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Patented Aug. 30, 1938
Robert .1’. Rickenbacher, Columbus, Ohio, assign
or to The Kilgore Mfg. Company, Westerville,
Ohio, a corporation of Ohio
Application December 9, 1935, Serial No. 53,502
2 Claims.
This invention relates to toy pistols, and in
particular, to such pistols having reserve sup
plies of ammunition carried by or in the pistol
One object of this invention is to provide a
toy pistol having a holder for ammunition in
serted in the pistol, this holder being so arranged
that the user may detach separate pieces of am
munition from the holder, as desired, and insert
l i these in the pistol from time to time.
Another object is to provide a toy pistol hav
ing a holder insertable in a portion thereof, this
holder being adapted to support a roll or strip
of cap tape ammunition, this roll or strip being
l5 preferably inserted in the butt of the pistol and
preferably having means included therewith for
being united by rivets 5.
The trigger guard 3
in the form shown is integral with the left-hand
half of the butt l, shown in Figure 3. The pis- 15
tol is interiorly provided with a pin or projection
assisting the operation to detach individual caps
à“, serving as a pivot for the trigger 4 (Figure 5),
and also serving to receive the coils of the coil
spring l, one end of which abuts against the
projection 8. The other end of the coil spring ‘l ,20
engages the projection 9 on the trigger «3, urging
the trigger into a forward position.
Cooperating with the trigger 4 is a hammer
Hi, having a pivot pin Ii either secured in or
integral with the pistol, and serving also to re
ceive the coils of the coil spring l2. One end of N) 5
the latter abuts against a suitable anchorage in
the pistol, as against the projection i3 within
he butt i, the opposite end bearing against the
portion of the pistol, or with the holder itself,
to provide the means facilitating the detachment
‘if’ of individual caps, these being preferably torn
off by the operator and inserted in the breech
of the pistol for ñring purposes.
Another object is to provide a “single-shot”
type of toy pistol having means in a portion
3"" thereof for carrying a reserve supply of ammu
nition, preferably in cap tape form, this carrying
means being arranged to permit the operator to
detach the caps from the reserve supply and to
insert these caps in the breech of the pistol in
position to be exploded by the hammer or liring
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the toy pistol of
this invention.
Figure 2 is a left-hand end elevation of the
toy pistol shown in Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a right-hand end elevation of the
toy pistol shown in Figure 1.
Figure 4 is a top plan View of the pistol shown
in Figure l.
Figure 5 is a side elevation, partly in section,
oi the pistol, showing the ammunition holder
in position in the butt of the pistol.
Referring to the drawing in detail, Figure l
shows the toy pistol of this invention as consist
ing of a butt l, to which is attached a barrel 2,
between which is arranged a trigger guard 3 hav
ing a trigger ¿i therein. Ordinarily, the butt I,
the trigger guard 3 and the barrel 2 are made in 10
halves, as shown in Figures 2 and 3, these halves
from the roll.
Another object is to provide a toy pistol hav
‘l0 ing a holder insertable in the base of the butt.
this holder having means for supporting a roll of
cap tape ammunition and cooperating with some
Figure 8 is a vertical section along the line
8_8 of Figure '7.
Figure 9 is a plan view of a strip of cap tape
ammunition such as is employed in the pistol of
the present invention.
Figure 6 is a fragmentary view of a portion of
Figure 5, but showing the ammunition holder
detached from the butt of the pistol.
Figure 7 is a view similar to Figure 5, but with
the cap inserted in the breech and the hammer
55 drawn back in position for firing.
projection lli of the hammer l0. The spring l2 _
thus urges the hammer i0 into engagement with 0
the anvil l5 adapted to receive the ammunition,
as hereinafter explained. The trigger 4 is pro
vided With a projecting portion I 6 adapted to
:e so that
a projecting
when the trigger
portion 4 Ilis on
the back
the 35
hammer if) is likewise pulled back and released
in a “double-action” mode of operation. A pro
jection I8 on the trigger 4 serves to engage and
hold the portion Il of the hammer i9 when the ï
latter is retracted manually, under the “single
action” mode of operation, as shown in Figure 7.
The ammunition employed in the toy pistol of
this invention consists of caps individually des
ignated i9, embodied in any suitable form, such
as a strip or roll 20, forming a spiral arrangement
of ammunition. The roll of ammunition 20 is
supported by a holder 2| having upwardly pro
jecting side arms 22 and a cross piece 23 raised
above the level of the surrounding portion of 50
the holder 2i. One of the side arms 22 is pro
vided with an aperture 24 cooperating with a
projection 25 on the inside of the adjacent butt l,
to retain the holder 2l ~in removable relationship
within the pistol.
In use, the roll of ammunition 20 is placed be
The holder 2I is preferably made of spring
tween the side arms 22 of the holder 2I, with one
like material, such as pressed steel. By reason
of this construction the side arms 22 are yield
end thereof passing under the cross piece 23.
The holder 2| is then inserted in the aperture 26
at the bottom of the pistol butt I, and pushed
into place until the projection 25 enters the aper
ture 24 (Figure 8). In this position one end of
the ammunition roll 20 projects from the holder,
in a position where it may be grasped by the oper
10 ator. When the operator wishes to load the
pistol he grasps the exposed end of the ammuni
tion strip and withdraws a cap I9, tearing it off
against the lower edge 21 of the pistol butt I;
or against the rear edge 28 of the holder ZI, as
he may desire. In the latter event the operator
may grasp the holder 2I to prevent its being with
drawn by the pull arising in the operation of
tearing oif the cap. Preferably also the operator
places his thumb against the bottom surface of
20 the cap strip 20, within the aperture 29 beneath
the cross piece 23. This aperture 29 is large
enough to permit the entry of the tip of the thumb
so that the thumb may be used to exert pres
sure upon the cap strip 20 and to assist the
fingers in bringing another cap into readiness
ingly urged against the inside walls of the butt
I, thereby maintaining the holder 2| in position
by friction and by the aid of the projection 25.
The yielding nature of the holder, however, per
mits its instant withdrawal by the operator.
It will be further understood that the hole in
the hammer III for the pivot pin II is elongated '
and hence larger than the pivot pin II. The
elongated hole permits the hammer I0 to yield
backwardly at its pivot point against the urge of
the coil spring I2. After firing, this construc
tion allows the projection I 8 on the trigger ¿I more
easily to pass beneath the projection I'I on the
hammer, thereby placing the pistol in readiness
for another “shot” under “double action” oper
It will be understood that I desire to compre
hend within my invention such modifications as
come within the scope of the claims and the in
Having thus fully described my invention, what
I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters "
for being detached. The pressure of the thumb Patent, is:
l. In combination, a toy pistol having a butt
against the cap strip 20 and the cross piece 23 also
assists in Vpreventing the holder 2l from being with an opening therein, and an ammunition
carrier insertable in said opening and adapted to
accidentally withdrawn from the pistol in the
30 operation of tearing off the cap I9 against the support a roll‘of explosive caps in tape form,_
edge 28. Indentations or perforations 35i in the ~ said carrier having an aperture therein and hav
cap strip 20 may be provided to facilitate the ing means associated therewith for facilitating
the detachment of individual caps therefrom, said
tearing oif of the individual caps I9.
The detached cap I9 is now placed in position detachment facilitating means comprising a
35 against the anvil I5 and within the pocket 3i member associated with said carrier and ar- i
(Figure 4) formed by the Walls adjacent the ranged adjacent said aperture, said aperture and
anvil I5, the hammer being drawn back for this Said carrier member being adapted to permit
purpose. The pistol is rnow ready to ñre, with the the insertion of a ñnger of the user for holding
parts in the position shown in Figure '7. The the strip of caps against said carrier member
40 operator pulls the trigger d to ñre the pistol, during the operation of detaching an individual 40
thereby bringing the firing portion 32 of the cap, said carrier having a tear-olf portion adapt
hammer I0 into engagement with the cap I 9 ed to facilitate the detachment of individual caps,
against the anvil I5. The operator then removes the edge of said butt opening being spaced apart
the exploded cap I9, eithertby the fingers or by from the edge of said tear-off portion whereby
to permit` the passage of the cap tape therebe
45 shaking it out, the hammer being, of course,
retracted slightly to permit this removal. The tween.
operator then detaches another cap from the
ì 2. In combination, a toy pistol having a butt
strip 20, in the manner previously described, re
loads the pistol and repeats the foregoing oper
50 ations,
By the device of the present invention the
with an opening at` the base thereof, an am
munition carrier comprising a base plate and side
user is provided with a toy pistol having the sim
plicity and ruggedness> of construction of the
“single-shot” type, yet with the availability of
55 ammunition afforded by the magazine or repeat
ing type of pistol. The ammunition is always
available in instant readiness for the use of the
operator, and can be withdrawn immediately
whenever desired. The ammunition is also pro
60 tected from the weather and from accidental
arms insertable in said opening, said side arms f
being adapted to support and guide a roll of
explosive’caps in'tape form, said base plate form
ing a closure for said opening and having an
aperture for receiving the finger of the user, a
cross-piece cooperating with said aperture to »
facilitate the holding of the ammunition caps
during the detachment therefrom,aand detent
means arranged between said butt and said car
rier to hold said carrier in removable relation
ship within said butt opening.
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