illustrat- 10
ing the means of associating the attaching clip
with the bracket or strap of the type shown in
Figures 1 to 4, inclusive.
Referring to the drawing in detail, wherein
15 the invention to provide a handle embodying a
wooden handle, with a novel means for anchor
ing the extreme lower end of the same to the per
similar reference characters
colator body by means of a metal strap, whereby
ample space will be provided between the upper
20 bracket and the lower strap for the hand.
Another salient object of my invention is to
provide a durable and simple means for detach
ing utensil, such as a percolator P, shown in
dotted lines in Figure 1 of the drawing. The
handle H includes a wooden hand-grip I0, which 20
ably connecting the strap to the hand-grip,
the percolator body in the manner now custom
arily practised, and thus the upper end of the
grip can be provided with a diametrically ex- 25
tending opening ll through which is inserted a
holding bolt I2. The inner end of the bolt is
adapted to be threaded into a socket carried by
the percolator body, and the head of the bolt
is countersunk within the hand-grip. A sleeve 30
formed of wood, or other material, can be placed
whereby the grip can be easily and quickly re
placed when necessary, or desirable.
A further object of my invention is to provide
novel means for forming the strap, whereby the
same will underlie the hand-grip to form a pro
tection therefor, and at the same time permit
30 ?rm connection thereof to the grip.
A still further object of my invention is to pro
vide a novel means for securing percolator han
dles in place of the above character, which will
be simple and easy to manufacture, and one
35 which can be placed upon the market and incor
porated with a percolator at a small cost.
With these and other objects in view, the in
vention consists in the novel construction, ar
rangement, and formation of parts, as will be
hereinafter more speci?cally described, claimed,
and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in
which drawing:
Figure 1 is a side elevation of a utensil handle
constructed in accordance with my invention,
parts of the handle being shown broken away and
in section to illustrate the construction thereof.
Figure 2 is a transverse section through the
handle-securing means taken substantially on
the line 2-—2 of Figure 4, looking in the direc
50 tion of the arrows.
Figure 3 is an inner end elevation of the
bracket or strap forming a part of the handle
securing means.
Figure 4 is a top plan view of the bracket or
55 strap.
designate corre- 15
sponding parts throughout the several views, the
letter H generally indicates a handle for a cook
can be ornamented in any desired way. The up
per end of the hand-grip l0 can be secured to
around the bolt between the percolator body and
the hand-grip.
The lower end of the hand-grip is connected
to the percolator body in a novel manner, and 35
thus I utilize a metal strap or bracket l3, on
which the lower end of the hand-grip is adapted
to rest. The inner end of the strap or bracket
I3 has formed thereon a right angularly ex
tending attaching foot [4, having openings I5 40
therein by means of which the strap can be riv
etcd to the percolator.
The strap l3 adjacent
to its outer end is provided with a transversely
extending slot I 6, through which is inserted an >
attaching clip- ll. If desired, this attaching clip 45
IT can be transversely bowed, as best shown in
Figure 4, so as to frictionally grip the walls of the
slot. Struck out from the body portion of the
clip are upper and lower ears [8 and I9, which
form means for engaging the thread of an at- 50
taching screw 20 shown in dotted lines in Fig
ure 1 of the drawing. The lower end of the
hand-grip M has formed therein an axial bore
2| for receiving the clip, and communicating
with the bore is a diametrically extending open- 55
ing 22 for the reception of the screw 20, the head shown in Figure 6 of the drawing, and, obvi
of which is adapted to be countersunk within the
In assembling the clip I‘! with the strap, the
same can be ?rst inserted through the opening
l6, after which the ears l8 and Hi can be punched
therefrom, or the ears l8 and I9 can be punched
from the clip before the assembling process. In
this instance, the lower end of the clip is in
serted through the slot I6, and the lower end
ously, the arm 32 is adapted to be inserted with
in the bore of the hand-grip.
Figure 7 shows a further modi?ed form of
the bracket, and in this form an arm 35 is
struck out from the body portion of the bracket
similar to the form shown in Figure 5, but in
this form the arm is bent back, as at 36, against
the body portionof the bracket to form a re
Obviously, the strap or bracket lies consider
The outer end of the strap or bracket is pref - ably below the point occupied by the usual lower
holding-bolt, and wood bushing or sleeve. Hence,
erably rounded so as to conform to the con
?guration of the hand-grip II]. In connecting ample space is allowed for the user’s hand around
the hand-grip with the bracket or strap, the the hand-grip.
Changes in details may be made without de
hand-grip is placed on top of the strap or bracket
in such a manner that the clip II will extend into parting from the spirit or the scope of this in
of the clip is upset, as at 23.
the bore 2|, after which the screw 20 is placed
through the opening 22, and threaded between
vention, but what I claim as new is:
1. A handle for cooking utensils comprising
the ears l8 and I9.
a wooden hand-grip having an axial bore open- .1
vBy this construction it can be seen that novel
and simple means has been provided for con
necting the wooden hand-grip with the perco
lator, and that the strap will form a protectibn
for the lower end of thegrip.
In Figure 5 I have shown a modi?ed form of
ing out throughits lowervend and a radial open
ing communicating with the bore, an attaching
bracket underlying the lower end of the hand
bracket or strap, and in this ?gure an angle
shaped bracket vor strap 25 is provided, having
a horizontal body portion 26 and a vertically
grip, an attaching foot formed on the inner end
of the bracket for connection with the cook- '
ingutensil, the outer end of the bracket hav
ing a slot therein, a clip extending through the
slot into the bore- having thread-engaging
tongues thereon, and a screw ?tted in said open
ing engaging the tongues, said clip being of an 30
extending attaching foot~2'|. Struck out from
‘the body portion 26'of the strap or bracket ‘is
an upstanding ear 28, and this ear in turn has
struck therefrom the upper and lower tongues
29 and 3B, which are adapted to be engaged by
the attaching screw. This bracket is utilized in
the same ‘manner/as the ‘bracket l3, and hence
2. A handle for cooking utensils comprising,
a hand grip having an axial bore opening out
through its lower end, and a radial opening com
municating with the bore and opening out one 35
side of the handle, a ?at attaching bracket com
the ear 28 is inserted within the ‘bore 2| of the
pletely underlying the lower end of the hand grip
In lieulof punching the ear v128 from the body
portion of ‘the bracket or strap, the outer end of
the strap can be folded back upon itself, as at
3|, after which its folded portion can be bent
at an angle to the'body portion of the. strap to
form an arm 32.v The arm 32 is then struck
14.5 out from the same upper and lower tongues 33
and 34, which are adapted to engage the threads
of the attaching screw. This form is clearly
arcuate shape in transverse cross section.
and closing the open end of the bore, means con
necting the inner ,end of the bracket with the
cooking utensil, the outer end of the bracket hav 40
ing aslot therein, a removable, clip engaging the
lower face of the bracket and extending through
the slot .and into the bore of the hand grip past
the opening, and a screw ?tted in said opening
and threaded into the clip.
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