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Sept. 13, 1938.
2,1 29,847
Filed Sept. 15, 1933
Patented Sept. 13,1938
Adolf Knodel, Dessau in Anhalt, Germany, as
signor to Agfa Ansco Corporation, Bingham
ton, N. Y., a corporation 01' New York
Application September 15, 1933, Serial \No. 689,615
- In Germany September 17, 1932
(01. 242-57)
1 Claim.
My present invention relates to winding roll
which is put on the spindle 3, the paper 6 bearing
the printed mark 5 is wound together with a ?lm
strip. The bundle of rays 8 emanating from the
source of light ‘I is re?ected on the paper strip and
thrown on the photoelectric cell 9. The current 5
One of its objects is an apparatus for winding
roll ?lms. Further objects will be seen from the
5 detailed speci?cation following hereinafter, ref
erence being made to the accompanying drawing
which represents diagrammatically an apparatus
according to my invention. -
thereby produced is ampli?ed at 10 and is led/to
an electromagnet II, the keeper of which onthe‘
one hand controls a stopper i2 (f. i. a stopper
In winding photographic roll ?lms there is at
10 ?rst wound a certain length of the protective
paper strip on the spool, then the motion of the
spool is ‘stopped, one of the ends of the ?lm strip ‘
is inserted under the last paper coil, the spool
' is again set in motion and the ?lm strip is wound
gripping frictionally, a ratchet tooth or a ratchet '
controlled electromagnetically) and on the other 10
hand, by way of the lever i3, controls the coupling '
If the current produced by the photoelectric _
cell is not su?icient for controlling the magnet
keeper, a relay Illa. may-be combined with the
ampli?er at i0 so that the ampli?ed current of 15
16 up together with the protective paper strip; After
the whole ?lm strip is wound up, the motion or the photoelectric tube controls the relay Inc
the spool is again stopped, the second end of which latter controls the supply of a current suf
the ?lm strip is stuck to the protective paper ficiently strong to actuate the electromagnet ll.
strip, and ?nally the rest of the protective paper ‘As long as the light rays fall upon the ordinary
20. strip is wound up. It is known to conduct this paper-strip, the magnet is excited and the cousucession of operations automatically or semi
pling 2 is maintained in; its operative position,
automatically by provision of a step pulley or the that is to say, it is connected with the spindle 3,
like that allows of stopping the-means driving IThus the winding spindle is coupled with the
the spool after the same has made the required running motor and the paper is wound up, ' If, on
25 number of turns. The driving mechanism may the contrary, the light rays fall upon a black
be released either by hand or automatically.
printed 'mark, the intensity of the re?ected ray
According to this invention the control of the is largely reduced. The keeper of» the magnet
roll-?lm winding machine is not e?ected by a falls, whereby the coupling, is interrupted and
step pulley or the like means mounted in the the brake shoe 12, in co-operation with the disk
30 machine itself, but by marks provided on the pro
It and the gear I5, will immediately stop the
tective paper strip to be wound. This allows winding spindle.
of winding on one and the same machine, ?lm
In order to avoid the application of marks on
strips of di?erent lengths without any change the rear side of the backing paper which comes
of the‘machlne, the stopping and starting of the into touch with the light sensitive layer of the
35 machine depending only on the marks provided ?lm, the marks may also be applied to a paper
on ‘the protective paper strip.
strip which is wound on a spool together with
It would appear obvious to give the marks to . , the roll ?lm, or the apparatus may be provided
be provided on the protective paper strip the‘ with atdevice, for instance, a drum bearing the
' form of notches or perforations which in known‘ marks;
40 manner are scanned by means of a lever. This
The source of light naturally emanates light 40
procedure, however, is not advisable as the light
of the required color, for instance, red light, when
safety of the ?lm-roll would be greatly impaired. winding orthochromatic ?lm, or green when
According to this invention the marks are winding panchromatic ?lm.
printed on the protective paper strip in the form
What I claim is:
'45 of characters having a color differing from that
An apparatus for winding roll ?lm which com- 45
of the protective paper strip. These marks are prises in combination a spindle, means for driv
scanned by means of a photoelectric cell which ing said spindle, a clutch connecting one end of
transforms the variations of the light intensity said spindle with said driving means, a spool put
into current impulses which by way of a relay on the other end of said spindle, a paper strip,
50. act upon the driving means of the machine for secured to said spool and bearing marks, a disk, 50
winding the roll ?lm.
I will now describe my Rinvention with refer
ence to the accompanying drawing.
The spindle 3 is driven by the motor I by way
55 of the detachable coupling 2.‘ On the spool‘!
a gearing rotatably connecting said spindle with
said disk, an electromagnet, a magnet keeper ex
tending with one end into said electromagnet,
the other end being provided with a brake shoe,
va lever connecting said keeper with said clutch, 55
said paper strip, a photoelectric tube receiving
said beam of light re?ected by said paper strip,
an ampli?er connected with said photoelectric
tube amplifying the current produced by said
phototelectric tube, a relay controlling the sup
said electromagnet, so that vsaid keeper is moved
into the interior of said electromagnet when said
beam of light-strikes said paper strip and falls
down when said beam of light strikes said marks
thus bringing the clutch into its inoperative posi
tion and the brake shoe into its operative posi
ply of a current to said electromagnet, said paper
tion and vice versa.
a source 01' light projecting a beam oi! light on
strip controlling by said beam of light said photo
electric tube and in consequence said relay and
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