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Aug. M6, 1938..
Filed Oct. '7, 1936
Patented Aug. 16, 1938
Elisha S. Copeland, Batesburg, S. G.
Application October 7, 1936, Serial No. 104,539
1 Claim.
This invention relates to metallic roofs of sec
tional formation, and has for the primary object
the provision of means for joining the sections
of the roof together to provide weather or leak
proof joints therebetween and which are easy
and quick to assemble and will provide drains
to said ‘joint and permits the sections to be read
ily stacked one upon the other for easy handling
and shipping.
With these and other objects in view, this in
vention consists in certain novel features of con
straight edge 1 abuts one of the walls of the
rib 5 and the abutting wall of the latter is dis
posed substantially straight while its companion
wall is disposed at an inclination, as shown at
Ill. The ribs 4 and 8 are provided with indenta
tions H for the purpose of receiving the pointed 5
ends of nails or like fasteners employed for se
curing the sections to the roof construction.
After the assembly of the sections, the ribs 5
at spaced intervals are clinched or bent down
wardly, as shown at L2, to overlie the straight 10
struction, combination and arrangement of parts
edge 1, thereby ?rmly locking the sections to
to be hereinafter more fully described and
gether. When the ribs of the sections are inter
locked, as described, leak-proof joints are pro
For a complete understanding of my inven
tion, reference is to be had to the following de
scription and accompanying drawing, in which
Figure 1 is a fragmentary perspective view il
lustrating a metallic roof constructed in accord
ance with my invention.
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken on the line
2-2 of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on the line
(Cl. 108-18)
3-3 of Figure 1.
Figure 4.- is a fragmentary edge view showing
one end of one of the sections.
Figure 5 is a view similar to Figure 4, showing
the opposite end of the section.
Referring in detail to the drawing, the nu
30 meral I indicates generally a metallic roof made
up of a plurality of overlapping sections 2 each
of metallic sheet formation and constructed in
accordance with the present invention. Each
section 2 has formed along one edge an upstand
35 ing ?ange 3 and spaced ribs G and 5 adjacent
thereto. The section 2 adjacent an opposite edge
is provided with spaced ribs 6 and a straight edge
The section 2 between said ribs is provided
Vided between said sections which will exclude
weather elements and should rain or the like
get between the overlapping portions of the joints
it will be caught and carried oif by the troughs 9.
Before application of the sections to the roof
construction they may be stacked one upon the
other with the ribs inter?tting so as to facilitate 20
handling and shipment.
Having described the invention, I claim:
A metallic roof construction comprising a plu
rality of metallic sheet sections adapted to be
laid in overlapping} relation and each section
being bent to provide at an underlying edge an
upstanding flange and a pair of spaced ribs
adjacent thereto, and a second pair of ribs lo
cated adjacent the opposite edge of said section,
one of the ribs of said ?rst mentioned pair of
ribs of the underlying edge having a substantially
straight upstanding wall and a wall disposed on
an inclination thereto, the other rib of the ?rst
mentioned pair of ribs of the underlying‘ edge
?tting into one of the ribs of the second-named 35
pair of ribs of the overlapping edge with the up
standing flange engaging tightly against a wall
with a reinforcing rib 8. The ribs heretofore
of the other rib of said second-mentioned pair
40 referred to are formed in the section by pressing of ribs of the overlapping edge and the other
the material of said section and which provides - rib of the ?rst-named pair of ribs of the under~ 40
in an opposite face of the section grooves.
lying edge being clinched at spaced intervals
The sections 2 are assembled upon a roof con
against the overlapping edge with the. non
struction, as shown in Figure 1, that is, said sec
flanged overlapping edge bearing tightly against
45 tions are arranged in overlapped relation so that the straight wall of the last-named rib thereby
one of the ribs 6 receives therein the rib ll of
cooperating with the clinched portions in‘ pre- 45
the adjacent section. The other rib 6 receives venting the sections from moving out of over
therein the upstanding ?ange 3 cooperating
therewith in forming a drain trough 9. The
lapping relation.
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