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Aug. 30, 1938.
Filed April 13, 1956
ii $5
Patented Aug. 30, 1938
John E. Millett, Grand Rapids, Mich., assignor to
Grand Rapids,
Grand Rapids Fibre Cord 00.,
Application April 13, 1936, Serial No. 74,075
1 Claim. (01. 139-3873)
This invention relates to open- mesh bags for
strands 1. A plurality of the adjacent strands ‘I
extend parallel ‘and form the strip or area 8 of
the bag. In the bag illustrated, the warp strands
onions and the like. It has been found that such 4 and the weft strands 5 are brown and the warp
produce may be most satisfactorily displayed and
‘I are white. This forms a lighter area
8 sold in open mesh bags. In using such a bag 'strands
or band on'which a legend or trademark 8 may
which fully displays the produce therein and, pro
be printed. This band is of open mesh material
vides satisfactory ventilation, it has been di?icult and the produce in the bag may be readilyin
to amx a trademark or other legend which can spected through the meshes. The closer spacing
be clearly seen and recognized without eliminat
of the warp strands 1 produces a ?ner mesh on
10 mg the open mesh so as to prevent the full and which the legend or trademark 8 may be printed
complete display of the produce in the bag.
and it makes the legend stand out more clearly
The objects of this invention are:
than on the relatively more open mesh of the‘
First, to produce such a bag on which‘ the body portion 3 of the bag.
trademark or legend may be satisfactorily dis
I have shown the legend printed in red ink
15 played without concealing the produce in the on the area or band 6 and have provided warp
bag and without interfering with- the ventilation strands 9 of black outlining the band ‘to provide a
margin for the band or area -to improve the ap
Second, to'produee such a bag in which a band pearance of the bag.
or area of open mesh relatively ?ner than the
I have found that in employing the contrasting 20
'20 open mesh of the main body of the bag is pro
color warp strands 'l I can obtain the desired
vided for the printing of the legend or trademark. result of a contrasting-color ?ner-mesh portion
Third, to provide such a bag in which the finer to receive a trademark without varying the color
mesh area or band is of a contrasting color.
of the weft strands 5 or without varying the
Fourth, to provide a method of conveniently spacing thereof, although I prefer on. an ordi
25 and inexpensively producing such an open mesh nary 50-lb. bag to space the weft strands about
to the inch and to space the warp strands
Further objects and advantages pertaining-t0 seven
of the body similarly while spacing the warp
details and economies of construction and oper
strands 1 about ten. to‘ the inch. Variations
ation will de?nitely appear from the description from this, it will be evident, may be made with 30
packaging and vending produce such as potatoes.
to follow. A preferred embodiment of my, inven
tion is illustrated in the accompanying drawing,
in which:
Fig. 1 is a broken elevation view of a bag em
bodying my invention.
Fig. 2 is a detail view of a portion of the bag
shown in Fig. 1.
ml'igiii is a sectional view taken on line 3-3 of
The bag I is formed of open mesh material 2.
This vmaterial is preferably formed of strands of
40 sulphite kraft stock twisted and woven to form
the material of which the bag is formed. The
main body portion I of the bag is formed of
these paper strands, the warp strands being
shown at l and the weft strands at 5. I have
‘found that a most satisfactory bag can be made
of the above referred to material in which both
the warp strands and the weft strands are spaced
approximately seven to the inch. About the
center of the bag I provide a band or area 8 of
relatively finer 'mesh. This is formed in the
weaving of the material of which the bag is
made by providing a plurality of warp strands
'I which are of a color contrasting with the warp
55 strands I and the weft strands 5. The warp
strands ‘I are spaced relatively closer together
' than the warp strands I which may be described
as relatively far apart with reference to the
out departing from my invention.
The material is woven and folded as shown in
Fig. 3 and a line of stitching i0 is provided to
seal the edge of the bag. A similar line of stitch
ing is provided for the bottom. This construc 35
tion is conventional and has not been described
in detail.
I desire to claim the same specifically as well
as broadly, as pointedout in the appended claim.
Having thus described my invention, what I 40
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
Patent is:
An all open mesh bag for produce or the like '
having one side at least formed of a plurality of
parallel strands spaced relatively far apart and
having interwoven therewith and at right an
gles thereto a group of parallel strands of the
same size and color as said ?rst mentioned strands
and spaced relatively far apart, and another
group of parallel strands of the same size as said .50
first mentioned strands but of a contrasting color
spaced apart but relatively closer together than
the other strands to form on said side of' the .
bag a portion of relatively coarse mesh and a v
band of relatively ?ner mesh of a contrasting 55
color and with a legend printed‘ on said band.
JOHN E. Mnmrr. '
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