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Aug. 23, 1938.
Filed June 2, 1936
2 Sheets-Shae? 1
Benneit B.J07Zés
' Aug. 23, 1938. Y
“a. R. JONES
Filed June 2, 1956
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Ii .51
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k z
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36 "
av Wig/M
' Patented Aug. 23, 1938
Bennett Ray Jones,-Perryopolis, Pa.
Application June 2, 1936, Serial No. 83,138
2 Claims. (Cl. 312-176)
My invention relates generally to combination
furniture and more speci?cally to a combination
chair and cabinet.
‘ The invention is designed primarily to provide
5 an easy chair for use particularly by students, or
in libraries, which embodies in its construction
concealed storage depositories for a number of
different articles prerequisite to study, corre
spondence, or relaxation, as desired, all of which
10 are compactly arranged within easy reach of
an occupant of the chair.
Other objects are to provide a combination
chair and cabinet which is cornfortablelstrong
and durable, inexpensive to manufacture, and
15 adapted for the storage of a large number of
articles within a restricted space.
Other and subordinate objects, together with
the exact nature of my improvements, will be
readily understood when the following descrip
20' tion and claims are read in conjunction with the
drawings accompanying and forming part of the
In said drawings:
Figure 1 is a view in front elevation of the
Q 25 combination chair and cabinet of my invention
‘illustrating the cabinet sections opened at the
front thereof.
Figure 2 is a similar view with said sections
Figure 3 is a view in vertical transverse sec
a bottom wall 1, side walls 8, a rear wall 9, and
front and top door panels l0 and II, respectively.
The door panels W and H are hinged to the sec
tions it and 5, as at E2 and‘ I3, respectively, to
swing outwardly of the seat 3. The front door 5
panels it are‘ provided with a suitable form of .
spring latch, indicated at M, ‘and with tassels It
for opening the same.
The left hand section 5 is provided with a plu
rality of horizontal drawers it slidably mounted 10
therein on‘ guides ill and provided on their front
ends with knobs it. The. top drawer it is de
signed as a combination smoker’s tray and de
pository for writing equipment. For this purpose
the front ‘end of the tray is partitioned longi- 15
tudinally and transversely, as at ill’ and iii’,
respectively, to provide a cigarette tray‘ id and
a tray iii for stubs or matches, having a remov
able ash receptacle it set into the bottom thereof.
The rear end of said drawer it is partitioned g4,
transversely, as at it, to provide a compartment
‘it for writing paper or the like. The interme~
diate portion of said tray I6 is partitioned trans
versely, as at it, to form a compartment 2% for
pencils and the like, a compartment ‘26 provided 25
with sockets 211 for ink bottles, and a pen-holder
vledge 23. The lower drawers it provide ample
storage space for miscellaneous articles not fre
q'uently used, for instance records or the like.
The right hand section 4 is provided with an 30
tion taken on the line 3-3 of Figure 1 looking in ' upper shelf 29, for books, slidably mounted there
in between longitudinal guide bars an, and the
the direction indicated by the arrows.
shelf is provided with a combined knob and book
, Figure 4 is a view in horizontal section taken
on the line 4.—4 of Figure 2 looking downwardly, end 29’ so that it may be pulled forwardly for
access to the books thereon from the front of 35
35 and,
said section. Beneath the book shelf 29 is a
Figure 5 is a fragmentary view in vertical sec
~ magazine rack 3| comprising a rectangular ver
tion of one of the cabinet sections.
tically disposed frame 32 slidably mounted in the
Reference being had to the drawings by nu
merals, the combination chair and cabinet of my section centrallythereof, below said shelf be
tween the upper and lower pairs of horizontally 40
40 invention comprises a seat I, a back 2, a remov
able seat cushion -3, and right and left hand disposed guide bars 33 and 34, respectively. The
end sections 4 and 5, respectively, constituting . frame 32 of the magazine rack 3| extends from
the arms and base or feet of the chair.
frame part 6 of the seat is of ornamental design,
45 as shown. The seat, back and cushion l, 2 and
3, are of the usual upholstered spring cushion
type. The-details of construction of_ the in
teriors of the‘parts l, 2 and 3 are immaterial to
‘the. present invention and therefore have not
50 been illustrated in the drawings. -T_he seat I
and back 2 are secured in any suitable manner
the bottom wall '1 of the section to the shelf 29'
and supports a pair of upper and lower troughs
35 and 36 for» the magazines.
' v
As will be seen, access may be had by an oc
cupant of the chair to either of the sections 4 or
5 from either the top or front thereof, according
to which article is desired therein and without
the occupant of the chair having to rise from 50
the seat i. In the case of the left hand section
between the sections 4 and 5 to be suspended -5, smoking and writing equipment in the top
drawer l6 thereof may be easily reached by way
of top panel ll without pulling out said drawer,
The sections 4 and 5 have the form of rectan
55 gular cabinets of uniform size, each comprising or, said drawer may be pulled out to locate the 55
contents thereof in front of the occupant of the
chair and within convenient reach of other in
dividuals. In the case of the right hand section
4, books may be had from the top of the section
and, by pulling out the book shelf 2!, magazines
may be reached from the rack II or both may be
easily reached by pulling out the shelf 29 and
said rack 3|. If desired, the book shelf 29 and
the rack 31 may be pulled out into extended posi
tion to give the appearaneeof an end table at
one side of the chair. When the top door panels
II are closed, they a?ord broad and ?rm arm
The foregoing description will, it is believed,
su?ice to impart a clear understanding of the
details and advantages of my invention.
It is to be understood, however, that the de
, tails set forth are illustrative rather than re
strictive and that right is .herein reserved to
modifications of such details falling within the
scope of the claims appended hereto.
What I claim is:
1. A cabinet having a shelf slidably mounted
therein, and a rack mounted within said cabinet
adjacent said shelf and having frame members
slidably engaging said shelf and a wall of said
cabinet whereby to permit sliding movement of
said rack to projected and retracted, positions
relative to said cabinet independently of any
operation of said shelf.
2. A cabinet fashioned with guide members, 10
a shelf slidably mounted in said cabinet and
equipped with guides, and a rack mounted within
said cabinet adjacent said shelf and including a
frame having rails, one of said rails slidably
engaging said members and another of said rails
slidably engaging said guides whereby to permit
outward movement of said shelf and rack in
dependently of each other and relative to said
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