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Aug. 16, 1938.
w. T. cAPPs
‘ 2,127,459
Filed April 10., 1935
Wishing-Z072 T (‘a/ape N
Patented Aug. 16, 1938
UNH‘ED STATES raters orrics
Washington .T‘. Capps, Baltimore, Md, assignor,
by mesne assignments, to‘ Standard Stoker
Company, Inc., (1922), New York,
Y., a cor
poration of Delaware
Application April 10, 1935, ‘Serial No. 15,517
1 Claim.
(Cl. 1_10—-101)
This invention relates to improvements in sec
tional fuel distributors used with stokers and par
ticularly to fuel distributors of the general type
shown in my prior United States Letters Patent
rug: 1,875,216, dated August 30, 1932.
In the form of locomotive stokers to which
this invention is particularly applicable, it is
important that the fuel distributor member
which is exposed to the intense heat of the ?re
box may be‘readily removed from its operative
relation with associated stoker parts whenever
it becomes warped, or is otherwise made un?t
for further service; at the same time, the fuel
‘Throughout the description and claims, the
terms “front” and “rear” and similar terms are
used relative to the passage of fuel through the 5
On the drawing, Ii] indicates a ?rebox com
prising inner and outer sheets I l and I2, respec
tively, and between ‘which extends a thimble l3
constituting a stoker. ?ring opening I4.
At I5 10
is indicated a stoker- conveyor which delivers
fuel, such as‘ coal, in front of the jet member Iii.
The jet member I6 is arranged to issue blasts
distributor member must be so related with asso“
of pressure ?uid against the fuel so delivered
ciated stoker parts that its position within the
for projecting it through the distributor mem
?rebox will be maintained without danger of
ber D over the fuel supporting surface 46 thereof.
The distributor member ,D is connected to the
stoker conduit i5 by means of a T head bolt I1
accidental displacement or by reason of uneven
running of the locomotive such as may occur
while stopping and starting trains, and especial
and intermediate qits ends is supported from the
ly over a rough roadbed.
Accordingly, it is the principal object of this
invention to provide an improved attachment
thimble it by means of cap screws 18 threaded 20
into the tubular element H of the stoker fuel
distributor member. This tubular element l9
passes through the stoker ?ring opening l4 so
or connecting relation between a fuel distributor
member and associated stoker parts.
It is a further object of this invention to pro
vide a novel attachment or connecting rela
tion between the parts of a sectional fuel dis
tributor comprising separable front and rear sec
tions, this connecting relation in its speci?c em
bodiment including a portion at an adjacent end
of ‘each section underlying the other section,
thereby restraining downward movement of one
section relative to the other, and means for re
straining relative fore and aft movement between
said sections.
More speci?cally, it is the object of this in
vention to provide the novel attachment or con
necting relation between the lower front fuel
de?ecting section and the rearward tubular ele
"VP merit of a stoker fuel distributor member.
Fig. 6 is a fragmentary sectional view taken
on the line 6—6 of Fig. 2..
These and other objects and advantages will
be apparent from the description of my inven
tion and the accompanying drawing, wherein,
Fig. 1 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view
of my improved stoker distributor with associat
ed parts indicated by the dotted lines;
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the stoker distribu
tor according to my invention;
Fig. 3 is a sectional plan view of the structure
shown in Fig. 2 taken on the line 3—3 thereof;
Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken on the line 4-4
of Fig. 2 looking in the direction of the arrows;
Fig. 5 is a sectional View taken on the line
5-5 of Fig. 2 looking in the direction of the ar
rows; and
that the forward end thereof is preferably with
in the ?rebox l0, and comprises the arcuate side
walls 20, 2| and the flat top and bottom walls 22,
23, respectively.
Extending upwardly from the
upper side of the top wall 22, and at the for
ward end thereof, is a lug 24 which is engaged
between the spaced ears 25 formed at the rear 30
ward end of the upper fuel de?ector 26 which
functions to prevent the upper stratum of fuel,
as it is blasted through the tubular element [9,
from being drawn upwardly into the ?rebox and
through the ?ues by the locomotive draft. A
pin 21 passing into the ears 25 and through the
lug 24 prevents movement of said upper fuel
de?ector 26 in a forward direction with reference
to said tubular element iii. At each side of the
upper fuel de?ector 26 a stop 28 is provided, each
stop contacting the‘ forward edge 29 of a respec
tive arcuate side wall 281, 2! for restraining downward swinging movement of the de?ector 26
with reference to the tubular member H9. The
de?ector 26 at its upper side is adequately ribbed 45
as at 30 in order to prevent warping or sagging
‘thereof due to the intense heat within the ?re
The attachment or connecting relation be
tween the tubular element is and the lower fuel
de?ector 3| is a novel one and will now be de
scribed in detailv Considered broadly, the de—
flector 3|‘ and the tubular element H] are each
a separable section or portion of a sectional dis
tributor in which the tubular element or rear 55
section | 9 is carried by the stoker conveyor |5
while the de?ector 3| or front section, which is
within the ?rebox and therefore must be fre
a forward direction with reference to said tubu
quently renewed, is carried by and supported
that it passes into the ledges 33 and through the
lug 35 below the fuel supporting surface 46.
From the foregoing description, it will be clear
from the tubular element or rear section I9.
In detail, the aforesaid connecting relation
lar element is prevented by passing a pin 40
transversely of the distributor member D so
between the front and rear sections is attained
that the distributor member 3| of my invention
by providing a recess 32 in the forward end of
is held v?rmly by the tubular element I9 so that
it cannot fall onto the ?rebed under severe loco
the bottom wall 23 of the tubular element l9; at
10 each side of the recess 32 and below the fuel
supporting surface 46 of the distributor member
D is a ledge 33 upon which is seated the rear
ward portion 34 of the distributor member 3| .
The distributor member 3| is formed so as to di
rect laterally fuel which is propelled in a gener
ally forward direction by the jet member l6.
Centrally of the distributor member 3| and
depending from the under side thereof is the
vmotive operating conditions; at the same time, 10
the connection between the distributor member
3| and the tubular element I9 is such that upon
removal of the pin 40 the member 3| may be re
moved from the tubular element l9 by a forward
I claim:
In combination with a furnace having an up
portion 34. The lug 35 is disposed between the
ledges 33, and its rearward extension 36 ?ts be
right wall provided with an opening therein, a
stoker for feeding fuel to said furnace comprs
ing a distributor member extending, from a point
rearward of said upright Wall, through said open
ing to a point within said furnace, said distributor
tween spaced ?anges 3,1, 38 depending from the
member having a fuel supporting surface ar
under side of the bottom wall 23 of the tubular
ranged to permit fuel to pass thereover for dis
lug 35 which has a rearward extension 36 dis
20 posed below the upper surface of said rearward
25 element I9. At their forward ends, the ?anges
31, 38 merge into the ledges 33 and are con
nected at their rearward ends by a bridge wall
39, thereby assuring a ?rm construction which
is not liable to warp or spread under the intense
30 ?rebox heat.
Thus, it will be apparent that the ledges 33 of
the tubular element l9 underlie the rearward
portion 34 of the distributor member 3| while
the rearward extension 36 of the latter underlies
the bottom wall 23 of the former.
Lateral move
ment of the distributor member 3| with reference
to the tubular element H! is restrained by reason
of the lug 35 which ?ts closely between the inner
sides of the ledges 33 and depending ?anges 31,
40 38.
Movement of the distributor member 3| in
tribution over a ?re and comprising a rear sec
tion and a front section separable from said rear
section, said rear section having a ledge disposed
forward of said upright wall and underlying said
front section below the fuel supporting surface
thereof, and a pair of spaced flanges depending 30
from the under side of said rear section, a lug
formed with the under side of said front section
and having a rearward extension, said lug and
extension ?tting between said spaced flanges, and
said extension underlying said rear section, and 35
means beneath said ledge extending into said
front and rear sections below their fuel support
ing surfaces for restraining said sections against
relative fore and aft movement.
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