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Agg. 30, 1938°
H. A. MxNîrz
Filed Feb. 1e, `1957
Patented Aug. 30, 1938
Henry A. Mintz, Norwood, Mass.
Application February 16, 1937, Serial No. 126,007
4 claims. (o1. 81-6)
This invention relates to a device for pressing
Watch crystals in bezels and at the same time
applying a moderate heat to set the crystal more
ñrmly in the bezel.
The device hereinafter described is useful in
setting crystals of any kind, particularly unbreakable crystals which are made of transparent Celluloid or other equivalent non-shatterable
material. Watch crystals of this material are
form member 20 is secured to the end of the
lower bracket I4 as by a pair of screws 22 so that
this platform projects horizontally from the
bracket. The upper bracket is of sufficient length
to project out over the platform 2l). Through the C21
upper bracket is screw-threaded a stem 24 hav
'ing a knurled upper end 26 to facilitate rota
tion thereof. The 10Wer end DOl‘tiCn 23 0f this
stem projects down toward the platform 20 and
` commonly used in wrist watches, since such
may be made to approach or recede from the 'l0
watches are liable to receive accidental blows.
However, when such crystals are inserted in a
bezel in the usual manner, they are ordinarily
distorted and are therefore liable to spring out
of the bezel if struck, particularly if the bezel
itself is even slightly out of shape. Itis an object
of this invention to remove this tendency to
spring out by cementing the edges of the crystal
into the groove of the bezel and by heating the
crystal sufficiently to destroy the internal stress
ci the crystal. CrysteIs of this type are customarily convex and are made with suflicient
curvature to enable the central portion to bulge
away from the face ef the Watch, thus providing
plenty of room for the Watch hands,
It is a further object of the invention to provide a simple but effective pressing device Whereby a constant pressure may be applied to the
central portion of a mounted crystal, so as to
press the edges 0f the Crystal firmly into the
groove of the bezel during the drying and setting of the cement which is inserted in the groove
Piatferm by I‘OtatiOn 0f the Stem. A Press-plate
30 is SDaCed abOVe the PlatfOrm 20 and is engage
able by the 10Wer end 0f the stem 24- This Press
plate may be 0f any COnVenient ConstrllCtiOn and
may be supDOrted ín any Convenient manner. As
shown, this Piate is elongated, One end DertiOn
oi the plate having a perforation 32 in which
100Se1y ñts a 100St 34. This post is mounted in
the U-Dper braCket and prOleCts dOWn t0 the 10Wer
braCket. This arrangement makes it DOSSible t0
swing the press-plate 30 over or away from the
platform 20 and t0 rnOVe it Illa and dOWn freely
0n the DOSt 34- The 10Wer braCket is DrOVided
with a bore 40 extending horizontally therefrom
from the >rear face of the upright I2. This bore
registers With a bOre 42 WhiCh eXtendS most of
the Way thrOllgh the piatfOrm member 2t. As
indicated in Figure 3, the bores 40 and 42 are
adapted t0 I’eCeìVe a Suitable heating unit 5U
having a coil or equivalent heating element 52 in
the forward end thereof WhîCh ñts snugly in the
bO‘re 42. This unit may be held in plaCe by any
of the bezel before the crystal is set therein.
The press is also provided with e, heating element
conveniently arranged to heat the crystal and
bezel while they are being pressed.
For a more complete understanding'of the invention, reference may be had. to an embodiment
thereof which is hereinafter described and which
is illustrated on the drawing of which
Figure 1 is a side elevation of a device embodying the invention.
Figure 2 is a section on the line 2-2 of Figure 1.
Figure 31s a section on the line 3_3 of Figure
2, a heating unit being shown in this figure,
Figure 4 is a section on the line 4_4 of Figure 1.
Figure 5 is a fragmentary front -elevation of
the device shown in Figure 1.
The device may include aunitary support frame
comprising a base I0 from which rises a. standard or upright I2. A lower bracket I4 and an
Convenient means SuCh as a bushing 53 of Bake
lite or other convenient material, secured as by
a SetsCreW 54 in a hOllOW bOSS 55 Whieh projects
from the rear face of the upright I2. The rear
end Of the heating unit 50 may be tapered so as
t0 Center the unit as the tapered end ÍS Pulled
intO the bOre 0f the bushing 53- FCr this Dur
pose a spring 58 may be employed, if desired, the
spring extending to a control switch (not shown)
so as to remain under compression. The spring
58 also serves to protect the connecting wires 59
which lead from the unit 50 to its control switch.
The bore 4I) is preferably somewhat larger in
diameter than the heating unit 50 so as to avoid
contact of the unit with the walls of the bore,
the purpose of this being to avoid excessive heat
ing of the bracket I4. To this end also, the end
of the bracket is recessed by a horizontal channel
6| and a pair of vertical channels 6I) so that the
table member 20 bears against the end of the
bracket I4 at only a few spaced points to pro
upper bracket It project from the upright I2 and
are vertically spaced from each other. A plat-
vide simple but effective thermal insulation be
tween the table and the bracket.
In using the device for setting a crystal, the
bezel of a watch, if removable from the rest of
the watch case, is placed upon the platform
2i] either face up or face down, the former po
sition being preferred. The bezel is located so
that the center of the crystal is directly beneath
the stem ‘24, the stern being previously rotated
to back the end 28 away from the platform suf
iiciently to provide room for the watch bezel.
The press-plate 3B is then swung into position
over the crystal and the stem 24 is rotated so
as to press the end 28 against the plate 30, forc
ing the» plate down firmly against the central
portion of the crystal until the edges of the crys
15 tal are pressed firmly into the groove of the
The bezel or watch case is then left
clamped in this position for a sufficient period
to permit the crystal to be warmed and the ce
ment to set. The stem 24 is then raised to per
20 mit the removal of the bezel or case from be
neath the plate 3U.
In setting unbreakable watch crystals, I prefe-r
to use a cement made of material similar to that
of the crystal dissolved in a suitable volatile sol
25 vent.
Such cement, when set, becomes integral
with the crystal itself, resulting in a unitary
crystal the edges of which exactly fit into the
grooves of the bezel and bond therewith.
In some cases, the bezel or watch case is ar
30 cuate or has a portion of the hinge or some
other part of the case projecting below the plane
of the bottom of the case or the edge of the bezel.
In order to avoid injury to the watch case which
might result from pressing such a case against
35 a fiat surface, an auxiliary support member 'i0
is provided. This may be of any convenient
size or shape. As shown, the support 1Q consists
of a bar of metal having a perforation 12 in one
end portion thereof through which extends the
40 post 35i, so that the support member 'l0 can be
»swung into positionk upon the platform mem
ber 2li, as indicated in Figure 5, or may be swung
away as indicated in Figure l. Figure 1 shows
a watch case M with a flat back supported di
45 rectly on the platform 20. Figure 5 shows an
arcuate watch case 'i6 supported on the auxil
iary support member Iii. The use of the nar
is further noted that terms, such as “horizontal”,
“vertica ” and the like, are terms of description
and not of limitation, and that the device may
be used in any convenient position desired.
I claim:
1. A device of the class described, comprising
a platform, heating means within said platform,
an auxiliary support member of heat-conducting
material movable on and oif said platform, a
press-plate abo-Ve said platform, and means for 10
pressing said press-plate toward said platform.
2. A device for pressing watch crystals in
bezels, comprising a supporting frame having a
base, an upright, and a pair of vertically spaced
brackets on said upright, a platform project 15
ing horizontally from the lower bracket and heat
insulated therefrom, heating means within said
platform, a press-plate above said platform, and
means carried by the upper bracket for pressing
said plate toward said platform.
3. A device for pressing watch crystals in
bezels, comprising a supporting frame having a
base, an upright, and a pair of vertically spaced
brackets on said upright, a platform projecting
horizontally from the lower bracket and heat
insulated therefrom, a post ñxed to said lower
bracket and projecting upwardly therefrom, a
press-plate having a perforation loosely receiv
ing said post, said plate being of sufficient length
to extend over said platform, and a stem screw 30
threaded through the upper said bracket and
projecting toward said platform and engaging
said plate, whereby said stem may be rotated to
press said plate toward said platform.
4. A device for pressing watch crystals in 35
bezels, comprising an upright, a pair of verti
cally spaced brackets projecting from said up
right, a platform projecting from the lower of
said brackets, an electric heating unit extend
ing through said upright and lower bracket into 40
said platform so as to heat said platform, a post
fixed to» said lower bracket and projecting up
wardly therefrom, an elongated auxiliary support
member and an elongated press-plate, said mem
ber and plate each having in an end portion 45
thereof a perforation in which said post loosely
fits, whereby said member and plate can be in
row auxiliary support avoids danger of injury to
dependently swung over or away from said plat
the watch case.
form, and a vertical stem directly above said
platform and screw-threaded through the upper 50
bracket and engaging said plate so as to press
said plate toward said platform when said stem
is rotated.
It is evident that various modifications and
changes may be made in the specific embodiment
of the invention herein shown and described
without departing from the spirit or scope of the
invention as defined in the following- claims. It
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