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Aug. so, 1938.
Filed April 2, 1957
FIG. 1.
Patented Aug. 30, 1938
., = Application April 2, 1937, Serial No. 134,604
In Czechoslovakia March 9, 1934
(01. l29-—16.7)
' _ 3 Claims.
The present invention relates to improvements
produced separately and attached to the main
. in or. relating’ to cards or the likefor vuse in ad
card by sticking it on or fastening it in any
~~ dressing and like machines hereinafter referred
ito as address cards.
member may be produced from transparent or
suitable manner.
. Such'cards as hitherto produced have been
The exchangeable insert or
opaque material and ‘may be produced from the 5
'made from acard with a thickened or rein
forced edge by cutting-out a central window and
same material as the card and may advantage-.
ously be produced from the waste material pro
duced'by cutting out the window in the said
covering this. with a special transparent skin,
membrane or tissue, for example so-called Jap ' card, or it may also be produced from other suit
anese Joshina membrane, upon which the address ’able material such, for example, asmica,Celluloid,
or like matter was‘ written with a typewriter or light foil; if desired it ‘may be produced similarly
the like'and could then be duplicated in known ‘to the main window of the card or leaf from
transparent material, for example from Japanese
It is an object of the present invention to pro
Joshina-skin and,~ in ‘this case, afterwards it
15 vide an improved address card having means for
mounting an additional exchangeable card leaf
ticket, or insert thereon for carrying additional
data or information such, for example, as"
despatch number, index number, remarks or the
20 like which might be subject to alteration or varia
It is a further object ‘of the invention to pro
vide an address card having a transparent por
tion and a suitableframe or pocket‘ in which a
25 loose card, ticket leaf or insert can be placed.
It is a further object of the invention to pro
vide an address card having a transparent por
tion for- addressing purposes and a frame for
visibly holding a loose leaf, card, ticket orinsert,
30 made from the material cut out from the window
which receives the transparency.
may be written upon by typewriter.
The pocket frame or the like will itself have a
suitable window or aperture through which-the
insert will be visible. The pocket frame or the
like‘ may be disposed on the front or back of the
card and may have a window on one or both sides.
Two embodiments by way of example of an
address card according to the invention are shown
in the accompanying drawing.
Figures 1 and 2 show an elevation of the front
and rear side of the card provided at the side of
the address window with the exchangeable insert,
Figure 3 is a cross-section of this embodiment,
Figures 4 and 5 show an elevation of the front
and rear sides of a card provided with an ex
changeable‘ insert extending along substantially
the whole length.
'It is a further object of the invention to» pro
The address card of usual dimensions produced
vide an address card having a transparent por ‘ from pasteboard or similar material and pro
tion and. a frame or pocket for visibly holding a
vided with a strengthened edge I is divided in its
35 loose leaf, card, ticket or insert, the said frame
central portion 2 into two parts. On the one
being made in one piece with the rest of the card side the address window is cut out and is covered
by cutting and bending a portion of the card to with a special transparent skin 3 serving as a
be removed from the part covered by the trans
It is a further object of the invention to pro
vide‘an addressvcard of the same dimensions as
those used in known machines, but having means
for exchangeably carrying additional data or
stencil-‘for duplicating an address or the like '
which skin is stuck onto the edges 3’ surrounding
A frame, pocket, or the like for an exchangeable
insert may, according to the invention, <be ar
ranged either atthe shorter side ‘of the trans
parent addressiwindow, i._ e. as a continuation of
the lines of writing or at the-longer side of this
50 window so as to exchange a whole line.
the window, and on the other side the frame or
pocket for the exchangeable inserts is disposed. .
According to theembodiment by way of eX-_
ample, according to Figures 1, 2 and 3, this cas
ing or frame is constructed as follows: Upon
cutting out the main window the part 4’ 'of the
center portion, indicated in Fig. 2 by dot-and
dash lines and corresponding in width to the
width of the uncut part of the card, is bent about
the edge 5 into the position shown in full lines
. and indicated by 4 and its free end is fastened to 50
The frame‘, pocket, or the like in whichthe ex- ' the card near the edge for example by means of
‘changeable inserts slide may be constructed in a clip‘ ‘I. The window 6 isv then out in the pocket
‘one piece with the card by suitable‘ bending and or frame so produced and afterwards the loose
cutting-out when making the window. If de
exchangeable insert member 8, which carries the
55 sired, this pocket, frame or. the like may be '} desired information and which may be produced,
forexample, from the waste material out out to’ form the main window, is inserted.’ As stated,
this insert may also be made of another material,
for example of a transparent membrane or skin
'attached to the insert frame. In the embodi
ment according to ‘Figures 4 and 5 the address
window is cut out so as to extend along the
whole width of the center portion, and the ex
changeable insert is arranged at the lower longi
tudinal edge of the card. The :pocket or frame
for this insert is constructed in a manner similar
I claimz-L-v
1. In an index card, a body of sheet material
having, a thickened'margin, said body having a
strip cut on three sides and folded‘back upon '
itself to form a pocket and to leave a window
throughrthe body, means to secure" the free end
of the strip to the body, said pocket having an
opening through its walls as a window, and an
exchangeableinsert member loosely held in said
2. 'In, an index'c'ardfa body ‘of' sheet material
to that described above, that is to say the part lit-is; ‘having a thickened margin, said body having a
cut out of the center portion and is bent from the‘ ‘strip cut on three sides and. folded back upon
position 4' shown in Fig. 5 by dot-and-"das'h lines 7 itself ‘to'form' a pocket and to leave a window
about the-edge 5 into the fully drawn position through the body, means to secure the free end 15
indicated by 4, its edge‘being connected ‘to'the ‘ ‘of the strip to‘the'body, said pocket having an
card near its lower edge, for example by means of opening through its‘ walls as a window, and an
a clip 1. The pocket or frame which'is' thus open -
‘exchangeable insert member loosely retained in
at both ends is provided with windows 6, which ' said pocket by overhanging portions of said
may be cut out and the exchangeable insert 8 '
may subsequently be slid into the frame and car
‘ ries information extending along the whole line.
thickened margin.
3. In an indexacard, a-gbody ofrsheetjmaterial
having a thickened marginservingasxa'framerin
It is to be understood that the embodiments ' the mid-planeof which marginv th-ebody'proper
described by way of example only inno way limit lies, said body proper having, adjacentv one end
the invention which‘may‘be carried out with of the‘frame, a'windowandhaving adjacentv the
various modi?cations without departing from'its other end of the frame ‘a pocket, said pocket lye
ing within the planes of the front and back
scope. Thus the pocket or frame-for the ex
changeable insert may, for example, as already faces of the frame, said'pocket having an open
stated, be produced as a separate piece and may, ing through the same-constituting a window, and
Inc-‘connected ‘or fastened'ito the wre'maininggpart a card in said pocket, held against accidental ‘
removal by adjacent overhangingportions of the
of the card iniany suitable manner. Further
more, the material of the‘card‘of the pocket or frame;
frame or of the exchangeable insert may be of
any suitable material.
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