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Patented Aug. 23, 1938
Frank J. Merz, Jr., and George B. Merz, Seattle,
Application September 20, 1937, Serial No. 164,663
1 Claim. (01. 170-173)
Our invention relates to model airplane propellers, and more particularly to a miniature airplane propeller that is transversely severed at
its central hub portion, together with means
5 for securing the two severed parts together in the
form of a butt joint at the center of the hub.
The objects of the invention, in making a propeller in equal parts that are secured together
by a butt joint at the center of the hub, are that,
10 when one of the propeller blades is broken, same
may be replaced at less expense than would be
one of which-is shown in elevation at 9 in Fig. 2
of the drawing. When the two parts of the pro
peller are joined, these two faces are placed or
?tted together to form a butt joint at 8 as will
be understood. The usual hole In extends cen- 5
trally through the hub portion 1, half of same
being in each severed part of the hub. Said hole
forms a journal bearing for a propeller shaft H
which extends forward from the nose l2 of a
model airplane which is not shown.
The simple means for securing the two severed
incurred by replacement of the entire propeller.
In order to completely effect this saving of ex-
parts of. the propeller hub 1 together is the most
important part of the invention. Said means
pense, we have devised a simple, effective and
15 inexpensive means for securing together the
severed parts of the propeller.
It will be expressly understood that our invention is solely intended for use in connection
with model and toy or other miniature airplanes
‘~30 or propellers. It is not intended for use on full
size propellers and would doubtless be of. no practical value or utility for such use. Model and
toy airplane propellers are usually made of wood
or light metal such as aluminum, and the objects
25 of our invention relate exclusively to such pro~
pellers. It will also be understood that model
airplanes are miniature planes that are ?own by
youngsters as a source of amusement and skill,
and asaving of money, although small in amount,
30 means much to them.
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a view in front elevation of a model
or toy airplane propeller ‘that is severed and connected together at its center, and also showing
35 one of the propeller blades broken away in dotted
Fig. 2 is a view in central transverse vertical
section taken substantially on a broken line 2-2
of Fig. 1; and
Fig- 3 is a detail View in Perspective Showing
may consist of a pair of disc plates l3 each having
an annular ?ange l4 extending at right angles
from its periphery. A hole I5 is centrally pro
vided in each disc plate for reception of the
shaft II. The hub 1 has an annular groove l6
cut in both its front and rear sides concentric With
the hole I0, half of said groove being disposed in 20
each severed part of. the hub. These grooves are
adapted to snugly receive the ?anges M of the
disc plates I3.
In the assemblage of the severed parts of the
propeller, their severed faces 9 are placed to- 25
gether in abutment. The ?anges M of each of
the disc plates l3 are then inserted into the an
nular grooves IS in both the front and rear
sides of the hub ‘I. The disc plates are both
pressed inward, their ?anges snugly ?tting into 30
the grooves, and the two parts of the propeller
are thus held securely together. The propeller
may then be installed on the shaft II with the
rear disc plate [3 bearing against an annular
shoulder l1 formed on said shaft, and. a nut I8 35
may be installed on the outer threaded end of
the shaft and bearing against the front disc plate
l3 as clearly shown in Fig. 2 of the drawing.
We claim:
An article of manufacture comprising a mini- 40
one member of the securing means.
ature propeller having a hub with a center hole
Referring in detail to the drawing wherein
like reference numerals indicate like parts in the
several views, the numerals 5 and 6 respectively
therein, said hub centrally and transversely
severed to form equal parts with abutting faces
?tted together, a groove formed around the hole
45 designate the two blades of a model or toy air-
in the hub on both the front and rear sides 45
plane propeller. These two blades are joined
together at their center hub portion 1 which is
severed centrally and transversely as shown at 8
in Fig. 1. The propeller may either be made
as a single unit and severed afterward, or it may
be made in two equal parts originally as desired.
When the hub portion 1 of the propeller is
severed centrally, two equal faces are formed,
thereof, a pair of plates each having a right
angular edge ?ange, and the ?ange of each plate
?tting into the groove of the hub on each of its
respective sides for the purpose of securing the
severed parts of the propeller together in the form 50
of a butt joint and as a unit in itself.
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