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Aug- 30, 1938'
Filed Nov.,6, 1935
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Aug. 30, 1938.
Filed Nov. 6, 1935
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Aug. 30, 1938
Albert Lewenberg, Brookline, Mesa, assignor, by
Brookline, Mass.
Application November 6, 1935, Serial No. 48,501
l. Qlaim.
This invention relates to the packaging of gar
ments and has particular reference to means for
holding men's shirts in condition for display to
the best advantage and also against being disar
b ranged while being handled.
The object of my invention is to provide a sim
ple, inexpensive and emcient device in the form of
an attachment or container for a folded and laun
dered shirt which will serve to hold the same in its
10 folded condition, and which preferably will also
serve to shield the shirt against being soiled and
crushed while being handled or transported.
To these ends I have provided a device of the
(01. 229-87)
than the front wall II) with its ?ap I5 so that its
upper end portion extends somewhat beyond said
?ap B5 to support the upper portion of the shirt
at the rear thereof.
The back wall l I is made with a pair of closely
adJacent ?nger-holes is through which?ngers
of one hand may be inserted to open the tubular
body structure for the reception of the shirt S
which is slid thereinto by using the other hand.
When the shirt is in position within the tubular 10
body structure the neck it is bent over the top of
the shirt collar at the front thereof and ?ap It
is folded inwardly into the collar of the shirt as
shown in Fig. l, the end wings i8 conforming
class described having the peculiar construction
15 set forth in the following description, the several themselves to the shape of the interior of the col 15
novel features of the invention being separately 7 lar and through their inherent resiliency and some
pointed out and de?ned in the claims at the close degree of stiffness pressing against the interior of
' said collar so as to hold the same in shape and
In the accompanying drawings:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a container
wall It is made with a window opening or window
showing a shirt in position within the same.
Figure 2 is a front elevation of the container
openings 20 through which the front of the shirt
is exposedto view. To protect the front of the
shirt‘ the said window openings are preferably
closed by panes of thin ?exible transparent sheet
material provided by a piece of Cellophane or the
like 22 whose marginal portions may be cemented
or otherwise fastened to the inner surface of the
shown in Fig. 1.
3 is a section on line 3-3 of Fig. 2.
4 illustrates an alternative construction.
5 is a section on line 5-5 of Fig. 4.
6 shows the container of Fig. 4v with a
shirt in position therein.
Preferably, though not essentially, the front 20
constructed in accordance with my ,invention
The embodiment of my invention illustrated in
front wall I0.
The form of myinvention illustrated in Figs. 4,‘
Figs. 1, 2 and 3 is a ?at tubular container at- - 5 and 6 is also designed for the reception (if a
tachment for a laundered and folded shirt and shirt having an attached wing collar so as to dis
comprises atubular body structure made with a
front wall [0 and a back wall II. This body
35 structure may conveniently be produced from a
single piece of thin ?exible sheet material such as
pasteboard, if the windowpane hereinafter re
ferred to is omitted, said sheet being folded sharp
ly as at I2 and I3 on spaced apart parallel lines
40 so that its opposite side marginal portions at the
back overlap as at I4 and said overlapping por
tions may be cemented or otherwise fastened to
play the wings of the latter and accordingly the
flap I5 is connected with the upper end of the
front panel ill by an elongate neck I 6’ and said 35
upper end is formed with indentures 22 at oppo
site sides of, and immediately adjacent to, said
neck to accommodate the wings of the shirt collar
as shown in Fig. 6.
Also, in this form of my invention the ?nger
holes IQ of Fig. 2 are dispensed with and in lieu
thereof the lower edge of the rear panel II is
At its upper end the front wall I0 is provided
formed with a ?nger notch or indenture IS’.
The elongate neck I6’ of Figs. 4 and‘ 5 is pro
45 with an arcuate collar-supporting strip or ?ap I 5
duced in part by slitting the front panel Ill longi
whose lower concaved marginal portion is hinged
ly connected at its middle by a neck It with the
top marginal portion of front wall I0, said hinge
connection or neck being also centrally disposed
50 with respect to the opposite sides of the front
wall. This ?ap I5 may conveniently be produced
tudinally as at 23 which provides a pair of tabs
. by slitting the front wall I I! inwardly from its op
posite sides as at l ‘I and when completed the ?ap
includes as parts thereof two free end wings I8.
As shown in Fig. 2 the rear wall I I is longer
24 which occupy positions under the wings of the
collar of the shirt as shown in Fig. 6 and abut the
collar band of the shirt so as to hold the latter
against downward displacement within the tubu
lar structure while the inturned ?ap I5 holds the
shirt against upward displacement within said
structure. ‘Thus ?ap I5 and tabs 24 co-operate to
hold the shirt against displacement in either di
In Fig. 1 the top portion of the front panel i0 ' wardly from its side edges and thence downward
is bowed outwardly in order to insert the ?ap 45 ly at opposite sides of. its longitudinal center,
within the collar of the shirt, while in Fig. 6 only forming a tongue having a. head at its upper end,
and also forming a. longitudinal ‘slot and parts at
the elongate neck It’ is bowed outwardly to ex
tend over the top of the shirt collar.
What I claim is:
‘ A shirt envelope, adapted to contain a collared
shirt, said envelope comprising front and back
perts,,the front part, near its upper end cut in
the opposite sides of the slot adaptei to enter
between the folds oi’ the ' coll'aTrI' said tongue
adapted-‘to extend over the collar at its ends and
said head adapted to extend within the shirt.
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