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Aug. 30, 1938.
2,128,248 '
Filed Oct. 20, 1936
Patented Aug. 30, 1938
Ernest Hey, Orlando, Fla.
Application October 20, 1936, Serial No. 106,656
1 Claim.
(Cl. 131-5)
This invention relates to cigarette making de
vices, and has for the primary object the pro
the opposite end of the tubular portion has
formed thereon spaced strips 8 and pointed ?aps
vision of an e?icient and inexpensive portable
or pocket size device especially adapted for roll
ing tobacco and cigarette paper into cigarette
form with the tobacco packed as tightly as de
part In extends at right angles to its respective 5
strip and the other strips are bent into engage
ment therewith. The disc-like portion l0 forms
sired and completely ?lling the cigarette from
end to end and which may be easily actuated to
form the cigarette and to remove the latter there
10 from.
With these and other objects in view, this in
a stop or end wall at one end of the inner member
5. The ?aps 9 are bent at right angles to the
strips 8 and cooperate in forming a stop located 10
vention consists in certain novel features of con- '
struction, combination and arrangement of parts
to be hereinafter more fully described and
15 claimed.
For a complete understanding of my inven
tion, reference is to be had to the following de
scription and accompanying drawing, in which
Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view illustrat
20 ing a cigarette making device constructed in ac
cordance with my invention and, as shown, con
sisting of inner and outer members.
Figure 2 is a transverse sectional view taken on
the line 2—2 of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view taken
on the line 3-3 of Figure 1.
Figure 4 is a plan view illustrating the inner
Figure 5 is a fragmentary perspective view
30 illustrating the portion of the inner member con
structed to receive a cigarette paper and to
Figure 6 is a side elevation illustrating the outer
Figure 7 is a plan view illustrating a blank
from which the inner member is constructed.
Figure 8 is a transverse sectional view showing
cigarette paper and tobacco positioned within the
Figure 9 is a view similar to Figure 8, showing
the edges of the cigarette paper brought together.
Figure 10 is a view similar to Figures 8 and 9
showing the cigarette paper and tobacco formed
into a cigarette by rotating the inner member rel
45 ative to the outer member.
Referring in detail to the drawing, the nu
meral I indicates an outer tubular member open
at each end and provided with a cutaway portion
of a length substantially equal to the length of a
50 cigarette so that said outer member is composed
of end tubular portions 2 and an intermediate
semicylindrical portion 3. A pocket clip 4 is at
tached to one of the tubular portions 2 whereby
the device may be clamped within a person’s
55 pocket.
The inner member is indicated by the character
One of the strips 8 terminates into a sub
stantially disc-shaped part In. The disc-shaped
at one end of cylindrical portion 6 of the inner
member 5. The strips 8 are arranged relative
to each other to present a skeleton shaped frame
of semicylindrical shape and are adapted to
operate within the cutout portion of the outer 15
member and may lie within the semicylindrical
portion 3 of the outer member, as shown in Fig
ures 8 and 9, and when so located are adapted to
receive the cigarette paper and tobacco, as shown
in Figure 8. One edge of the paper is then mois- 20
tened and brought into overlapping relation with
the other edge of the paper, as shown in Figure 9.
The inner member is rotated within the outer
member causing the tobacco to become tightly
packed and the cigarette paper to assume a cylin
drical formation thereby producing a tightly 25
packed cigarette wherein the tobacco extends
within the ends thereof. After forming of the
cigarette the inner member 5 is withdrawn from
the outer member so that the cigarette can be 30
removed by a slight tapping of the inner member
on the palm of the hand.
The inner member being partly constructed
from the strips 8 will permit an adjustment to
be made so that cigarettes of di?erent diameters
may be rolled by the device. By bending the 35
strips 8 the space de?ned by said strips may be
increased and decreased as desired and which
will permit the diameters of cigarettes rolled by
the device to be increased and decreased.
Having described the invention, I claim:
A cigarette making device comprising an outer
tubular member having a cutaway portion pro
viding to said outer member a semicylindrical
portion and cylindrical end portions, an inner 45
cylindrical member rotatably and slidably mount
ed in one of the cylindrical end portions and
removable therefrom, spaced bendable strips
formed on the inner cylindrical member and op
erating in the semicylindrical portion of the out- 50
er member and one of said strips having an en
larged end bent at right angles thereto, the ends
of the other strips bent at right angles to en
gage with the enlarged end, and tongues formed
on the inner cylindrical member between the 55
5 and consists of a tubular portion 6 having a strips and bent angularly thereto, said tongues
and bent ends of the strips forming end stops.
knurled ?nger piece 1 formed on one end and _
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