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Sept. 13, 1938.
J. slNKo
Filed Feb. 15, 195e
Patented Sept. 13, 1938
John Sinko, Chicago, Ill.
Application February 15, 1936, Serial No. 64,151
l Claim. (Cl. 219--3Z)
This invention relates to cigar lighters and
more particularly to electric lighters, adapted
for use in automobiles, having a withdrawable
igniter plug.
The primary object of the invention is to pro
5 vide a cigar lighter of the “wireless plug” type
terminal and, of course, in the present inven
tion the other terminal is in the base.
As shown in Fig. 2, the withdrawable igniter
plug comprises a knob 22 which makes a thread
ed connection with an insulating sleeve 23 to 5
which is connected a depressible heater unit 24
by means of a bushing 25.
As shown in Figs. 2
having an improved socket member which may
be readily attached to the instrument board of
and 4, a resilient contact ring 2B is provided
a car, and an improved internal switch and con
which extends outwardly through the sleeve 23
tacting means provided in the removable plug
Heretofore many of the lighters of this type
have included somewhere in the circuit a loose
sliding contact, but with the present invention
within the sleeve 23 and has a fixed stud 21
to make a sliding electrical contact with the
bushing 9. Diametrically opposed to the stud
is another shorter projection 28 which extends
into a recess ‘2Q provided in the insulating sleeve.
terminals of the removable member are nor
15 two
mally in engagement with two terminals pro
vided in the socket and the circuit is completed
by a reliable butt contact within the plug. The
invention is illustrated in a preferred embodi
ment in the accompanying drawing, in which
In assembling the Contact ring the projection
28 may be applied before the ends of the ring are
drawn together and the device slipped into place.
Thereafter the stud 21 may be applied and riv
eted to the ring, as will be readily understood.
Fig. ‘l is a longitudinal sectional view of a
socket for holding an igniter plug; Fig. 2, a 1on
«gitudinal sectional view of the igniter plug; Fig.
3, a sectional view taken as indicated at line 3
of Fig. l; Fig. 4, a sectional view taken as indi
cated at line Il of Fig. 2; and Fig. 5, an eleva
tional view of the front end of the igniter plug.
In the embodiment illustrated, a socket mem
ber 6 may be in the form of a cup made of sheet
metal or the like, and preferably is provided at
30 its open end with an outwardly extending íiange
'I adapted to abut against the marginal portions
of a perforated panel 8 adapted to receive a
bushing 9. Preferably, the bushing is provided
with an outwardly extending harige I0 and has
35 a threaded sleeve portion il adapted to engage
the threaded portion l2 oi the open end portion
of the socket. By this arrangement the socket
may be secured to the instrument board of an
40 automobile in a very simple manner.
The closed end-portion I3 of the socket-mem
ber serves to support a base terminal Ill in the
form of a. bolt, upon which is mounted within
the socket a fixed cup-like contacting member
45 I5. The cup is insulated from the end-wall by
means of an insulating washer i6, and the mem
ber I4 is provided outside of the wall I3 with an
insulating washer Il and metallic washer I8,
which are clamped together by means of a suit
5 O able nut I9. A lead wire 2l) connects the ter
minal to a battery or suitable source of current
supply and is secured in position by means of
a nut 2l. Ordinarily the panel 8 is -grounded so
that the shell of the socket-member forms one
The stud 2l and projection 28 prevent longitu
dinal movement of the ring with respect to the
insulating sleeve and the resilience of the spring
provides a simple and reliable support for the
contacting stud.
The heating unit 24 is shown as a cup-shaped
contacting member 30 which is insulated from
a central terminal 3l by means of insulating
washers 32 and 33 and rigidly secured to a cup
like slide-member 34 provided at its rear end
with an outwardly extending ilange 35. The
flange 35 is adapted to make a butt-contact with
the ring 26 and also serves to hold the bushing
25 on the member 3d. A heating element of high
resistance wire 36 has one end connected to the
terminal 3l and is wrapped up in the form of a
coil having its outer end connected to the cup
30 as indicated at 3l. In order to urge the heat
ing unit to a position out of contact with the
ring 26, the knob 22 is provided with 'a stem 38
which supports at its front end a compression
spring 39 adapted to abut against the inner end
of the member 34. Preferably, the stem is pro
vided with a groove di) in which is crimped a
ring 4l which serves as a rear abutment for the
To operate the device, the knob 22 is forced
inwardly against the tension of the spring 39
and the flange 35 of the heating unit is brought
into direct butt contact with the ring 2E. As
one end of the heating element is already con 50
nected with the lead-in wire 2B through the con
tact between the cup 30 and ñXed cup I5, and
the ring 26 is
contact with the other terminal
provided by the bushing 9, connection between
the flange 35 and ring 26 will complete the cir
cuit and current will flow through the resistance
element causing it to heat up to a desired tem
perature. The plug may then be withdrawn
bodily from the socket and used to light a cigar,
as will be readily understood.
The foregoing detailed description is given for
clearness of understanding only, and no unnec
ing a hollow handle member, a Contact ring in
said handle member having an outwardly ex
tending stud yieldingly urged into electrical con
tact with said shell when the plug is inserted
therein, a heating unit slidably mounted on said
handle 'having a resistance element with one end
essary limitations should be understood there
normally in electrical connection with said base
from, but the appended claim should be con
terminal and the other end provided with a con
tact adapted to be slid into electrical butt con
tact with said Contact ring, a coiled compression 10
strued as broadly as permissible in View of the
prior art.
What I claim as new and desire» to secure by
In a cigar lighter: an elongated socket mem
ber having a shell adapted to serve as one elec
spring in said handle disposed so as to yieldingly
urge said resistance element out of electrical con
tact with said contact ring, and a guide stem
extending into said compression spring so as to
trical terminal for an igniter plug and having
a base terminal member insulated from said
shell; and a Withdrawable igniter plug compris
hold the spring centered with respect to the 15
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