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Aug. 16, 1938.
T. J. coLlHAN
Filed Nov‘. 19, 1957
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Aug. 16, 1938.
' 2,127,288
Filed Nov. 19, 1957
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Patented Aug. 16, 1938
Thomas J. Oolihan, Girardville, Pa.
Application November 19, 1937, Serial No. 175,525
1 Claim.
My invention relates to improvements in draft
regulators for use on boilers, more particularly
locomotive boilers.
The invention is designed with the particular
5 purpose in view of providing a practical, inex
pensive means of simple construction adapted to
be readily attached to the smoke box of a loco
motive for operation under the blast of the ex
haust passing therethrough to break the pull, or
1 lift, in the ?re box incident to the rush of the
exhaust through the smoke box, and thereby ob
viate undue suction in said ?re box such as
would tend to draw flames and sparks therefrom
through the boiler ?ues.
To the accomplishment of the above, and sub
ordinate objects presently appearing, a preferred
embodiment of my invention has been illustrated
in the accompanying drawings, set forth in detail
in the succeeding description, and de?ned in the
20 claim appended hereto.
In said drawings—
Figure 1 is a fragmentary view in vertical
longitudinal section of a locomotive boiler having
my improved draft regulator applied thereto,
Figure 2 is a view in front elevation,
Figure 3 is a View in vertical transverse section
taken on the line 3-3 of Figure 1 looking in the
direction indicated by the arrows, and
Figure 4 is a View in perspective of a bracket
(Cl. 236-45)
the aperture 8, is a circular closure plate l8 of
sufficient diameter to close said aperture. Pref
erably the plate I8 has formed thereon guide
sleeves I9 through which the rods I4 and I5 ex
tend and which prevent said plate from binding
on said rods. The plate I8 is yieldingly urged
against the inner side of the front plate 5, in
closing position, by means of a tension spring 20
having its opposite ends secured to a pair of eye
bolts 2| and 22 secured in the center of the plate 10
and said breast bar I 0, respectively, as by nuts
As will now be seen the device described forms
a valve in which the closure plate I8 is the valve
member tensioned by the spring 20 to seat 15
against the front plate 5 and close the valve
opening 8 and so that when the exhaust steam
blasts through the smoke box 4 the .suction
created therein by the blast will pull the plate I8,
or valve member, into opening position in oppo 20
sition to the spring 20 and admit air to
the smoke box 4. As will be understood the
air thus admitted to the smoke box 4 will
break the suction created in the ?re box, by way
of the lines 2, under such action of the exhaust
steam, and thereby obviate the discharge of
sparks from the smoke stack 6 also the formation
of holes in the ?re bed.
The heads IT on the
forming part of the device.
Referring to the drawings by numerals, my
rods I4 and I5, as will be manifest, establish the
limit of opening movement of the plate I8, or 30
valve member, as shown by dotted lines in
invention has been shown therein as applied to
a locomotive boiler I including the usual flues
Figure 1.
2, front ?ue plate 3, smoke box 4 having the front
plate 5, smoke stack 6 and the usual exhaust
pipe 1 leading from the cylinders, not shown,
into the smoke box 4.
According to my invention, a circular aperture
8, of any suitable size, is provided in the front
40 plate 5 axially thereof and for the admission of
atmospheric air into the ?re box 4. A U-shaped
bracket 9, of right angles form and of suitable
metal, and comprising a breast bar I0 and right
angled legs I I is secured to the plate 5 in upright
position, in the center of the aperture 8, by
means of bolts I2 extending through said legs
and plates and having nuts I3 threaded on to
the ends thereof. Extending inwardly, equi
distantly from the breast bar Ill through said
8 and into the smoke box 4, for a suit
able distance, is a pair of upper and lower, hori
zontally disposed guide rods I4 and I5, each se
cured at its front end in said breast bar ID by
means of a pair of nuts I6 threaded thereon upon
55 opposite sides of said bar II] respectively.
guide rods I4 and I5 are each provided on their
inner ends with a head I'I. slidably mounted on
the guide rods I4 and I5, on the inner side of
The invention will, it is believed, be readily
understood from the foregoing without further
Manifestly, modi?cations in structural fea
tures described may be resorted to without de
parting from the inventive concept and right is
herein reserved to- all such modi?cations falling
within the scope of the subjoined claim.
What I claim is:
A draft regulator for use on a boiler smoke box
of the type having a draft opening therein, said
regulator comprising a U -shaped bracket
adapted to be secured to the outer side of said
box and to span said opening, a pair of guide
rods extending from said bracket and adapted
to extend through said opening into said box, a
closure plate slidably mounted on said rods and
adapted to be disposed in said box for movement 50
on the rods into and from closing relation to said
opening, a tension spring connected atits oppo
site ends to said plate and bracket to urge said
plate toward closing relation, and stops on said
rods for limiting movement of the plate thereon 55
from closing relation.
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