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Sept.‘ 6, v1938.
Filed Oct. 21, 1937
0 né.6 01/ )0.‘
Patented Sept. 6, 1938
John E. Groulx, Bay City, Mich.
Application October 21, 1937, Serial No. 170,191
4 Claims.
This invention relates to screens, and more
particularly to a screen adapted to be inserted in
the bowl of a tobacco pipe for holding the tobac
co clear of the stem opening and prevent ?ne
5 particles of tobacco being drawn into the mouth
of the smoker, and/or prevent the stem from
One of the prime objects of the invention is
to provide a very simple, practical, and inexpen
10 sive screen for tobacco pipes which is ef?cient in
operation, which holds the tobacco clear from the
bottom of the pipe bowl, preventing saliva satu
‘ rated tobacco particles being drawn into the
mouth, and also from plugging or clogging the
passage through the stem and through which the
smoke is drawn.
A further object is to provide a screen for to
bacco pipes which prevents the saliva from satu
rating the tobacco in the bowl, thus avoiding the
strong taste and odor usually experienced near
the end of a smoke.
Another object is to provide a screen for tobac
co pipes which can be very easily and economical
ly manufactured and assembled, and which is
resilient and expandable so that it is adaptable
for pipe bowls of varying inside diameters.
The above and other objects will appear as the
speci?cation progresses, reference being had to
the accompanying drawing in which I have
shown the preferred embodiment of my inven
tion, and in which like reference numerals indi
cate like parts throughout the several views
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a side elevational, part sectional view
of a conventional pipe showing my pipe screen
in position.
Fig. 2 is an enlarged detail edge view of the
Fig. 3 is a top plan view.
Fig. 4 is an inverted plan View.
Referring now more particularly to the draw
ing in which I have shown the preferred embodi
ment of my invention, the numeral 8 indicates
a pipe of conventional design, including a stem 9
in which a smoke duct or passage I0 is provided
as usual, this smoke duct opening into the bowl
of the pipe, at the bottom in the usual manner.
The device is adapted to be inserted in the
50 pipe bowl and is formed of a length of coiled
wire II, the ends being secured together to form
an endless ring, with the coils so spaced that they
may be forced together to reduce the diameter
of the ring to suit pipe bowls of di?erent sizes.
A ?at screen disc I2 is mounted on and forms
(Cl. 131—224)
a closure for the opening in the center of the
coil ring, and can be secured thereto in any ap
proved manner, but I prefer to provide a couple
of strands of ?ne wire l3, bent U-shaped with
the legs l4 threaded through the screen, ends
being looped around and secured to the coil II
at diametrically spaced-apart points, this ?at
screen serving to hold the tobacco above the bot
tom of the bowl of the pipe, therefore no ?ne
particles can become soggy and adhere to the 10
bowl or be drawn into the stem, so that the pipe
will “draw” well and clean easily, as there will be
no damp particles to adhere to the bottom and
side walls of the bowl.
The ?at screen can be made up in any desired 15
manner, it can be cut or stamped from a large
sheet, or it can be woven to disc shape, if desired,
this however, is a matter of choice, and I do
not wish to be limited to any particular con
struction or design.
The manufacture is very simple and economi
cal; the ends of a length of coil spring are first
secured together to form a ring, the disc I2 is
next mounted on the ring by means of the fas
tening wire l3, the ends of the wire are then 25
secured to the coils, and the device is assembled
and ready for use,
In practise the device is inserted in the bowl
of the pipe and is pressed down to the bottom
of the bowl, the pipe is then ?lled with tobacco 30
in the usual manner, and is then ready to smoke.
The spacing of the tobacco from the bowl pro
vides for a clean, sweet smoke, and the pipe will
“draw” very easily. It will also be apparent that
the screen is readily removable for cleaning or 35
any other purpose, it is merely necessary to tip
it in the pipe bowl and it can then be easily re
From the foregoing description it will be
clearly obvious that I have perfected a very sim
ple, practical, and inexpensive screen for tobac
co pipes, which can be very economically manu
factured and assembled.
What I claim is:
1. A screen for a tobacco pipe comprising an 45
endless coil spring forming a ring of predeter
mined diameter, and a flatscreen mounted there
on and forming a cover for said ring.
2. A tobacco pipe screen of the class described
comprising an endless coil spring forming an ex 50
pansible and contractible coil ring, a ?at screen
mounted thereon and covering the opening in
said ring, and means for securing said ?at screen
in position without interfering with the expan
sion or contraction of said structure.
3. A device of the character described com
prising an endless strip of coiled spring forming
an expansible and contractible ring adapted to be
inserted in the bowl of a tobacco pipe, and a ?at
screen mounted on said ring and forming a clo
sure for the opening in the ring.
4. In a device of the character described com—
prising'a strip of coil spring secured together at
its ends to form an endless expansible and con
tractible coil ring, a perforated disc mounted on
said coil and forming a cover for the opening in
said coil ring, and strands for securing said cover 5
to said coil at spaced-apart points.
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