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Aug» 23, 1938.
Filed Feb. 12, 1957
. ,
Patented Aug.` 23, 1938
Nikolaus Kutz, Cologne, Germany
Application February 12, 1937, Serial No. 125,485
In Germany October 13, 1936
1 Claim.
(Cl. 12S-300)
This invention relates to vacuum massaging ap
paratus and is particularly directed to vacuum
massaging apparatus of the type in which the
massaging head is connected through an air pas
sage with a vacuum producing device.
The invention resides inthe novel construction
of the apparatus which makes it particularly
suitable for easy and eifective manipulation.
The apparatus consists essentially of a body
portion provided on one end with a compressible
rubber handle and on the opposite end with a
massaging head, a suction‘recess in the massaging
head, and an air passage extending through the
massaging head and body portion and connect
= ing the suction recess with the hollow compressi
ble rubber handle.
According to a preferred form of construction
the massaging head is provided with a rubber
ring mounted on the peripheral edge portion of
the wall defining the suction recess, and this edge
portion is shaped in a manner to provide a secure
seat for said rubber ring.
However, it is also possible to shape the edge
portion of the Wall defining the suction recess in
such a way that a rubber ring can be dispensed
with. In the latter case, the edge portion of the
massaging head is given a flange-like shape to
provide a broad and effective massaging surface
when the apparatus is applied to the skin.
It is also within the concept of my invention to
increase the depth of the suction recess to such
an extent that an insert consisting of a body of
material that is capable of producing a suction
effect, such as sponge either natural or of rub
ber, felt cushions, or cushions or brushes having
bristles of rubber or plant fibre can be inserted
Such insert may serve as a supporting
means for coldcream, oil, lotion, or other skin
treating preparation. These inserts may be pro
4:0 vided with either one or a plurality of perfora
that its outer surface and the outer edge of the
rubber ring are in the same plane; or of such
thickness that the outer surface remains inside
the recess formed by the side walls and the rub
ber ring.
In order to provide a secure seat for the insert
in the recess, the side walls of the insert may be
conical in shape, in which case theA walls deñn
ing the inside of the recess would be of a similar
shape. It is also possible to provide the inside of 10
the recess with an annular projection that is
adapted to engage the insert and preventing it
from dropping out of the recess.
The massaging head may be of circular or of
oval shape. For massaging the skin of the face 15
and body a circular head is desirable, while for the
massaging of the lips the oval shape is preferable.Á
In order to make my invention more readily
understood I will now proceed to describe the ap
paratus with'the aid of the accompanying draw- 20
ing, in which
Figure l is a side elevation of the apparatus
with a rubber ring mounted on the massaging
Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional View through 25
the apparatus illustrated in Figure 1;
Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional view
through a massaging head with shallow recess
and with side walls of the recess shaped to serve
as the massaging flange;
Figure 4 is a similar View through a massaging
head formed with a deep, flat bottomed recess
and having an insert of such thickness that its
outer surface is iiush with the rubber massaging
Figure 5 is a similar View through a massaging
head formed with a deep recess having an arched
bottom wall and an insert of such thickness that
its outer surface remains inside the recess, and
the insert provided with a plurality of perfora
tions. If only one perforation is used it is pref
erably arranged in such position (preferably in
Figure 6 is a similar view through a massaging
head formed with a deep recess having an arched
the center) that it is in alignment with the aper
ture defining the air passage in the bottom wall
of the recess. If a plurality of perforations are
used in the insert, the bottom wall of the recess
is preferably arched rather than fiat to ensure the
unhindered passage of air from the perforations
through the air passage in the body portion, and
vice versa.
The inserts used in the recess may differ in
thickness. Each may be of such thickness that,
when inserted in the recess, the outer surface
thereof projects beyond the side walls of the re
55 cess and the rubber ring; or of such thickness
bottom, an insert projecting beyond the outer
edge of the rubber massaging ring and secured 45
in the recess by means of an annular projection
on the inside of the recess;
Figure 7 is a similar view through a massag
ing head formed with deep recess and insert, the
insert and the inner side walls of the recess being
conically shaped and provided with a plurality
of perforations at the circumference of the insert;
Figure 8 is a fragmentary bottom plan view
of the massaging head as illustrated in Figure 2;
Figure 9 is a plan View of a massaging insert
with straight side Walls and one central perfora
Figure 10 is a plan View of an insert with coni
cal side walls and a plurality of perforations;
Figure 11 is a plan view of an insert with coni
sert similarly shaped as illustrated in Figures 10
and 1l. As shown in Figure 2, the portion p of
the device which carries the rubber handle, is
preferably of conical shape and is formed with
a rough or threaded surface q to afford a safe Cl
cal side walls and a plurality of perforations at
the circumference; and
Figures 12 and 13 are respectively fragmentary
bottom plan views of oval shaped massaging
heads arranged horizontally and transversely
and immovable seat for the handle.
The device may be used for massaging Without
an insert for producing beneficial results. Such
form of device is illustrated in Figures 2 and 3.
of the body portion.
In the drawing like letters refer to like parts
throughout the several views, and wherein A rep
resents the body portion, B the compressible rub»
ber handle, and C the massaging head. The
with cold cream, oil or lotions will be added to
the massaging effect. The oval shape of the
massaging head C is provided with either a shal
low suction recess a (Figures 2 and 3), for mas-
saging directly with the suction recess without
an insert, or with a deep suction recess b (Fig
ures 4_7), for massaging with an insert c that
may serve as a supporting means for cold cream,
oil lotions and the like. The insert c is pro
vided With either one or a plurality of perfora
tions e, f, g (Figures 4-7) for the passage of air
through the insert c and the air passage d when
the handle B is compressed and released. On the .
edge of the massaging head C, a rubber ring h
has been mounted, and, in order to ensure a
secure seat of the ring on the edge of the head,
the edge has been provided with a hookelike pro
jection i. In Figure 3 the edge of the suction
recess has been given the shape of a massaging
ilange 7c, for which reason no rubber ring will
be needed. In Figures 5-'7 I have shown the
suction recesses provided with arched bottoms l
to ensure the unhindered flow of air through in
serts having a plurality of perforations f or g
such as those illustrated in Figures 5, '7, l0 and
11. In Figure 6 the walls defining the inside of
40 the recess are provided with an annular projection
o for holding the insert securely in position and
Through the use of an insert, a skin treatment
massaging head is particularly suited for the
treatment of the lips.
It will be noted that the body portion A and
handle B of the device are arranged at an oblique
angle to the hollow massaging head C so that
the device may be easily operated by the user on
any portion of his face or body.
What I claim is:
A vacuum massaging device comprising a body
portion having a suction head, said head having
a recess wider at its inner end than at its outer
end, the inner end of said head terminating in
an arched wall whereas the outer peripheral edge
terminates in an outwardly and upwardly curved
supporting flange, said body having a bore eX
tending therethrough into the arched wall and
communicating with said recess, a tapered de~
tachable insert formed of resilient material con- ‘
forming substantially in outer dimensions with
the internal dimensions of the recessed head so
as to be held securely therein, the ends of said
insert having opposed flat surfaces, the exposed
flat surface of said insert lying ilush with the I«
peripheral edge of the head, an annular rubber
massaging element securely engaged over the
head iiange, said element extending below the
plane of the exposed surface of said insert, said
insert having at least one aperture communicat
ing with said bore, and a hollow rubber bulb con
thereby preventing it from dropping out of the
nected to said body portion and communicating
recess. In Figure '7 the recess is provided with
inverted conical side Walls m for use with an in
with said bore.
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