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Sept'. 6, 1938.
Filed April 5, 1937
Patented Sept. 6, 1938
. $2,129,189’
1a.; Fielder, HdllahdQMidi.
~ ' applicatienfiipi-ii? 5. v1937, serial No:
(01. 88-96)
right angi'esand an angui‘ariy disposed- lip 79' is
bent at the outer‘ end of the1 se' ‘ion 8; thereby
‘ ‘
I g'e-‘of
the mirror 3. a This member one Being used rs'r
each: of the openingsior slots5 is‘ins'ertedithi'ough
‘ therefor, utilizing a means which
‘looked tof the
back and engages the edgesor 'theirrlirror to‘ho'l'tl
it‘ ‘securely in position, togetherl-iwitli a-coiis‘triic
the opening into the'hdusihg5lso as‘ to brin'g- the
lip 9“ against the" bevel‘ ' "jge'cr trie'mirror‘ and
the ‘section'- -8 ‘directly
ainst thee'dge of the
tion of said locking means whereby it may ‘be mirror. At’ theirm'ers ‘ever the-bar‘ 1 spin‘
quickly‘ ‘and readily unlocked so as to remove . ralitylfof consecutive"riotches=;'6rI recesses I11“v are
made and, within the housing 5, a spring dog H
the mirror holding means and release. the mir
10 ror from its backing support whenever desired.
is spot welded at one end to the back I and curves,
as shown in Fig. 1, toward the top of the housing
The invention may be understood from the fol
lowing description, taken in connection with the 5 so as to automatically engage in said notches 15
10 as the mirror engaging members are pushed
accompanying drawing, in which, >
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary vertical section through into place;
15 a side or edge of the supporting back and the
The mirror engaging members being thus
locked to the back I and engaging the edges of
mirror attached thereto“ and illustrating the se
curing means used, it being understood that a, the mirror securely hold the mirror in place 20
number of such securing devices will be used at against detachment or accidental disengagement.
spaced apart points around the supporting back Such mirror engaging members, however, may be
unlocked and removed as shown in Fig. 4. A thin.
and mirror.
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary perspective view of the bar of metal is bent to provide two sections l2
and 13 at right angles to each other, the section 25
supporting back showing one place thereon of ap
[2 being relatively long and sections 13 forming
plication of the mirror securing means.
a handle therefor. By inserting said part 12
Fig. 3 is a perspective view of one of the mir
through the opening 4 between the bar 1 and the
ror engaging hook members.
Fig. 4 is a section similar to Fig. 1 showing the spring dog II, the end of the dog is separated
from the notches II] in which it is received, as in
manner in which the hook members may be un
locked for removal to release the mirror from its Fig. 4, whereupon both the bar 1, with the mir
ror engaging hook at its outer end, and the un
back, and
30 supporting
locking device may be removed by drawing the
Fig. 5 is a sectional view similar to Fig. 1, show
ing a modi?ed form and manner oi‘. using my in
same outwardly.
In Fig. 5, the backing plate la does not have 35
vention in conjunction with a mirror.‘
Like reference characters refer to like parts in the ?anges 2 turned therefrom at its edges and
the mirror plate 3 at its rear side may be lo
the different ?gures of the drawing.
With my invention, the back which will serve cated directly against the plate. In such case
to support the mirror comprises a sheet metal the sheet metal housings 5 are permanently se
plate I which at each edge has an outturned cured as by spot welding their ?anges B to- the
?ange 2, the mirror 3 bearing against the outer rear side of the backing plate la, and the springs
H are secured to the housings 5 instead of to the
edges of the ?anges as shown in Figs. 3 and 4.
backing plate. The mirror engaging hook mem~
40 At a plurality of selected places in the ?anges 2
around the back I, openings 4 are made which bers are inserted into the open ends of the
housings, bars 1 riding against the rear side of
‘ may extend to the edges of the ?anges 2 as shown
or may consist of rectangular openings cut in the the plate la and with the notches 10 presented to
?anges, either form of opening being equivalent . the locking spring
mirror and the edges of the backing plate are
45 one to the other. In alinement with each of the
openings 4 a sheet metal housing 5 of the form embraced by the hooks of said hook members.
shown is secured to the metal back I, ?anges 6 In fact, this construction in many respects is a 50
extending from the housing 5 being spot welded reversal of parts as compared with the struc
or otherwise permanently connected to the back ture shown in Fig. 1. It operates in the same
50 as best shown in Fig. 2. The housing has an open manner, the locking and unlocking is accom
plished in the same way and in all respects the
end in conjunction with the opening or slot 4.
The immediate mirror engaging and retaining invention is the same. The unlocking is by in 55
serting the bar 12 in the open end of a housing 5
hook members are made of sheet metal, compris
ing a bar 1 from which a section 8 is turned at
betweenv thé'free end of the dog II and the
notched portion ID of the bar 1.
considered comprehensive of. all forms of struc
ture coming within their scope.
I claim:
said‘ ?anges,
of said hook members having a bar extend
ing through said opening and into the associated
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