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SePt- 5, 1938.
Filed Aug. 22, 1956'
Patented Sept. 6, 1938
Ira. B. Current, Binghamton, N. YJ, assignor to
Agfa Ansco Corporation, Binghamton, N. Y., a
corporation of New York
Application August 22, 1936, _Serial No. 97,430
3 Claims. (Cl. 95-400)
My invention relates to a means for sensitizing the particular application of the invention shown
My invention has special value in connection
With particular reference now to Figure 1, my
with entry cards such as bank deposit cards and invention includes a holder designated generally
5 1 the like, on which a plurality of notations or re
corded data are to be made, such as deposits,
withdrawals, etc. In the use of such cards, a
depositor generally places his signature adjacent
one end thereof at a place provided therefor, the
rest of the card being ruled and lined for the data
to be recorded thereon. In the ordinary practice
of using these cards, when a card has been ?lled
with the entries, and a new card is required, the
depositor has had to come into the bank or insti~
15 tution and sign a new card. This results in in
convenience and delay both for the depositor and
the bank.
By my invention, I have provided a means
whereby the original signature may, by suitable
~0 apparatus, forming no part of this invention, be
photographically transferred or copied from the
original card to the new card, the signature sec
tion or portion of the new card being sensitized
for this purpose.
In a large bank or institution where there are
thousands of these cards in use daily, such a pro
cedure obviously speeds up materially the business
of making these transfers.
More particularly my invention provides a
30 means for partially sensitizing cards of the char~
acter just described-namely, at the signature
portion thereof—the remainder of the card being
printed or ruled for the regular entries to be made
as A and which comprises a box-like frame com
prising the ends I, sides 2 and top 3. The bottom
of the box-like frame, opposite the top 3, is open.
The sides 2 are shorter than the ends I to permit
the frame being disposed over a tray or other
receptacle 4. In such position the end members 10
i serve as supporting legs for the frame.
The frame A is provided inside with a plurality
of spaced partition members 5 extending from the
top 3 downwardly to a point flush with the lower
edges of the sides 2.
Each of the partitions 5 is provided on one side
with spring ?ngers 6 bent to resiliently engage
against the next adjacent partition.
These partitions 5 and spring ?ngers B are
adapted to receive and frictionally hold in spaced
relation the cards ‘I which may be easily slipped
into and out of position in the frame through
the open side thereof.
The cards "I are slightly shorter than the sup
porting ends I but project below the sides 2 and
partitions 5 a substantial distance, whereby when
the frame is positioned over the tray or other re
ceptacle 4, the free ends of the cards extend down
wardly thereinto.
The cards 1 are provided with ruled sections
throughout the greater portion of their body to
receive the various entries for which the cards are
adapted. The lower ends of the cards are pro
vided with a section 8 adapted to be sensitized
and upon which may be exposed in any suitable
My invention also has for its object the pro
vision of a simpli?ed apparatus for holding a plu
camera or photographic copying apparatusthe
rality of the cards for sensitizing and also for signature or other data desired thereon. In the
developing and ?xing after exposure.
case of the bank entry cards above referred to,
Other objects and advantages will be apparent ' the sensitized section 8 has photographed thereon
40 as the description proceeds, reference now being , the original signature from the original card
had to the ?gures of the accompanying drawing
forming a part of this application and wherein
like reference numerals indicate like parts.
Figure 1 is a detail sectional view of my im
proved card holding means.
Figure 2 is an end section thereof taken on the
line 2-2 of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a plan view of the type of card with
50 which my invention is particularly adaptable.
It will be understood at the outset that al
though I have shown and will describe my in
vention in connection with bank entry cards, the
same is adaptable for other types of cards and
55 uses. I do not wish to be limited, therefore, to
signed by the depositor.
The card holding apparatus just described is
used both in connection with sensitizing the
cards and also in processing the same after ex
posure. When a new batch of cards is to be
sensitized they are placed in the holder A in the
manner above described and shown clearly in
Figures 1 and 2, with the end sections 8 thereof
extending downwardly below the sides 2. The
tray 4 is then ?lled with sensitized emulsion and 50
the frame disposed thereover in a manner to
‘bring the ends of the card into such emulsion.
_The level of the emulsion in the tray ismain
tained at a predetermined height so as to cover
the ends of the cards representing the signature 55
section 8. After the cards have remained in the
emulsion for a certain length of time, the frame
is removed, the emulsion adhering to the cards
and remaining thereon. The frame with the
cards is then placed in a cooling chamber where
upon the emulsion is set and becomes hardened,
after which it can be dried by the application of
a frame having closed top, sides and ends and
an open bottom, spaced partitions in said frame,
and means for holding cards against said parti
tions with one end of said~cards projecting be
yond said partitions and toward said open bottom
warm air thereto.
for immersion in a receptacle.
The cards may then be re
1. A holder for cards to be partially sensitized ‘
and treated with photographic baths comprising
moved, trimmed and packaged or stacked for use. .
2. A holder for cards to be partially sensitized
After a plurality of these cards have been ex
and treated with photographic baths comprising
posed in the manner explained, they are again
placed in a holder frame 8 and disposed over a
tray 4 in which is a developer ?uid which develops
the images on the sections 8. The frame is then
placed over another similar tray in which is a fix
ing bath, and after treatment therein, the cards‘
may be removed from the frame and washed to
remove the adhering developer and ?xer. After
a frame having closed top, sides and ends and an
open bottom, spaced partitions in said frame, and
means for holding cards against said partitions
with one end of said cards projecting beyond said
partitions and toward said open bottom for im
mersion in a receptacle, said means comprising
drying the cards are ready for use in the usual
resilient fingers on said partitions whereby said
cards are frictionally held against said partitions.
3. A holder for cards to be partially sensitized
and treated with photographic baths comprising
It will be clear of course, that the size of the
a frame consisting of closed top, sides and ends
holder and of the trays used in connection there- ~ and being open at the bottom, said sides being
with depends upon the size of the cards to be shorter than said ends, spaced partitions in said
frame substantially coincident in length with
It will be understood that also that changes said sides, and resilient ?ngers on said partitions
may be made in details of construction and ar
for holding a plurality of cards in spaced rela
‘ rangement of parts without departing from the tion and with one end projecting below said sides
spirit and scope of our invention, I do not limit and partitions whereby said projecting ends may
myself, therefore, to the exact form herein de
be immersed in a receptacle disposed beneath said
30 scribed other than by the appended claims.
I claim:
frame between its ends.
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