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Aug- 23, 1938-
1 2,128,203
Filed NOV. 14, 1936
C’, H Dorsche‘
.. “221mm
Patented Aug. 23, 1938
N. Y., assignor to
CyrilyH. Dorsehel, Rochester,
General Railway Sign al Company, Rochester,
N. Y.
Application November 14, 1936, Serial No. 110,867
1 Claim. (Cl. 246-5130)
This invention relates in general to a highway
crossing system, and has more particular refer
ence to a system involving a visual warning signal,
crossing gates and time delay means interposed
between the initiations of the visual signal and
the operation of the gates.
In locations where highways cross railways it is
desirable to protect highway traf?c against danger
Assuming now that a train approaching the
highway has entered the track section, track re
lay T willrelease its contact ?nger 6 to complete
energizing circuits for the two lights L, which
are readily apparent from the drawing.
The release of track relay T also energizes the
heating winding ‘l, of a. thermal relay TR, through
a circuit which includes contact ?nger 8 and
back point of a stick relay S. This thermal relay
from oncoming trains, by giving a proper signal a
sufficient time ahead of the arrival of a train at
the crossing, to enable the highway traffic either
to stop short of, or to cross, the railway.
In accordance with the above, it is proposed,
by this invention, to provide means whereby, upon
TR can be of any usual or desired construction, 10
such as a bi-metallic element 9, which is heated
by energization of the winding 1 to cause ele
ment 9 to close contact with a front contact l0,
only after a predetermined time which time may
be selected in accordance with requirements, and 15
the approach of a train to a highway crossing, a
may be, for example, in the order of perhaps 20
visual signal will ?rst be given, and then a short
time thereafter, crossing gates will be closed bar
ring progress of highway tra?ic across the tracks.
More speci?cally, it is proposed, upon the ap
Upon thermal relay TR closing its contacts,
proach of a train to the highway, to cause a track
relay to release and energize light signals for
warning highway traffic of the approach of the
train. The track relay also cuts into operation a
thermal time measuring device which, at the ex
piration of a predetermined period of time, un
25 locks or releases for operation, or causes to auto
matically operate, the crossing gates.
In this
the pick-up‘ circuit for the relay S is completed,
to energize this relay, the circuit including con
tact ?nger 6 and back point of relay T, contacts
9 and ii] of relay TR, and the winding of the
relay S. Upon picking up, relay S sticks up
through its own front point in series with the
heating winding 1, whereby to decrease the flow 25
of current through the heating winding enough to
allow the thermal relay TR to restore itself to its
normal shown position after the expiration of a
manner there is no danger that a vehicle ap
proaching the tracks will be taken by surprise by
the visual signal, and before it can either stop, or
30 cross the tracks, have the crossing gates close so
as to cause the vehicle to crash into the gates or
to be trapped on the track between the gates.
In the single ?gure of drawing there is shown,
in a wholly diagrammatic manner, and without
35 any intent whatsoever of limiting the invention
to what is shown, one form which the invention
can assume.
Referring now to the drawing, a stretch of rail
way track I, is intersected by a highway 2, the
track adjacent the highway being track sectioned
by means of insulating joints 3, with a usual track
battery 4, and limiting resistance 5, connected
across one end of the section, and a usual track
relay T connected across the other end of the sec
At the crossing are positioned warning lights L,
for warning highway traffic of the approach of a
train to the highway, and also there are pro
vided usual crossing gates G, which can be raised
and lowered, even manually, or automatically as
by means of an electric motor, or a pneumatic
motor, or other power means (not shown) in ac
cordance with traffic conditions, as explained
55 more fully below.
short period of time.
The picking up of stick relay S closes an ener
gizing circuit for a lock solenoid LS, which cir
cuit includes contact ?nger l I and front point of
relay S, whereby to cause the solenoid to pick up
latch l2 and release a gate lever l3 for opera
Lever l3 can be a lever for ‘direct manual
operation of the crossing gates G, or, if desired,
the lever, or the latch l2, when moved from its
shown position, can cause operation of an elec
tric motor, or a pneumatic motor, or other power 40
operated means, which in turn operates the gates.
From the above it will be clear that, upon the
approach of a train, highway traffic is warned by
the energization of the highway light signals L, 45
and a su?icient time thereafter is given, for ex
ample 20 seconds, before closing of the gates is
possible, for the highway tra?ic either to stop
short of the tracks, or to cross the tracks, thereby
avoiding danger of collision with the gates, or of 50
being trapped on the track between the gates.
The above rather speci?c description of one
form of this invention, has been given solely by
way of example, and is not intended, in any man
ner whatsoever, in a limiting sense, the invention 55
contemplating all such variations and modi?ca
tions as come within the scope of the appended relay, an energizing circuit for the thermal relay
including a back point of thektnack relay and 5
Having described my invention I now claim:— back point of the stick relay in series, for initiat
In a highway crossing signal system, in com- ing operation of the thermal relay to cause it to
5 bination, a. highway crossing a railway track, a close its front point a predetermined time interval
visual signal, a crossing gate, manually operable following its energization, a pick up circuit for the
means for controlling the gate, a track circuit ad~ stick relay including a front point of the thermal
jacent the crossing and including a track relay, a relay and a stick circuit including a back point
stick relay, a thermal time element relay, means of the track relay and controlled solely by the
10 rendering the manually operable gate control track relay, and a circuit closed upon the picking
means inoperative except while the stick relay is > up of the stick relay and operative to render the
in attracted position, an energizing circuit for
the signal including a back point of the track
manually operable gate control means operative.
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