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Aug. 23, 1938.
Filed April 5, 1957
Patented Aug. 23, 1938
Nils I. Paulson, Chicago, Ill., assignor to Halsam
Products Company, Chicago, 111., a corporation
of Illinois
Application April 5, 1937, Serial No. 135,052
1 Claim.
My invention relates to toy building construc
tion and it has for its object the provision of a
new and improved form and arrangement of parts
making up the roof structure of such a toy build
ing. It is particularly the object of my invention
to provide improved means for supporting the
roo?ng boards ?rmly in position on the gable
members, such supporting means being preferably
arranged so as to be readily applicable for the
10 assembly of a building and easily and quickly
removable when the building is to be taken apart.
To this end, it is one of the objects of my inven
tion to provide an improved spring clip arrange
ment capable of being strongly attached to the
15 upper part of the body of a building in position
to support the roo?ng boards in their normally
operative positions.
It is another object of my invention to improve
constructions of this type in sundry details here
20 inafter pointed out. The preferred means by
which I have accomplished my several objects
are illustrated in the drawing and are herein
after speci?cally described. That which I believe
to be new and desire to cover by Letters Patent
25 is set forth in the claim.
In the drawing,
Fig. 1 is a vertical section across the upper
portion of the body and across the roof of a toy
building involving my improvements;
Fig. 2 is a vertical cross sectional view taken at
line 2-2 of Fig. 1; and
Fig. 3 is. an enlarged detail View, being a side
edge view of one of my improved clip members.
Referring now to the several ?gures of the
35 drawing, in which corresponding parts are indi
cated by the same reference characters, I0 indi
cates a series of similar end logs arranged one
above another at each end of the building and
topped by an end log ll of half thickness, ar
40 ranged in cross relation to the side logs I2 at each
side of the building, the several end logs and side
logs having notched engagement with each other
at their end portions for forming a rectangular
body for a toy building, only the upper part of the
45 body portion of the building being shown in the
drawing. Upon the top end log I l at each end of
the building, I have provided an end gable mem
ber l3 of any approved type having obliquely dis
posed end faces as shown in Fig. 1 for supporting
50 roo?ng boards M at opposite sides of the roof.
For supporting the lower edges of the lowermost
roo?ng boards Ill, I have provided my improved
(01. 46—20)
the top side log I2. At its opposite end portion,
each of the clips is reversely bent to provide a
hook portion I? in which the lower edge of the
lowermost roo?ng board l4 ?ts, as is clearly
shown in Fig. 1. As will be readily understood, 5
the size and shape of the hook I? and the length
of the clip from the socket portion toward its
opposite end are controlled by the slant of the
roof to conform to the shape of the gable struc
tures I3 and by the thickness of the roo?ng 10
By my improved construction, I am enabled
very readily to provide properly inter?tting parts
for supporting the roo?ng boards M from the side
walls of the building structure, the clips l4 being 15
very readily insertable in position by reason of
their resilient gripping engagement with the top
most side log l2. By the use of my arrangement,
the roo?ng boards are very strongly supported
in position while at the same time the structure
is very readily detachable when the building is
to be taken apart. The arrangement is such that
there are no sharp projecting parts upon any of
the blocks making up the structure such as would
be likely to injure a child while playing with the
blocks. Moreover, the clips are capable of being
packed very readily with the blocks for mechan
dising purposes.
While I prefer to employ the form of clip and
associated parts as shown in my drawing and as
above described, it is to be understood that my
invention is not limited to the form as shown
except so far as the claim may be so limited,
since it is clear that changes might well be made
in the form and arrangement of parts without de
parting from my invention.
I claim:
In a toy building construction, the combina
tion of a plurality of logs in crossed relationship
to each other and having notches in their faces at
a short distance from their ends for providing
interlocking engagement with each other, gable
members at opposite ends of the building having
oppositely sloping end faces and extending at
their ends beyond the outer faces of the side walls 45
of the building, roo?ng boards mounted on said
gable members at opposite sides of the building,
and clips formed of metal strips bent into the
form of sockets adapted to have a strong grip on
the upper logs of the side walls of the buildings
and extending sidewise from the sockets and bent
to provide hooks at a substantial distance out
clips l5 as best shown in Fig. 3. In the arrange~
‘ ment shown, each of the clips is formed of resilient
Wardly beyond the ends of the gable members
strip metal bent into substantially rectangular
boards for holding said boards in position on said
form at its inner end to provide a socket I6 of
such size as to have gripping engagement with
so as to engage the lower edges of said roo?ng
gable members.
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