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Aug. 30, 1938.
' J. K. M_ccoMB ET A1.
Filed June 11, 1937
Patented Aug. 30, 1938
James Kennedy McComb and Grayson Donnelly
Burruss, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, assignors
to Sta-Neat Apparel Company Limited,
` Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a company of Can
Application June 11, 1937, Serial No. 147,752
In Canada March Z, 1937
1 Claim.
Our invention relates to improvements in uni
forms, dresses and like garments, and the object
of the invention is, in a garment having itsf skirt
front divided, to provide overlapping portions
which may be reversed in position, to device an
upper or blouse portion having its front over
lapped to correspond in position with the over
lapping of the skirt at each side its vertical centre,
and a means for detachably securing the over
lapped blouse portion in either of such overlap'
ping positions, and it consists essentially of the
arrangement and construction of parts all as
hereinafter more particularly explained.
Fig. 1 is a front elevation of our garment, por
tions being broken away to exhibit the construc
tion thereof.
Fig. 2 is a plan sectional view on line 2-2 Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view on line 3-3
Fig. 1.
Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional view on line 4f4
Fig. 3.
Fig. 5 is an enlarged perspective vdetail of the
button strip.
In the drawing like letters of -reference indi
cate corresponding parts in the different views.
I indicates the upper or blouse portion of a
garment and 2 the skirt portion. The b-louse por
tion I is divided to form overlapping portions IX
and Io so as to provide for a vertical centre open
30 mg.
(Cl. 2-74)
portion IX of the blouse overlaps the portion I0.
If it is desired to reverse the garment, the but
tons 6 are removed from the button holes 3 and
4 so that the strip 5 is detached from the garment
and yet will hold the buttons together. The tie 8
is withdrawn from the slot 8X and the skirt ex
tension 'I is folded to the outside of the extension
6, the portion I 0 of the blouse then overlying the
portion IX in the reverse position to that which it
previously assumed. The button strip is then 10
placed at the back of the overlapping portions IX
and I0 and the buttons passed through the button
holes 3 and 4.
When this is done, the tie 9 is' passed through
the slotted opening 9X and passed with the tie 8 15
to the back of the wearer to be tied in suitable
From this description it will be seen that We
have devised a very simple construction which
will provide a garment having an overlapping 20
skirt with a blouse which will have a vertical
centre opening, the edges of which are overlapped
and detachably secured together by any suitable
means such as the button 5X described.y
If desired a double breasted effect may be pro
3 are button holes formed in the overlapping
portion IX and 4 are button holes formed in the
buttons and button strips such as 5X and 5 previ
yously described, a button strip being Iprovided
underlying portion I0. The button holes 3 and 4
at each side of the blouse.
are arranged in pairs which are aligned one with
35 the other and behind these button holes> is located
an independent fabric strip 5 to which are secured
buttons 5X which are passed through aligned but
ton holes 3 and 4 to secure the overlapping por
tions of the blouse together.
The skirt portion 2 is provided at each side its
centre front with lateral extensions 6 and ‘I which
overlap and which are secured at their outer edge
to each side of the skirt by any suitable means
such as by ties 8 and 9. If ties are used the skirt
4.5 is provided on its waist line with slotted openings
8X and 9X. When the garment is in the position
shown with the skirt portion 6 overlapping the
skirt portion 'I, the tie 8 extends through the
slotted opening 8X and is passed around to tie
50 with the other tie portion 9 at the back of the
Also when the garment is' in this position, the
duced by extending the overlapping portions IX
and I0 laterally and providing aligned button
holes in the overlapping portions adjacent each
vertical edge and aligned button holes in the
blouse and securing these parts together with 30
What We claim as our invention is:--
In a Wraparound garment, a skirt having a 35
double front formed by overlapping portions eX~
tending to opposite sides of the skirt, a waist
formed integral with the skirt and having a
centre front opening the sides of which overlap,
registering button holes in the overlapping and
underlapping portions., a removable tape extend
ing beneath the lapping portions and having a
single row of buttons extending longitudinally
thereof, each button insertable in a pair of reg
istering button holes imparting a shirt front eii‘ect 45
to the wraparound garment whereby the front
skirt portion and central front portion of the
waist may be overlapped to present either por
tion outermost.
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