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. Aug. 30, 1938.
Filed Oct. 11, 1937
.ZZ’ward 3115707726
Patented Aug. 30, 1938
Edward D‘. Home, West Palm Beach, Fla.
Application October 11, 1937, Serial No. 168,477
1 Claim.
(Cl. 15-10420)
The invention relates to a brush and more
especially to a cylinder brush.
The primary object of the invention is the pro
vision of a brush of this character, wherein the
interior surface of a pipe or other cylindrical
piece of work can be readily cleaned so that the
soldering of ?ttings therewith can be successfully
carried forth particularly when sweat soldering
one to the other. '
Another object of the invention is the provi
sion of a brush of this character, wherein the
same is self-adjusting for effecting the internal
cleaning of a cylindrical body, pipe or the like
and is usable with plumbers for soldering opera
15 tions, the brush being susceptible of ?tting with
in diiferent cross sectional sizes of cylinders, pipes
or the like.
A further object of the invention is the pro
vision of a brush of this character, which is simple
20 in its construction, thoroughly reliable and effec
tive in operation, easy of application, strong, dur
able, and inexpensive to manufacture.
With these and other objects in view, the in
vention consists in the features of construction,
25 combination and arrangement of parts as will be
hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in
the accompanying drawing, which discloses the
preferred embodiment of the invention and
pointed out in the claim hereunto appended.
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 is a side elevation of a brush con
structed in accordance with the invention.
Figure 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-2 of
Figure 1 looking in the direction of the arrows.
Figure 3 is an enlarged sectional view taken on
the line 3-3 of Figure 2 looking in the direction
Surrounding the plunger H1 is a coiled spring
l4, active in compression, one end being seated
against a washer l5 loose upon the plunger Ill
and adapted for contact with the barrel 5 at its
end next thereto while the other end of the spring’
is seated against a cross pin l6 ?tted in the
plunger Ill. The spring M in compression holds
the heads ll close to and in contact With the
barrel 5 at diametrically opposite sides thereof
and by moving the plunger l0 relative to the
barrel 5 in one direction the heads I I through the
action of the links 1 are moved outwardly and
their pivotal connection with the links enables
self-adjustment of these heads in conformity with
the interior wall formation of a cylinder, pipe or
the like, a portion of a pipe being denoted at H.
Now by rotation of the plunger from any suitable
source of power, the bristles l3 will act upon the
inner wall of the pipe I‘! for the thorough clean
ing thereof so that the sweat soldering of this 2
pipe with a ?tting can be accomplished.
Built exteriorly on the barrel 5 at diametrically
opposite sides thereof are laterally extending stop
wings l8 which are step shouldered at H! and
the purpose of these wings is to limit the inser 25
tion of the brush in a piece of Work of varying
diameters as is illustrated in Figure 2 of the
The brush hereinbefore described is designed to
clean the ?ttings used in the plumbing. trade for 30
connecting water piping and makes such ?ttings
ready for service in sweat soldering of joints in
such piping or the like.
The outermost end of the barrel 5 has ?tted
therein a picking prong 2|] usable for cleaning 35
of the arrows.
Similar reference characters indicate corre
What is claimed is:
A brush of the kind described comprising a
sponding parts throughout the several views in
barrel, shaft means movably ?tting in the barrel,
40 the drawing.
Referring to the drawing in detail, A designates
generally the brush constituting the present in
vention and in this instance comprises a cylin
drical stock constituting a barrel 5 of the required
45 length open at opposite ends and having in
diametrically opposite sides near one open end
elongated longitudinally disposed slots 6 through
‘ which project and in which operate a pair of
lever-like links ‘I which turn on a pivot 8 com
50 mon thereto and carried in the bifurcated end 9
of a plunger l0 adapted for rotation in any
desirable manner.
The links 1 exteriorly of the barrel 5 have
swingingly connected thereto elongated outwardly
55 arched brush heads H, the links 1 being pivoted
at l2 to the said heads ll intermediate of their
length and these heads are ?tted with brush
bristles [3.
a plurality of bristled or brush heads positioned 40
about the circumference of the barrel, a toggle,
each link of which is pivoted to a head at one
end and pivotally connected at the other end to ‘
said shaft means, the said barrel having aper
tures for receiving the linkage and providing an 45
abutment therefor‘, resilient means associated
with the barrel and shaft means to normally hold
the brush heads against the barrel, and a plu
rality of radially spaced stop wings carried by
the barrel, said stop wings having symmetrically 50
stepped shoulders, one group of which abut
‘against the end of a pipe being cleaned whereby
axial movement of the said shaft means with
respect to said stop wings may spread the brush
heads into operative engagement with said pipe. 55
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