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Sept. 6, 1938.
Filed Nov. 23, 1936
Patented Sept. 6, 193
Joseph W. Aspenleiter, Rochester, N. Y., assignor
to Bausch & Lomb Optical Company, Roches
ter, N. Y., a corporation of New York
Application November 23, 1936, Serial No. 112,241
2 Claims. (Cl. 2-14)
The present invention relates to goggles or the ber 23 causes the hook or detent portions 21 and
like and more particularly to goggles of the fold
28 to swing about the fulcrum portions 25 and 26
ing type.
and release the rods H and Ill. The notches 2|
One of the objects of the present invention is and 22 permit the latching of’ the arms I‘! and I8
5 to provide new and improved goggles which may at different points and thus provide a variation OI
be folded so as to occupy a relatively small space. of spacing between the eye cups for different
A further object is to provide an improved type pupillary distances.
of adjustable goggle bridge. Another object is to
The outer walls of the eye cups H and i2 are
provide an improved connecting means for the provided with extensions 3! and 32, respectively,
0 eye units of folding goggles. These and other to which the temple connections 33 and 34 are
objects and advantages reside in certain novel pivotally secured. These temple connections 33
features of construction, arrangement and com
and 34 are provided with series of holes or de
bination of parts as will hereinafter be more fully pressions 35 and 36 and terminate with sleeves
set forth and pointed out in the appended claims. 31 and 38 in which the ear engaging members
Referring to the drawing:
39 and 48 are slidable. Projections 4i and 42 15
Fig. 1 is a front view of a pair of goggles em
on the ear engaging members 39 and 40 engage in
bodying this invention.
the holes or depressions 35 and 36 to determine
Fig. 2 is a top view thereof with the goggles in the lengths of the temples.
operative position.
The tops of the eye cups II and I2 are provided
Fig. 3 is a top view thereof with the goggles in with projecting stops 43 and 44, respectively,
folded position.
which engage the rods i1 and I 8 to determine the
Fig. 4 is anfenlarged fragmentary view of the open or operative position of the goggles as shown
latching mechanism in latching position.
in Fig. 2. A second pair of stops 45 and 46 en
Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 4 showing the gage the rods H and ill to determine the closed
25 bridge inv unlatched position.
or inoperative position of the goggles as shown in 25
One embodiment of this invention is illustrated Fig. 3.
in the drawing wherein l0 designates, generally,
From ‘the foregoing, it will be apparent that I
a pair of goggles having two eye cups II and i2 am able to attain the objects of my invention and
of rigid material, such as metal’ or the like, in provide a pair of goggles having an adjustable
30 which are mounted the lenses l8 and I4, re
bridge and which can be folded so as to occupy a
spectively.- These lenses l3 and I4 may be of small space. Various modi?cations can, of
either the corrective or the protective type.‘ course, be made without departing from the
The rear surfaces of the eye cups II and I2 are spirit of my invention or the scope of the ap
curved and provided with cushioning pads l5 pended claims.
35 and I6, respectively, to flt against the face of the
I claim:
I 35
wearer as is well known in the art.
l. A device of the character described compris-v
Two rods l1 and I8 are pivotally secured on ing ‘two lens holding members, a rod extending
the tops of the eye cups H and I2, respectively, from each member, said rods having a plurality
by pins I9 and 20, respectively. These rods I1 I of transverse notches, a hollow member for re
40 and I8 are provided with series transverse notches‘ ceiving the free ends of said rods, and latching 40
2| and 22, respectively, and a hollow tubular means engaging said notches for adjustably lock
member 23 slidably receives the notched free ends ing said rods in said hollow member.
of the rods l1 and I8. The rods l1 and i8 are se
2. A device of the character described com
cured in the member 23 by a resilient latching prising two lens holding members, a rod extend
45 element 24 having a bowed central portion. This ing from each member, said rods having a plu 45
latching element 24 has a fulcrum 25 and a hook rality of transverse notches, a hollow memberv
or detent 21 on one end and a similar fulcrum
for receiving the free ends of said rods, and
26 and hook or detent 28 on the other. The latching means engaging said notches for adjust
latching element 24 is secured to the tubular ably locking said rods in said hollow member,
50 member 28 by means of two projections 29 and said latching device comprising a resilient ele 50
30 which loosely encircle the element 24 at the ment bowed in the center and having a fulcrum
fulcrum portions 25 and 26.
portion and a hook portion at each end, means on
The hooks or detents 21 and 28 ordinarily en
said hollow member for slidably holding said ele
gage in the notches 2| and 22, respectively, to hold ment at said fulcrum portions so that said hook
55 the rods l1 and I8 in the tubular member 23. portions can engage in said notches.
As shown in Fig. 5, pressing the bowed portion of
*‘the latching element 24 toward the tubular mem
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