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_ Aug. 30,1938."
Filed Sept. 8, 1951
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
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. ,-¿Z\
Aug. 30, 1938.
Filed Sept. 8, 1931
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
' Patented Aug. 3o, 193sy
Anton- M. Vedoe, WollastonQMass., assignor, by
mesne assignments, to Robertshaw Thermostat
Company, Youngwood, Pa., a corporation oi'Pennsylvania
Application september s, 1931,. serial No. 561,547
1 Claim. (Cl. 236-15)
This invention relates to gas ovens, and more _ veniently arranged'along the front oi' the stove. .
especially to the thermostatic regulators therefor. The oven I2 is heated by a burner 22 receiving gas
The invention is especially applicable to baking -from the pipe -I6 and connecting pipes 24 and 26
ovens which have heretofore . been commonly' through a regulating valve 28. The oven’heat if
modern gas ranges is controlled automatically by - 5
equipped with thermostatic regulators for con
thermostats combined with the gas valves and
trolling autömatically the oven heat.v These reg
ulators havemost commonlyI been mounted on a
, side wall of the oven Wherefrom they extend- in
_ wardly into the oven.
'I'he knob or like member
l0 for manually adjusting the regulator has been
extended outwardly of the said wall and in such
position has been inconvenient to reach and
manipulate. One of thev objects of my invention
is to provide an improved' manual adjustment for
vll these regulators which can be located in the most
convenymt position on ‘the stove or range, pref
located in the ovens.' These thermostatic regu
lators are commonly mounted on the side walls of
the ovens, the thermostat _projecting from the
regulator valve into the oven, and a manual ad
justment therefor projecting -outwardly through
the oven wall. The regulator is manually set to
the desired temperature position by this adjust
ment and lit is, therefore, necessary to both ob
serve and manipulate-the same and, as heretofore
erably alongside the grid burner controls thereof.
located, the performing of these functions has
been> quite inconvenient. The primary object of
IThe nature of my invention is such that lthe
my inventionis to provide `a new and improved
regulating valve and the manually adjustable» combination whereby the manual adjusting
20 member therefor may be quite remotely separated
and, furthermore, that the rotary axis of the
member may be relatively -angular to the axis of
the valve. These features permit of great lati
'_ tude~in mounting the adjusting member in the.
25 most convenient position on the stove. The
- means whereby these functions are accomplished
preferably includes a flexible shaft connecting'the
means may bemost conveniently located on the 420
range, preferably along with the other controlling
valves 20, and without affecting the location of
the thermostatic regulator. AI will now proceed to
-describe the speciiic combination illustrated inv '
the drawings.
‘.The thermostatic regulator at 28 comprises a
body member 3D having gas inlet and outlet ports
- member andvvalve, and it is anotherobject of my , 32 and 34 .and a valveseat 36. Threaded open
invention to -provide improved means of this' ings are provided in the front and-rear walls of
the memberl 30 and means extending through 30
3o nature and for the purposev stated. ’
' In the accompanying'drawings I__have shown“ these openings are respectively adapted manually
one-specific embodiment of my invention but it~ to adjust thefuel controlling valve and toI control
will be understood that the invention can be automatically the same in accordance with the
otherwise embodied and .that the drawings are oven temperature. A bushing 38 is threaded into
35 not to be construed as deiining or limiting the the rear wall opening and mounted/on the outer
end of this bushing is a disk 40 of asbestos or the
scope of the invention, the claim appended-here
to being relied upon for that purpose. 1- _
Referring to the ñgures of the drawings,
Fig. 1 is a plan view of a gas range having my
4.ol invention applied thereto; `
like providing a heat insulating >wall between the
-bodymember 30 and the thermostatic element of
the regulator. `Mounted on the disk 40 is a metal
cap 42 having a U-shaped‘thermostatic member
Fig. 2 is af?ont view of the range: .
44 secured to its inner face. > -The two ends of this
Fig. 3 is an enlarged plan view showing the
member are connected by a thin flexible plate 4B.
Secured to the central portion of the plate 46 and
Fig. 4 is a front view ofthe n/lanually adjustable extending into the bushing 38 is an internallyÍ
threaded stud 48. This stud and plates 44 and 46 1
are assembled together and onto the member 42
` and this member is thereafter threaded onto the
. I Fig'î3: and
'Flg. 6 isa vertical section taken on line SL76 peripheral edge of the disk 40.
A valve stem- 50 has -one end portion threaded
,of Fl .3.>
j50 Inïhe drawings I have illustrated my invention into the stud 4B and its other end is rotatably sup
_ in connection with a 'gas' range having a grid ported in theinner end of a bore 52 through a
. section I0 and an _oven _section l2. Within the bushing 5_4 threaded into the opening in the front
. 1118.5 is a vertical section taken on line 5--5 of
’grid section are a plurality vof burners -|_ 4 -receiving
l gas from a pipe _ I_6 through _branch pipes i8. The
>wall of the body 30. The valve which cooperates
with the 4valve seatvcomprises va disk 56 loosely
1 >gas to the vburners iscontrolled _by valves 20 con-‘ mounted on, the valve stem. The valve may be l
2 ,
manually moved as hereinafter described by ro
tating the-valve stem and the valve is automati
flexibility.` The inner end of the shaft may have
cally moved in both directions by longitudinal
a member 14 secured thereto for permitting easy
connection to the stem 58.~ The shaft is housed
movement of the valve stem under the inñuence
of the thermostatic plate 44. 'I'he threads on the
venient shape.
within a tube 16 which may be bent to any con
The manual adjustment is in
stem 50 are of such coarse pitch that one com
dicated by a dial 18 carried on the reduced outer
plete turn of the stem will move the valve through end of -the‘stem 68`and cooperating with an index
its full range. The valve stem may be manually pointer 80. Cooperating stops 82 and B4 are pro
rotated and thereby move the valve toward- or ' vided for limiting the rotative movement-of the
10 from its seat by means of a stem 58 within the stem and dial.
bore 52. This stem has a tongue and groove con
It is believed that the use and advantages of my
nection 60 with the valve stem whereby to permit Ainvention will be clearly apparent. It is highly
manual rotation of the valvev stem thereby with
desirable that the thermostatic regulator shall
out interfering with longitudinal movement of the be located in the most suitable position within the
15 valve stem under the action of the thermostat 44. oven and also very desirable that the adjusting
A spring 62 acts to hold the stem 58 in its fully knob 66 and dial ‘I8` shall bè 1ocated`in the posi
retracted position.
tion most convenient to manipulate and observe.
The regulator member 28 is mounted in one side The application of my invention to these elements
wall of the oven and the thermostat carrying cap permits them both to be thus located and, further
20 42 extends through a liner wall 64 into the oven. more, adds considerably to the attractive ap
The outer end of the stem` 58 projects through the pearance of the range.
side wall of the oven at al place remote from the ,
front of the range and, therefore, incovenient of
access. The function of my invention is to pro
25 vide means conveniently located at the front _of
the range and in connection with this stem for
manually adjusting the regulator. This means,
as illustrated, comprises _an adjusting knob 66 on
a stem 68 rotatably mounted in a supporting
30r plate 10 in line with the valve adjustments 2li.
Having thus described my invention, ,what I
claim as new anddesire to secure by Letters
Patent is:
In combination, av plurality of open burners, 25
a gas manifold‘extending along said burners and
adapted for supplying gas thereto, an oven, a
thermally operated device l)posed within >the
oven, a controlling device d sposed -within the
oven and in proximity to said thermally operated so`
The axes of the stems 68 and 58 are relatively » device, a selecting device. adjacent the manifold ‘
right angular and in accordance with my inven
and flexible rotatable means operatively con
tion are connected kby a ñexible shaft 12. This necting said selecting device and said controlling
shaft may comprise two wire coils wound together device.
in opposite directions whereby to permit full
lateral iiexibility but not permitting any rotative
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