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Sept‘ 6, 1938.
Filed March 19, 1937
3 nventor
FoBerfE Jc?oa/ey ‘
Patented Sept. 6, 1938
Robert E. Schooley, Buffalo, N. Y.
Application March 19, 1937, Serial No. 131,899
3 Claims.
(Cl. 102—22)
This invention relates to a device for holding tageously by die pressing operations, into the
?recrackers or like pyrotechnic articles, and it
is particularly concerned with the provision of
a safe and simple means which can be utilized
5 for such purposes.
While I am aware that it has been heretofore
proposed to provide a stick having means there
on for holding a, ?recracker, which may be held
in the hand after the ?recracker is ignited, such
10 holding devices with which I am familiar have
been open to a number of practical objections.
As such holders are attractive to children, they
must have a reasonable degree of ruggedness, but
must be quite simple to operate. Likewise, they
15 must be inexpensive, since they are used only in
frequently on the occasion of holidays,and are apt
to be lost or discarded before a subsequent oc
casion occurs. They must not only be sufficient
ly strong to withstand the rough usage to which
20 children subject their toys, but also resistant to
the force of the explosion of the ?recracker.
The essential object of the present invention
is to devise a holder which will satisfactorily meet
the foregoing requirements. The nature of the
25 invention may be readily understood from the
accompanying description of a preferred em
bodiment illustrated in the accompanying draw
ing, wherein:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the device, with
30 a ?recracker held therein;
Fig. 2 is an enlarged end view; and
Fig. 3 is a plan of the invention.
The device comprises a wooden stick II], which
may be held in the hand during use, having a
35 metal ferrule l l secured to one end thereof. The
ferrule consists of a cylindrical band l2 which
may be pressed tightly on the end of the stick,
and an integrally formed V-shaped trough l3,
the apex of which is substantially continuous with
40 the lower trace of the cylindrical portion. The
side walls of the trough l3 project outwardly
a greater distance than the side traces of the
cylinder 12, thus providing metallic guard mem
bers which prevent the wide diffusion of pieces
45 of the ?recracker under the force of its explo
sion. This ferrule may, of course, be readily and
cheaply made by recourse to well known metal
working operations.
The trough of the
receive and partially
when inserted in the
1. The ?recracker
ferrule is of such size as to
encompass a ?recracker I4,
device, as illustrated in Fig.
is adequately held in the
trough by a retractable slip member l5, pivotally
secured to the stick ID. The clip member I5
55 is formed from a. single piece of metal, advan
slightly curvilinear form shown, with downward
ly extending side margins I6 and centrally dis
posed ears IT. The ears I‘! are so spaced as to en
gage the stick I 0 at diametrically opposed points, Oi
and are secured thereto by a through pin IS.
The forward end IQ of the clip 15 extends over
the trough of the ferrule H, and is formed with
outstanding wings 2| which are bent slightly
below the horizontal plane, so that the wings 2|
and side walls l3 of the ferrule practically en
compass the ?recracker to prevent the scattering
of fragments upon explosion. As the stick I0
is intended to be of such length as to discour
age an attempt to point the ?recracker in to
ward the body, it will thus be seen that, in nor
mal and natural use, the child using the device
will be fully protected from flying bits of paper
or powder which might otherwise cause injury.
The portion of the extension [9 overlying the
trough of the ferrule II is formed with a down
wardly struck tongue 22, which engages and
clamps the ?recracker M, as best shown in Fig. 1.
In order to maintain a sui?ciently tight contact,
a spring leaf 23 is inserted under the clip IS in
free resilient engagement at one end, while the
other end is held under the cylinder l2 and
against the stick it). The spring thus serves to
keep the tongue 22 pressed down into the trough
of the ferrule, but manual pressure on the end
of the clip I5 is su?icient to raise the tongue to
permit insertion of a ?recracker. The ?xed end
of the spring furthermore serves as a wedge or
shim to enhance the engagement of the ferrule
on the stick, thereby simplifying the assembly.
It has been found that even small ?recrackers
have enough explosive force to split clamps or
ferrules made of wood, and therefore the present
invention utilizes metal for the parts around the
?recracker, and a wooden handle to give lighter 40
It will, of course, be understood that while the
invention has been described with reference to
a single speci?c embodiment, modi?cations and
changes may be resorted to without departure 45
therefrom, as set forth in the following claims.
I claim:
1. A ?recracker holder comprising a stick
adapted to be held in the hand, a metallic ferrule
disposed on the end of the stick, said ferrule hav
ing a trough portion extending beyond the end
of the stick, a clip member pivotally mounted
on the stick adjacent the ferrule, said clip having
a forwardly extending portion overlying trough
portion of the ferrule, a downwardly struck
tongue on said extending portion adapted to en
gage a ?recracker disposed in said trough por
rule disposed on the end of the stick, said ferrule
comprising a cylindrical portion encircling the
tion, and a spring disposed under the clip to urge
end of the stick and a trough portion projecting
said forwardly extending portion toward said
spaced beyond the side traces of the stick, a one
2. A ?recracker holder comprising a stick
adapted to be held in the hand, a ferrule disposed
on the end of the stick, said ferrule having a cy
lindrical stick engaging portion and a projecting
10 trough portion, a clip pivotally mounted on the
stick adjacent the ferrule, said clip having a
forwardly extendingwportion overlying the trough,_
and a spring disposed under the clip to urge said
forwardly extending portion toward the trough,
15 said spring having one end engaged between said
stick and said cylindrical portion and the other
end in free resilient engagement with the under
side of the clip.
beyond the end of the stick and having wings
piece clip member formed with down-turned
spaced ears at substantially the mid portion
thereof, said ears being pivotally secured to said
stick at a point more remote from the end there
of than said ferrule, a spring disposed beneath 10
the under side of the clip and between the ferrule
and stick to urge one end of the clip resiliently
toward said trough, said end of the clip overlying
said trough and being formed with a downstruck
tongue adapted to engage a ?recracker disposed 15
in the trough, said end being formed with side
?anges adapted to cooperate with the Wings 01
said trough to shield said ?recracker.
3. A ?recracker holder comprising a stick
adapted to be held in the hand, a one piece fer
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