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Sept; 6, 193$.
Filed March 9, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet l
Sept.‘ e, 1938.
Filed March 9, 1957
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
2077/28 noi'
Patented Sept. 6-, 19538
" $2,129,415
Abel Fontenot, Fort Benning, Ga.
Application March 9, 1937, Serial No. 129,937
1 Claim. (Cl. 103-453)
The present invention relates to new and useful
improvements in suction pumps for use particu
larly in removing obstructions from clogged drain
pipes and has for its primary object to provide, in
5 a manner as hereinafter set forth, a device of
this character embodying a novel construction,
combination and arrangement of parts through
the medium of which pipes of considerable length
may be expeditiously cleaned or opened with a
10 minimum of labor.
Another very important object of the invention
is to provide a pump of the aforementioned char
acter embodying a novel construction and ar
rangement of base and suction cup for providing
15 a leak proof joint or connection between the
pump and the pipe to be opened.
Other objects of the invention are to provide a
pump of the character described which will be
comparatively simple in construction, strong,
20 durable, highly efficient and reliable in use, com
pact, light in weight and which may be manu
factured at low cost.
All of the foregoing and still further objects
and advantages of the invention will become ap
25 parent from a study of the following speci?ca
tion, taken in connection with the accompany
ing drawings wherein like characters of reference
designate corresponding parts throughout the
several views, and wherein:
Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of a pump
constructed in accordance with the present inven
Figure 2 is a view in vertical section through the
Figure 3 is a view in horizontal section through
the base, taken substantially on the line 3-3 of
%‘igure 4 is a detail view in elevation, showing
the discharge neck or spout.
Figure 5 is a detail view in elevation of the
hinged check valve for the discharge spout.
Referring now to'the drawings in detail, it will
be seen that the embodiment of the invention
which has been illustrated comprises a barrel I of
any suitable metal having a cap 2 threaded on its
upper end. The cap 2 is provided with air vents
3. Extending slidably through the cap 2 into the
barrel | is a rod 4 having ?xed on its upper end
an operating handle 5. Fixed on the lower end
50 of the rod 4 for reciprocation in the barrel I is a
piston B. A coil spring 1 encircles the rod 4 and
rests on the piston 6 for cushioning said piston
against the cap 2 on the upward stroke of the
A coil spring 8 encircles the rod 4 and
rests on the cap 2 for cushioning the handle 4 on
the downward stroke of the pump.
Projecting from the lower portion of the barrel
I is a discharge spout 9 having mounted on its
outer end a seat In of suitable material. The
reference numeral II designates a check valve
for the discharge spout 9 which is provided with
an arm I2 which is pivoted on a bracket I3 which
projects from the barrel I. The check valve II is
engageable with the seat I0 and said check valve 10
is provided with a face I4 of suitable material.
A spring I5 yieldingly urges the valve || toward
closed position.
Threaded into the lower end of the barrel I is
a substantially dome shaped base I6 of suitable 15
metal having threaded thereon a bottom I'I pro
vided with an inlet opening I8. Mounted on the
bottom I‘! is a gasket I9 of suitable material, such
as leather or rubber, having an opening 20 there
in aligned with the opening I8. A check valve 2|
is provided for closing the openings I8 and 20,
said check valve 2| being of leather, rubber or
other suitable material. Check valve 2| com
prises a tongue 22 secured to the gasket I9 by suit
able elements 23. Further, the check valve 2| is 25
stiffened and weighted by a metallic disc 24
secured thereon.
Mounted on the lower end portion of the barrel
I is a rubber suction cup 25. A suitable clamp 26
secures the suction cup 25 on the barrel |.
illustrated to advantage in Fig. 2 of the drawings,
the suction cup 25 encloses the base I6 and ex
tends therebelow.
It is thought that the manner of using the de
vice will be readily apparent from a consideration
of the foregoing. The bottom ll of the base I6
is engaged with the mouth of the pipe to be
opened or with the basin, sink, bowl or the like to
which said pipe is usually connected. ‘The rubber
suction cup 25 engages the sink, basin or bowl
for providing a leak proof connection in a manner
which is thought to be well understood. As the
piston B is drawn upwardly in the barrel I the
water and other matter in the pipe is sucked past
the check valve 2| into the base I6 and the barrel
I. On the downward stroke of the piston 6 the
check valve 2| closes and the check valve II is
opened as the water and other matter is dis
charged through the spout 9. Of course, the valve
II is closed on the upward stroke of the piston 6. 50
The substantially dome shaped‘ base I6 functions
as a support for the cup 25 in a manner to permit
the creation of an exceedingly strong vacuum or
suction without collapsing said cup 25.
It is thought that the many advantages of a 55
:15 f1
.I r ‘
pump constructed in accordance with the present stantially dome shaped base mounted on one end
invention will be readily understood and although of the barrel, a dome-shaped flexible suction cup
a preferred embodiment of the device is as illus
trated and described, it is to be understood that
changes in the details of construction and in the
combination and arrangement of parts may be
resorted to which will fall within the scope of the
invention as claimed.
What is claimed is:—
A pump ofthe class described comprisinga
barrel having an outlet openingaagpiston mount
ed for reciprocation in said barrel, a rigid sub
embodying a neck secured to said end of the bar
rel and enclosing the base, said suction cup being
spaced outwardly from the walls of the base and
projecting beyond the bottom of the base, said
base constituting an internal support for the suc
tion cup, said base having an intake opening in
its bottom, and an inwardly opening check valve
mounted in the,‘ base for. controlling .said intake 10
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